Warm Welcomes

Warm Welcomes

All members of the Florida Tech family and greater Space Coast community are invited to submit a message of congratulations and support for our next president, Dr. John Nicklow, and his family. Submissions will not appear on this website instantly; they are being proactively moderated by university staff and will display upon approval.

Michael Hill
Class of 2025

Aerospace Engineering B.S, Student Athlete

Dear President Nicklow,

Welcome to Florida Tech and to the Panther family! I look forward to all the great things you'll bring to the university and athletic programs! Hope to see you at Andy Seminick-Les Hall Field for some games this spring!

Roll Tech!

-Michael Hill

Mohamed Mohamud BA, MS

Flight Ops Engineer at Netjets

Dear Dr. Nicklow

Welcome to the panther family, where you are accepted with open arms and caring hearts, ever since joining the University in october of 2020, i have been nothing short of an accademic standout, and that is because of the learning style here at FIT. I hope that you can continue to lead this great institution to the upcoming years to amazing heights and destinations. I was a buckeye before joining the panther family, and i can tell you whole heartedly that being a panther sounds better than being a buckeye. Welcome home, where you belong, I hope that you craft your own way to leave a legacy once you are ready to depart from FIT. with that being said see you at the fall 2023 cmmencement.

Dana Washington

Human Resources Asst (Army ROTC)

Greetings Drs. Nicklow, 

On behalf of the Army ROTC department, we welcome you to Florida Tech and are looking forward to working with you. HOOAH!

William Maes

IT Data Analyst

President Nicklow,

It so nice to see a fellow Zonie as a member of the FIT family, Welcome! I invasion great things for our university under your leadership and wish you much success. Go Panthers!

Dr. Romella Janene El Kharzazi


Dear President Nicklow:

Welcome to the Melbourne area! My husband have lived here a little less than a year and are very happy. I wish the same for you and your wife.

Also, I hope to see adult continuing education and community engagement increased during your tenure. When I first moved here, I checked out the FIT website and was disappointed by the lack of offerings.

Look forward to sharing ideas for how FIT can gain broader engagment with the surrounding community. Additionally, I hope to have the opportunity to share ideas about how to improve student life and the employee experiences.

In the meantime, welcome. Hope you're getting settled in.

All the best,

+Romella Janene El Kharzazi, PhD, BA, SHRM-SCP 

Lisa Campbell

EECS and HIAI Coordinator

Welcome to Florida Tech, Drs. Nicklow!  I am very excited for our future successes under your leadership. I hope you and your family find the space coast as beautiful, interesting, and fun as I do. Looking forward to July!

Johnette Gindling

President/CEO, Space Coast Health Foundation

On behalf of the Board and Staff of Staff Coast Health Foundation, Welcome Drs. John and Stacy Nicklow.  We look forward to getting to know you and partnering on health care projects to make Brevard County and Florida Tech a strong and healthy community. 

Gina Yates

Florida Tech Alumni Affairs

Hello Dr. Stacy and Dr. John Nicklow! Welcome to the Florida Tech family and to the Space Coast. We look forward to meeting you in July and working with you to help the university soar to new heights!

Go Panthers!

Gina Yates

Eric (Youngmin) Jo
Ph.D. in EE at 2001


Dear Dr. Nicklow,

Welcome to FIT!!!

This is Eric (Youngmin) jo, who received Ph.D. degree in EE from FIT at 2001 (https://www.linkedin.com/in/youngmin-jo-phd/).

I am currently running a RF tech start-up called SkyMirr Inc located in Melbourne, FL.


I am sure your leadership will lead FIT to grow to the next level.

Since I am located in Melbourne, I wish we have a time to meet someday soon.

Again, congratulations for your new position!!!

Best Regards,


Eric (Youngmin) Jo. Ph.D.

CEO, SkyMirr Inc.

Deborah Carson

Edward Jone Investments.

Welcome to Florida Tech!!  
As a parent and member of the PLC, I hope you will enjoy our Panther family.  I look forward to meeting you in the future.  

Deborah and Craig Carson. 
Shane Carson Class of 2024. 

Bruce Clement


Congratulations on your appointment as President of FIT!  Wishing you every success in this new post.  

