Vik Verma

2018 Award Recipient


Clanging glory, the New York Stock Exchange bell rang on June 19, 2018, by the chief executive officer of Silicon Valley-based 8×8 Inc. and our next Jerome P. Keuper Award winner, Vikram Verma ’87. The 10 seconds of brassy tolling is an enduring symbol of America’s capital market. This historic day signals 8×8’s move from NASDAQ. It is almost an oxymoron that a simple brass bell is the opening of Wall Street in today’s environment of high-speed technology and competitive economy. In contrast to the sound of the bell clang, 8×8’s focus is on revolutionizing enterprise communications everywhere with groundbreaking unified communications and contact center technology. It is the world’s first communications cloud provider. How does one come to the honor of ringing the bell?

Vikram Verma’s formula for life is simple. The four-step process is (1) take a chance, (2) give your best, and the results will come, (3) be honest with yourself and know your limitations and (4) when you find your calling, go for it and don’t let go. This process derives from his life experience, specifically four defining moments which he eloquently shares in both personal encounters and large audiences alike.

Florida Tech is an integral part of his story and formula. Verma, who earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, says, “Florida Tech taught me the value of hard work, commitment, and focusing on fundamentals. I’ve parlayed that into my company’s motto: ‘Use technology to solve real-world problems cost-effectively. The rest will take care of itself.”


Florida Tech - B.S. in Electrical Engineering