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First things first: Thank you. Thank you for thinking of us, for visiting this website, for taking the time to learn more about making a difference at Florida Tech. People like you give this university the momentum it needs to grow, evolve and advance. People like you share our vision for the future:

A university that is not only great, but recognized for greatness worldwide.

Our pursuit of such greatness is relentless, and people like you stoke the fire. When you get involved with Florida Tech, whether as an alumnus, volunteer, sponsor, donor or advocate, you propel us forward. Every time you support Florida Tech, you are the good friend who looks up, pushes 37 cents across the table, grins and says, "Now go and build that college." 

If such a relationship sounds good to you, please extend a hand. It will then be our job to earn your trust, help you to match your passions with meaningful gift opportunities, and remain worthy of your generosity and engagement for many years to come—a responsibility we take very seriously. Please reach out the moment you are ready.

Giving News

Florida Tech’s Day of Giving Draws More Than 2,850 Donors

Donors gave $558,881, a 58 percent increase over 2020’s Day of Giving pledges. Donations came in from more than 40 states and 16 countries.

Walter and Dorothea Gatti Scholarship Has Supported Over 70 Students

Since its establishment, 70 students were funded and over 130 student-years were made possible by the Gatti Scholarship.

Panthers Unite! Florida Tech to Hold 7th Annual Day of Giving on Tuesday

The money raised through Day of Giving will support Florida Tech’s greatest needs, including financial aid, research and student activities.