Bruce Clement, FACHE


Behavior Analyst

President Nicklow,

Congratulations on your presidential appointment, and welcome to the Florida Tech community! I look forward to your leadership.


Christina Sheppard

Larry Pollack

Retired Department of Defense (DoD) Program Manager

Dr. Nicklow,

I am very excited that you were selected to join the Panther Team and build a bigger and better university.  As an active alumus who graduated in 1985, I had a successful career in the Washington DC area thanks in large part to the education I received at ‘FIT’, as we called it decades ago.  The University has come a long way, and I have been following the entire journey.  Under your leadership I am eager to see it achieve even loftier goals.  Having retired last summer, and immediately returned to Melbourne area to continue my next life-phase, I am ready to assist you and members of the Florida Tech staff implement your plans.  Welcome to the Space Coast.  You and your wife are going to love it here!  

Charlie Hirlng

CPA, Investment Advisor

One Group's loss is another Group's gain.  (as they say).  And this adage certainly applies to the Nicklows' move from UNO to Florida Tech.  As an Alum, Class of '73,  from the Louisinana State University of New Orleans (LSUNO), as it was called then I can say with experience that John Nicklow was one of the best, hardworking, dedicated, and insighful Presidents that UNO had.  His shoes will be difficult to fill in New Orleans.  Stacy has also been very involved with the University and a much appreciated member of our family.  Best wished John and Stacy.  You're always welcomed back for the PoBoys, Crawfish. and Bread Pudding.  Our prayers are with you along with our well wishes.  

Robert E. Lee, Jr.

Special Agent - FBI (ret)

Dear Doctor Nicklow,  Welcome to Melbourne.  I'm an extended member of your community who enjoys the WFIT public radio station and the space coast community.  We're transplants from the Northeast who enjoy the fact that Melbourne is a city with an institution of higher learning.  I hope your administration will feel integrated into the area and help to make Melbourne a more and more inviting place to be.  For us , the more you can offer lectures, experiences and added cultural events, the better we'll all enjoy Melbourne.  Good luck in all you do.  Bob Lee Melbourne Beach

Yola Abramowicz McCune

Director of Enrollment Management Systems

Dr Nicklow - 

Welcome to the Panther family! You and your family will fall in love with this university, the faculty and staff, and the beautiful Space Coast/Melbourne area.  I am an alumni originally from the Boston area.  I came to Florida Tech in 1988 and never left and have worked here for 26 years. As you get settled, you will meet so many others that have also been here for decades, that are passionate about Florida Tech.  I look forward to meeting you.



Jonathan Zung

board advisor, biotech executive

Dear Dr. Nicklow,

Congratulations on being named the next president of Florida Tech.  As an alumni, former board member, I am excited about the potential for Florida Tech.  Florida Tech's success and the success of its alumni is a direct result of the amazing faculty and stafff. Their commitment to the university and students is quite impressive.  I look forward to the course you chart out for the university so Florida Tech can be among the top STEM universities in the US and reach its true potential.

Jonathan Zung

Zachary A. Behlok
Class of 2022


Dr. Nicklow,

Very much looking forward to witnessing how you guide this university towards a newfound sense of prosperity. Best of luck to you. 

Ad Astra,


Jiawei Sun
Class of 2022

Engineer, BS in ME.

Thanks for coming to FIT. Hope every thing will be better under your lead.

Scipio "Scip" de Kanter
Class of 1972 BSEE

US Army Retired/Program Manager

To Drs John and Stacy Nicklow,

A very hearty Florida greeting upon your arrival at Florida Tech.  As you begin to settle in I am sure that you will quickly note the unique aura that the campus offers.  It was so in 1969 when I arrived on campus and it is still so today.  

My best wishes to you as you embark as Florida Tech's sixth president and we are looking forward to your leadship and direction as the university faces and meets tomorrow's challenges.


Scip de Kanter

Luis Alvarez

VP Best Circuits, COO Best LiDAR

Welcome Dr. Nicklow and family to FIT !!!

Change is the only constant. Let's make FIT the new benchmark for engineering education and technology leader. You have our 100% support. 

Luis Alvarez 



Clement Sackey

Automobile technician

Best wishes on your first day! We’re so glad that you’re part of the team. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions that may come up. As a team, we’re excited to have you with us and happy to help you adjust to this new environment.

