Major in Psychology at Florida Tech

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Why Florida Tech

A small, private research university located on Florida’s sunny Space Coast, Florida Institute of Technology is home to world-class faculty and relentlessly curious students who learn best by doing. Our roots are in space, and our vision reaches beyond it. As Florida’s STEM university, we’re hands-on, innovative and strong in majors across all disciplines. 

Florida Tech is a Tier 1 Best National University (U.S. News & World Report), a Top 20 Technical Institute (Fiske Guide to Colleges) and a College of Distinction (Colleges of Distinction).

The Major You Want

Florida Tech is known throughout the world as a strong scientific and technological research university, but did you know we’re also a top choice for students seeking an excellent education in psychology? 

Florida Tech offers forensic psychology and both B.A. and B.S. psychology degrees, which students can specialize with concentrations in:

  • Animal Behavior
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Social-Cultural Psychology
  • Sports Psychology 


Location Advantage

Florida Tech is located in sunny Melbourne on the East Coast of Florida, just minutes from the beach and about an hour from Orlando. In the heart of the Space Coast, Melbourne is a hub for forward-thinkers and people who care—like you! 

The tight-knit community provides Florida Tech students with ample opportunities to network and interact with the local medical community and to become engaged in high-level research or clinical immersion experiences at places including the university’s own Scott Center for Autism Treatment. 

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More To Look Forward To

Whatever your major, you have the option to take a three-course sequence in child advocacy—ideal preparation for a variety of careers working with children.

Psychology degrees at Florida Tech are hands-on, dynamic and focused. Our students get started right away, taking core courses guided by highly qualified faculty who care about their success. The School of Psychology—and the entire College of Psychology and Liberal Arts—is known on campus for its attentive and enthusiastic faculty, academic quality and culture of respect, diversity and professionalism.

If you’re looking for an excellent doctoral-granting university that’s strong in the sciences of the mind and human behavior—and you don’t mind the sunshine and rocket launches, either—then Florida Tech is likely the place for you. Fill out the form, and connect with us today!