The Florida Tech Women’s Council is comprised of three committees designed to support women in three key areas:  (1) Professional Development, (2) Educational Outreach, and (3) Welfare.

Professional Development Committee

The goal of the Professional Development Committee is to provide female faculty knowledge, tools, and networking opportunities to assist in career development at Florida Tech and beyond.  Our efforts have included hosting regular lunch-and-learn meetings including a Jeopardy-Style event: “What is Advancing Your Academic Career?” and Speed Mentoring.   We also host a reception each year to welcome new female faculty to the Florida Tech Family.

Want to find out more or get involved in the Women’s Council Professional Development Committee? 

Contact one of the Professional Development Committee Co-Chairs

Education Outreach Committee

The goal of the educational outreach committee is to engage female students through mentorship, role-modeling and preparation for STEM Careers.  Our efforts include outreach to both Florida Tech students as well as local K-12 schools.  We host Girls in STEM events each semester, including mentoring opportunities with local industry professionals.  We also offer the Girls in Science, Engineering and Math (GEMS) Summer Camp, which has been partially funded by Collins Aerospace, and the “GEMS and GE” camp which has been fully funded by GE Melbourne.  We also collaborate with the FIT Science Bus Team, which has a refurbished recreational vehicle filled with microscopes, computers, water quality instrumentation, a meteorological station and other equipment.   The Science Bus visits Girls STEM Clubs throughout Brevard County to disseminate information to the community about important Indian River Lagoon topics.  Our faculty are also actively involved in the Engineering Senior Design Showcase to support and study female students in these endeavors.  We also have a Girls in STEM living-learning community at Florida Tech, in which female students live, work and play with other females pursing studies in STEM fields.

Want to find out more or get involved in the Women’s Council Educational Outreach Committee?

Contact one of the Educational Outreach Committee Co-Chairs

Welfare Committee

The goal of the welfare committee is to promote the physical, material and psychological well-being of female faculty at Florida Tech.  Topics of interest to the committee include work-life balance, parental leave, pay equity, flexible work schedules, child care, sexual harassment, spousal support and bias training.  Our efforts have included development of a Faculty Search Committee Toolkit to increase the opportunities for recruitment and hiring of qualified and diverse faculty, and conduct of a study on pay equity at Florida Tech.

Want to find out more or get involved in the Women’s Council Welfare Committee?

Contact one of the Welfare Committee Co-Chairs

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