Jeff Benes
Class of 1975

Business Executive, Manufacturing Sector

Welcome Drs. John and Stacy Nicklow, and congratulations on your new appointment.  I received an excellant education from FIT in the 1970's, and received great benefit from being a member of the Junior Varsity Crew Team, winning Dad Vail Gold in 1974.   We look forward to your support in both the educational and athletic opportunities experienced by the students.   Best of Success as our new President.    Jeff Benes '75

Natalie Dorfeld

Associate Professor of English

Dear Dr. Nicklow (squared) --

John, welcome to Florida Tech.  While there will be an endless supply of cerebral activities to enjoy on campus, don’t forget to have fun.

Within a five mile radius of Crawford, we have the turtle pond, Mustard’s Last Stand (tofu hot dogs are quite good), Indian River for kayaking, and the beach.  Surfing + ocean swims = The key to happiness.    

Stacy, anyone who has a Ph.D. in English and likes volleyball is automatically cool.  This is just a given.  Likewise, it will be nice to have an ally in the arts.

Let the good times begin. 

-- Natalie   




Joanne Zito

Director of Leadership Giving

Dr. Nicklow, Welcome to Florida Tech!

I look forward to meeting you and the first lady, Dr. Stacy Nicklow. I am excited about the University's new opportunities in working with you and advancing our college to new heights!

Autumn lyon


Billy Mims

Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Welcome Drs. John and Stacy Nicklow! Congratulations Dr. Nicklow on your appointment as our new President. You both seem to be a great leadership team that I'm certain will make a positive impact on the future of Florida Tech. In my world, it looks like the Board of Trustees have truly made a "slam dunk" this time! I look forward to working with you as an ambassador for this great university and to seeing you both courtside often next season. And remember, we have a lot of big strong bodies if you need any help moving into your new home here on the beautiful Space Coast.

Robert Rockmaker
1974 & 1976

President & CEO, Flight School Association of North America (FSANA)

Welcome Drs. John and Stacy Nicklow. John, congratulations on your selection to the top role at FIT. Your history indicates that you will bring both vision and execution to the FIT model. When Walt Disney required top leadership inside his organization, he identified two primary elements within human beings. People are thinkers and/or doers. Walt hired people into leadership roles who encapsulated both the thinking and the execution elements. Best wishes as you begin your journey at FIT and God bless you and your family.

Sydney Freiberger

Sophomore aerospace engineering student, women's rowing team member

Hello Dr. Nicklow,

Welcome to FIT! I am sure that you will very much like it here. As a student, choir member, martial arts member, and a previous varsity level women's rowing athlete (now club), there is a lot of opportunities for students here at FIT, which is one of the reasons why I really enjoy going to school here. Unfortunately though, as I am sure you are already much aware, many student-athlete opportunities have been recently stripped away. I joined the team in October, 2021 as a complete novice to the sport. I have grown so much as a person and an athlete because of rowing. More than anything, I want my fellow freshman teammates to be able to experience the sport at the varsity level they were promised before demotion. My hope is that this can be resolved before our next spring season. I would love to talk to you more about this paramount issue. Thank you very much, and welcome to FIT!

Manish Jindal

Technology Sales

Greetings, Mr. President. 

My heartiest congratulations on your appointment as the President of my personal favorite Alma Matter - the Florida Institute of Technology. I am confident that we all will learn and benefit from your experience and leadership. I would love to connect and meet with you sometime to discuss how I can help you in taking FIT to the next level from an outside-in (industry) perspective and help future students in getting ready for the Work of the Future. 

Once again, congratulations to you and your family on your new role and I look forward to meeting you.


Manish Jindal

C 817.565.9018

Heidi Hatfield Edwards


Welcome Drs. Nicklow! We are excited you are joining us and look forward to working with you.

Warm regards,

Heidi Hatfield Edwards

School of Arts and Communication

Paul Jennings

retired (Emeritus Professor)

As Chair of the Board of the Protestant Campus Ministry, I would like to welcome you to campus! 

If you would like to see an example of what PCM is doing, feel free to drop by the All Faiths Center any Monday night.  In cooperation with local churches, we serve a free dinner to 60-70 students.

