Parent Resources

Transitioning from High School to College

It is helpful for parents to be aware of the differences between services offered at the high school level and services offered at the postsecondary level. Services may also vary based on the institution. The article Transition of Students with Disabilities to Postsecondary Education: A Guide for High School Educators assists educational support systems and families in understanding the changes that may occur.

Another helpful resource is the comprehensive guide on how students on the spectrum negotiate the transition to college. The booklet may also assist students with other disabilities due to the detailed description of starting college:FINDING YOUR WAY: A College Guide for Students on the Spectrum by the Organization for Autism Research 

Involvement in Student Education

When a student is involved in the school system as a minor, parents are involved in educational planning for the student. According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1976 (FERPA), a student is the sole guardian of his/her records when enrolled in a post-secondary institution. If the student would like any information shared with others, they must complete the Authorization for Release of Personally Identifiable Student Information Form that is processed in the Registrar’s Office.

Parent Information for Florida Tech Students

If your student is considering attending Florida Tech, this school webpage helps parents navigate through commonly asked questions during this process of choosing a college. View Florida Tech Resources for Parents.

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