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Student Involvement

Family Information

Welcome to the Florida Tech Family. The Office of Student Life shares in your commitment to the educational and personal success of your son or daughter. We look forward to partnering with you as we support your son or daughter through his or her ups and downs, mistakes and triumphs. Our goal is to provide you with the resources and information you will need to guide, advise and support your son or daughter in his/her academic endeavors here at Florida Tech. We look forward to working with you to enhance his/her personal growth, and provide opportunities that prepare him/her to face all of life's challenges head-on.

We encourage you to become an active member of the Florida Tech community. Our hope is you will become involved in the opportunities we have that will allow you to share in our students' successes together. By working with each other, we will soon stand proudly and watch as your student enters the world as a confident, well-rounded Florida Tech graduate.