Paul Jennings

Emeritus Professor of Chemical Engineering


Alan B. Brown

Professor of Chemistry

Welcome! I look forward to working with you.

Al Brown, President-Elect, Faculty Senate

Shelley Johnson

Office of Advancement

Drs. Nicklow - I'm thrilled that you are joining the Florida Tech family and offer a warm welcome to the Space Coast!  I met you at the forum on campus, it was a pleasure hearing from you both and I enjoyed our brief conversation.   I look forward to your leadership and guidance and working with you to elevate this amazing university! 

Shelley Johnson


Derek Novak
Class of 1994

VP and Chief Engineer - American Bureau of Shipping

Welcome to Florida Tech!  As an alumni and parent I am excited to have you at the Universty and look forward to your guidance and influence on the University for the years ahead!

David Lloyd

Community College Grant Writer

Congratulations John and Stacy!   Louisiana and UNO will not be the same without ya'll.  

Robert (Bob) Richardson
Class of 1971 MS

Retired, Engn Sales/Application

Welcome to Fla Tech.  After my BSEE from Clemson in 1965 I served as a Marine, completing my service as a Captain in Vietnam (1968).

I attended as a graduate assistant, receiving my MS in Management Science.  FIT was a great experience.  It has grown and become a great institution.  As the father of a severely autistic daughter, I was happy to see the addition of The Scott Center for Autism.  I had a chance to tour it several years ago.  My daughter is in a NOVA group home in NC.

Your background and experience are a great fit for your new job.  I look forward to visiting Fl again in the near future.  I would look forward to visiting with you, if your schedule permits.  Again, welcome.

Bob Richardson 

Geoff Swain

Professor Ocean Engineering and Director Center for Corrosion and Biofouling Control

Hello and Welcome Dr. Nicklows

I arrived here in 1984 from Aberdeen Scotland and the North Sea oil fields.  I could not have made a better choice. We look forward to you taking the reigns and helping you to continue the journey of this great University.

Karen & Martin Simpson

Parent Leadership Council Members

Welcome Dr. Nicklow and Stacy! 

We wish you much success at FIT. Feel free to reach out to the Parent Leadership Council for parent perscpectives. We're glad to assist you.

Parents of Emily, a Junior in Planetary Sciences  


Jim Blessing

Aircraft Finance

Congratulations and welcome aboard.  Florida Tech alumni are a proud and deeply talented group.  We look forward to your putting your mark on the next generation of students.  Also, would love to see the football team return (just sayin).

Duncan Moore

Video Producer, 142 Productions

Welcome! Can't wait to see what the future holds!

Theresa Grimison

President & CEO, Community Foundation for Brevard

Welcome, Dr. Nicklow. We look forward to working with you to advance FIT's critical mission while lifting our community. Ad astra! 

John Robertson

Engineer, Boeing Satellite Systems

A warm Florida Tech WELCOME to President Nicklow.  Looking forward to working with you as we continue to reach for the stars.  Go Panthers!

Leah Blackmore

Courtyard by Marriott Melbourne West

Hello and Welcome Dr. Nicklow,


We are excited to have you on board and look forward to our continued partnership!



Leah Blackmore

General Manager

Courtyard Melbourne West


Jiangduo (Ginger) Chen
Class of 2025

PhD student

Welcome to Florida Tech community, Mr. & Mrs. Nicklow! 

I am excited to see you on campus and the sustainable improvements that you are dedicating to bring to pathners. 

Laura Duke

We have a son at Florida Tech, currently a Junior. Wishing you all the best! Looking forward to new ideas and leadership. 

Julian Field
Class of ‘84

Founder & CEO of Solar Transport Systems

Congratulations and welcome to Florida Tech Dr. Nicklow! I look forward to meeting you and Stacy when our partnership with Florida Tech begins at CAMID in the Fall!

Best wishes,

Julian Field

Karen Disharoon

Political Consultant

Welcome! We have a student there. We wish you great success! 

Razvan Rusovici


President Nicklow

I am very excited to see you here at Florida Tech. I am aware of your work at UNO; it just so happened that I was an external reviewer for your incipient aviation program there. 
As the incoming Faculty Senate President, starting April 4th, I would like to warmly welcome you on behalf of our exceptional faculty!

