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Policy on Academic Integrity Statement for Students Entering Florida Tech

Student success at university is built upon academic integrity. As students at Florida Tech you are expected to practice and uphold the highest standards of academic integrity by making choices in your academic work that reflect the following values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility.

Before taking courses at Florida Tech, you are required to read, understand and abide by the University’s policy on academic integrity/academic honesty, outlined in the Florida Tech Student Handbook ( The policy explains cheating and plagiarism, suggests ways to avoid them and list the consequences for violating them.

To avoid violating the academic integrity policy, you must:

  • Present your own original ideas in your course work.
  • Acknowledge all other sources of information in your course work through proper citation.
  • Complete your assignments independently and, if necessary, acknowledge collaboration.
  • Report the results of your research and/or lab work accurately.
  • Be honest during your examinations.

Being a student and working toward a degree is your opportunity to become an educated person who can create and apply knowledge and make decisions for the benefit of society as well as for yourself. When you practice academic dishonesty in your academic work, it defeats the purpose of becoming a student in the first place. Think about it. Why are you here? To become educated or to cheat the system?

Florida Tech regards violations of academic integrity as serious offenses against the entire academic community. Failure to uphold the values of academic integrity threatens both the reputation of the University and the value of the degree. Penalties range from a failing grade in a course to suspension or dismissal from the university.

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