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Title IX

Sexual/Gender Discrimination | Florida Institute of Technology

Title IX does not apply to female students only. Title IX protects any person from sex-based discrimination, regardless of their real or perceived sex, gender identity, and/or gender expression. Female, male, and gender non-conforming students, faculty, and staff are protected from any sex-based discrimination, harassment or violence.


 Florida Institute of Technology may not, on the basis of sex:

  • Treat one student differently from another in determining whether the student satisfies any requirement or condition for the provision of any aid, benefit, or service;
  • Provide different aid, benefits, or services or provide aid, benefits, or services in a different manner;
  • Deny any student any such aid, benefit, or service;
  • Subject students to separate or different rules of behavior, sanctions, or other treatment;
  • Aid or perpetuate discrimination against a student by providing significant assistance to any agency, organization, or person that discriminates on the basis of sex in providing any aid, benefit, or service to students; [and
  • Otherwise limit any student in the enjoyment of any right, privilege, advantage, or opportunity.