Dale L. Pierce

Sojourner, Landlord, Husband, Mariner, Prep Cook, Father, Teachers Aide, Custodian, Migrant Worker, Swimming Instructor, Warehouse Manager, Realtor,

Welcome Dr. Nicklow.  Please insert any obsequious platitudes you deem appropriate.  At the evening meet and greet, i am the individual who introduced himself as the dumbest person in the room.  But wait!  There's more!!  This missive is primarily directed to Dr. Stacy Nicklow.  I asked you if you would be remaining in New Orleans to persue your career or relocate here.  Please recall my admonishment that this university was built on nepotism.  If you can't find anything worthy of your talents in Melbourne, please realise that you would not be the only individual commuting to the University of Central Florida.  Or creating your own consulting firm.  I would advise you to reach out to Dr. Judy Strother in this regard.  As a dependent husband of a career Army officer, I can identify with being uprooted from friends and career and embracing the plasticity of ones chosen life.  I hope that you do not get sucked into the many unpaid traditional roles of Mrs. President and maintain the identity you chose.  This school has a well deserved reputation of turning out problem solving leaders. Pleas embrace it.   Welcome to Florida Institute of Technology.  An observation:  In Swabian, Nicklow i.e. Nicht Lowe, means not a lion.  Of course not.  You are Panthers!!!!

James Baucom

Evans Library UX Specialist

We look forward to your arrival and experienced leadership. You are coming to a most special place; a place where the entire world comes to study. Welcome to the family!

Elena Arrivillaga
Class 1988 and 1992

Engineer / Business

I wish you all the best! I love Florida Tech and I am sure you will guide my Alma Mater to great places. You have all my support. 

Craig McKay
Class of 1981


On behalf of all the Alumni and Friends of Florida Tech rowing, we send a warm welcome and looking forward to your leadership and working with you to help the Men's and Women's Legacy rowing programs continue to bring prestige to the University as they have done for over 50 years. 

Dean T. Kent
MBA Class of 1983

Retired Human Resources Executive - Emerson Electric, St, Louis, MO. Current Adjunct Professor, Lindenwood University - St. Charles, MO

Congratulations and welcome to Florida Tech!  

Joanie Holzer Schirm

retired CEO, Geotechnical & Environmental Consultants and Nonfiction Autor

Welcome on board! 

My Holzer family has a long history from when the school was coming to life. My Dad, Dr. O. A. Holzer, and our Indialantic next-door neighbors, Homer Denius and George Shaw, contributed advice, time, and money along the way to help Florida Tech prosper. In 1973, after Dad retired from his medical practice, he became the "FIT" student healthcare director as an unpaid volunteer for ten years. The school later invested money in the small medical building on campus named for my dad from the money that Dad wasn't paid.  His heart extended from there to working with Botanical Gardens chair Pete Zies, as plants were another love of my father.  Additionally, my mother, Ruth Alice "Chick" Lequear Holzer, and my dad established an endowed scholarship to honor their parents: Holzer-Lequear Endowment. 

Our roots go deep, and we are so proud you chose to join the team.  https://news.fit.edu/archive/secret-history-the-oswald-holzer-medical-center/


Michele Pujol Miller


Welcome to FIT

I look forward to working with you as an Alumni Board member 

James Wong


Congratulations and welcome Dr. Nicklow! Lead us into the future!  James Wong

Bryan Pommer

Financial Services Executive

Welcome to Florida Tech!

We are excited to have you join Florida Tech to lead us into the future!  As both a parent and an alumni, I am looking forward to future of STEM education at Florida Tech.  Please let me know if we can help you in any way!

José Agustín González
Class 1978

Engineering Consultant

All the best on your tenure as President

Jim Blackford
Class of 1985

United Airlines B787 Captain

Welcome Dr Nicklow to Florida Tech!

Ibrahim Alrashid
MS CS 1999

CEO Social Development Bank in Saudi Arabia

Dear Dr. John Nicklow

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. I recently learned about your appointment as the new President of FIT, and I am writing to extend my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to you on this prestigious accomplishment.


