Admission Information for International Students

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International Student Application Process

Review the requirements below. Apply Online when you are ready. There is no application deadline.  Florida Tech also accepts the Common Application.  There is no application fee to apply.

All International Students MUST submit:

  1. The international student application process requires a completed Undergraduate Application 
  2. Official reports of all examinations, diplomas and secondary school work translated into English. In all cases, official transcripts are required. Florida Tech also accepts transcripts from Docufide™ transcript delivery service.
  3. English proficiency test score (required); standardized test scores, SAT I or ACT (not required)
  4. Two letters of recommendation
  5. A photocopy of the photo page of your passport
  6. An official bank letter as proof of finances
  7. A completed and signed I-20 Request form
  8. A completed and signed ISSS Financial Certificate
  9. College transcripts (transfer students only)
  10. Transfer Eligibility Statement (transfer students only transferring from a U.S. school)

Pay particular attention to the following:

  • Choose a field of study from our list of majors for our Melbourne Campus. A major must be chosen for academic evaluation.
  • Please be sure the name and spelling you use are identical to your name as it appears on your passport. List any other name or spelling of your name under which you were enrolled at another school.
  • Record your country of birth and country or countries of citizenship.
  • Your international student application will be evaluated only when we receive transcripts from all the schools you have previously attended. Transcripts must be original or certified copies.
  • Please request copies of scores for English proficiency test (iBT or IELTS) or national exam results to be sent to Florida Tech.
  • For all foreign born students and students whose first language is a language other than English, evidence of English proficiency must be submitted The “Languages and Linguistics” section of this catalog describes the ways in which English proficiency may be established, either in advance of enrollment or after arrival at Florida Tech, and presents the courses available to help establish proficiency.

Required Deposits

Tuition Deposit ($300)

A $300 nonrefundable deposit is required as a means of confirming your intention to attend Florida Tech. Payment is due by May 1. If you are admitted after April 1, or if you are admitted for the spring or summer terms, please submit payment within 30 days of the date on your letter of admission.

The deposit guarantees a place in the entering class in the major to which you were admitted and is credited to your student account.

Failure to submit a tuition deposit will result in the delay of issuing your I-20.  A deposit is required to have an I-20 issued.  In addition, failure to submit a tuition deposit:

  • You will be unable to be pre-registered for your courses in the entering term.
  • You will be unable to sit for the online placement examinations administered in the weeks prior to your attendance.
  • You will not be assigned an academic adviser.
  • You will not be assigned a room in our residence halls.
Residence Hall Deposit ($200)

The required housing application and deposit will reserve a place in our residence halls. The deposit will be returned to you when you leave the residence halls. Students with less than 60 semester hours of college work are required to live in the residence halls.