As a proud alumnus who graduated in 2002 with a Master's degree in Computer Science, I have always held my university in high regard. I had the privilege of sharing my post-graduation experiences in the university magazine last year, and I am truly grateful for the opportunities and education that FIT has provided me. I am confident that under your able leadership, the institution will continue to thrive and shape the lives of many more students.


Your dedication, vision, and commitment to education will undoubtedly steer our beloved alma mater towards new heights of academic excellence and innovation. I look forward to witnessing the positive impact of your leadership on the university community and the broader society.


Once again, please accept my sincere congratulations on your new position, and I wish you every success in your endeavors as the President of FIT. May your tenure be marked by significant achievements, and may you guide our university to even greater heights.

Warm regards,

Ibrahim Alrashid 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

Donald Joffe
72,77 BS, MS

Registered Professional Environmental Engineer

Welcome to this great university which has served me well for over 50 years.  I am currently semi retired and on the advisory board to the dean of engineering and science.  Please help spread the word about our unigue institution.  

Be kind and be wise.

Don Joffe


Farhad Davachi

Welcome to Florida Tech  

Julie Fainberg
2013, 2016

Senior Business Development Consultant


Looking forward to getting to learn more about you and see the new heights you will take Florida Tech to!

Deborah (Wojciechowski) Ayars

Retired - Engineer

E KOMO MAI? (Welcome in Hawaiian)

Welcome to Florida Tech - home of the Panthers! This is such an exciting time for your family and for our Florida Tech family as well. I pray for your vision, leadership, wisdom and direction as you lead us to our future.

Best of luck to you and hope you and your family genuinely enjoy your time with us.

Deb Ayars

Joy Patterson

retired Instructor, tutor, alumna

Welcome to Florida Tech and the Panther family.

We would be delighted to give you and your family a tour of the Botanical Garden and tell you about our hopes for this unique treasure at Florida Tech.

Warm wishes,

Joy Patterson




Mike Shah

Self employed /Southeast petro

We are exited about you joining FIT. 
we are exited about you and your wife is going be part of FiT family. 

well come to FIT and Brevared county. 
One of the Best county in USA. 

Good luck. 

mike shah. 

Rosalee Vega

Operations Manager

Congratulations and welcome to Florida Tech Dr. Nicklow! Your expertise will be of great value to Florida Tech and its continued success.

Truly look forward to formally meeting you & Dr. Stacy Nicklow.

Angela Taylor


Drs. Nicklow,

Welcome to Florida Tech! I look forward to meeting and working with you to make Florida Tech the best that it can be.

Angela Taylor

Nancy Garmer

Interim Dean of Libraries

Drs. Nicklow - We are thrilled you are both joining the Florida Tech family. This is an exciting time of transition and forward propulsion for the university and we are looking forward to new presidential leadership. Once you are settled, I invite you both to tour the Library and  meet our exceptional Library team. Please reach out if I can assist in any way during the next few months. Best, Nancy

David McMahan

Dean of Students

Drs. Nicklow, Welcome to Florida Tech! If there is anything I can do to help in your transition, please let me know. We are very excited that you are joining us here. - David


Parent of an international student

Hi John,

 Congrats. I am the parent of an international student Chia Hsi Wu who is from Taiwan. Chia Hsi is the first student  with Aeronautical Science-Flight major from Taiwan based on a collaborative academic degree program between Florida Institute of Technology and Tamkang University in Taiwan. I look forward to visiting you if I go to visit Florida Tech.


Kim Bozik

Sr. Product Manager, Intel Corp; Florida Tech Alumni Association Immediate Past President

Dr. Nicklow,  

Welcome to the Florida Tech family!  Your experienced leadership is a tremendous asset and we can't wait to see the University achieve new heights in the total college experience.


Rian Mehta

Assistant Dean, College of Aeronautics

Dear Drs. Nicklow,

Welcome to you both! We look forward to you joining this amazing university and working with you soon.

All the very best! 

Susan A. Romano

Director, Public Affairs & Legislative Liaison

Dear Dr. Nicklow,
MAZEL TOV on this monumental chapter in your already illustrious career!  What a testament to your track record of significant accomplishments to be selected to represent such an extraordinary institute of higher learning.  My organization, the Air Force Technical Applications Center at Patrick Space Force Base, shares a profound and positive relationship with Florida Tech through our Cooperative Research & Development Agreement (or "CRADA) that has proven successful for several years now.

I know I speak for my leadership when I say "We look forward to meeting with you!"  Again, my heartiest congratulations and enjoy the ride!

Very Respectfully,
Susan A. Romano
Director of Public Affairs & Legislative Liaison

Gary Grant

SVP for Advancement

Welcome Dr. Nicklow!  Florida Tech has experienced an amazing trajectory and I am extremely confident in the leadership you will bring as we continue our boundless journey forward.

Jennifer Groh

Graduate Admission Counselor

Hi Drs. Nicklow,

Welcome to the Florida Tech family!  We look forward to getting to know you and are delighted to have you here.

Best Wishes,

Jennifer Groh

Graduate Admissions


John Philip Ostapovich
Class of 2025

Marine Biology Student

Welcome aboard Dr. Nicklow! We are glad to have you. 

Samantha Farls

Web Designer

Welcome Dr. Nicklow! Excited to work with you and have you as a part of the Florida Tech family. Go Panthers!

John Cornell

Director of Annual Giving

Drs. Stacy and John Nicklow,

Welcome to the Space Coast and the Florida Tech family. Looking forward to an exciting 2023-2024!

Go Panthers,

Dona Gaynor
Class of 1992

Director, Career Services

Welcome Drs. Nicklow!  We look forward to working with you to take Florida Tech to next level!

Amitabh S Dutta

Associate Professor

Dear Dr. John Nicklow,

Wishing you and Dr. Stacy Nicklow a very warm Florida welcome to FIT!

I love New Orleans as a place to visit but I am happy that you both chose Melbourne over NOLA :)

With best wishes and regards,

Ami Dutta

Kristie Kwong

Print Services Manager

Welcome to the Florida Tech family, Drs. John and Stacy Nicklow! We are very happy and excited to have you both here. 


Communications Manager

Congratulations, President Nicklow! I wish you all the best on your journey with Florida Tech!

Ryan Thomas Simmons


Welcome aboard Dr.!!!

Karly Horn

Brand Content Manager, University Marketing

Welcome, Drs. Nicklow! We're happy to have you and are looking forward to this exciting next chapter under your leadership.

Heide Janshon


Welcome to Florida Tech!  Congratulations!  We are excited to have you. #PantherMOM

John Bruce Hammett
Class of 1972 BSEE

Retired Renewable Energy Business Owner

Welcome to the New Florida Tech. My hope is that the challenges in the serious deficit of quality USA input toward the exploding renewable energy industry will include FIT talent and leadership for electrical utility, electrical machinery, electronics designs and mechanical needs that are now heavily offshore hired, and are offshore built.

Dr. Tom Marcinkowski


Congratulations!  My sentiments echo those shared by Dr. Patterson: count on my support as well ... as there is much that needs to be done and can be done. From one former Saluki and current Panther to another ... 


Allison Freiberger

PARENT: Sophomore Aerospace Engineering Major & 12/22 Marine Bio Graduate (I am an educator in Rochester, NY)

Drs. Nicklow,

Welcome to Florida Tech! As I am sure you are aware, there have been a lot of changes of late, including the dismantling of several varsity sports teams, that historically have attracted athletes from all over the world to FIT. My hope is that this sports issue would be an important part of getting up to speed quickly, in regards to the learning curve that you mentioned in the video. Not only is my sophomore an Aerospace Engineer major; she is in the choir at FIT, takes karate at FIT, and was recruited to row during her first semester. This experience completed her. She had never rowed before. She grew quickly and became an integral part of the team. It was then stripped away last summer. Club level is simply not the same nor can it be. Her story is one of many and there is much more to share. I would love the opportunity to discuss this with you, from a parent's lens. Additionally, I would encourage you to interview the affected athletes, their coaches and their parents. Thank you and welcome!


Kandy Mohr
Class of 2004, 2008

Enrollment Management Systems

A warm welcome to Drs. John and Stacy Nicklow. Florida Tech truly has an amazing community and we look forward to working together to keep Florida Tech moving onward and upward. 

Caroline Johnston
09, 12


Welcome Drs. Nicklow! We are excited for you to join the Florida Tech community.

Shannon Zuzek

Student Employment Specialist, Human Resources

Welcome, Drs. Nicklow!  Florida Tech is a special place, and we look forward to working with you.

Kevin Boodoosingh
Class of 2020, 2021

Social Media Specialist, Florida Tech

Welcome to the Panther family, Drs. John and Stacy Nicklow! I look forward to the great expertise and value you'll be adding to our community.

Dr. Nicklow, hopefully, we can get you and Pete the Panther in some social media videos! 

Ad Astra Per Scientiam and Go Panthers! 

Sherry Vann-Vazquez

Admissions Processor

Dr. Nicklow,

I would like to take the time to welcome you to the Florida Tech community. 

I hope that you will coninue to make Florida Tech a great place to work, by hopefully bringing balance to area's that seem to be imbalanced.

As you stated, there will be a learning curve, however, I believe that you were chosen for this University for such a time as this.


Many Blessings to you,

Sherry Vann-Vazquez


Jessica Vinson


Dr. Nicklow,

I am elated that you were selected as our next new Campus President. We look forward to your arrival in July. There is lots of work to be done, but with your guidance and leadership, I am excited about the direction that the University is headed.

Please advise if I can be of assistance in the interim.

Thank you,

Jessica Vinson 

Mary-Lou Watkinson

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Welcome Drs. Nicklow! We are so excited for you to join the Florida Tech community. I can't wait to see how the university grows under your leadership, and I look forward to working with you both of you to help tell our story.

David Smith

Assistant Director - Web Design & Strategy

Congratulations and welcome to Florida Tech! Looking forward to having you both as part of our campus community!

Alec Poitras

Video Producer

Hello and welcome,

Congratulations on becoming Florida Tech's new President. We look forward to working with you. If I can be of any assistance with video or photo work in any way, please don't hesitate to reach out. See you soon!

Thank you,

Alec Poitras

Video Producer-Florida Tech Marketing

Rachael Sumner

Welcome Drs. Nicklow! We eagerly anticipate your arrival. As a part of the Florida Tech community, I look forward to meeting you and supporting your vision and leadership. See you soon!

Dara Simos

Admissions Processor

Hello Drs. John and Stacy Nicklow; welcome to the Florida Tech team! I have a wonderful feeling about you being our newest President and look forward to meeting you one day. I hope you both enjoy your newest chapter of life, here in the sunny state of Florida. 

Go Panthers!




Admissions Processor, D.S.O

Welcome, Dr. Nicklow. I look forward to the great things you will do for the University!

Shawn Pocchiare
Class of 2017

Admissions Operations Processing Manager, DSO

Hi Dr. John Nicklow,

I would like to welcome you to Florida Tech. I'm looking forward to all you have to offer the university and the improvements that will continue to make us successful.


Shawn Pocchiare

Enrollment Management

Brian Boggs

MD - VP Medical Affairs Cape Canaveral and Viera Hospitals

Dr Nicklow,

Welcome to the Space Coast! My wife, Olga Emgushov, and I were excited to read of your selection as the sixth President of Florida Tech. We are both members of the Parent Leadership Council with Donna Cassario. We have a daughter, Indigo, currently in her third year as an astrobiology major with aspirations to personally oversee growing crops on Mars. She has thrived at Florida Tech and we are so thrilled to see her continue to grow. 

My wife and I also share some common ground with you in New Orleans. I lived there from 1993-2001 and my wife lived there from 1997-2001. We have great memories of New Orleans and visit when we can. Our eldest will be entering medical school at Tulane in the fall.

The Space Coast has so much to offer and I hope you have time to take full advantage of it. I still run outside with a huge smile on my face every time a rocket launches!

Best wishes as you launch into the next step on your amazing journey,

Lorena Davis

HR Coordinator

Congratulations and welcome! We are thrilled to have you at Flordia Tech. You will love Melbourne and our wonderful beaches. Looking forward to meeting you in person.

-Lorena Davis

Robert Weaver

Associate Professor

Welcome Dr. Nicklow,

I am excited for the future of Florida Tech under your leadership.  I am especially looking forward to working with you and your office on improving student education and the educational experience as well as attracting new students to our programs.  

Go Panthers!

Robert Weaver

Associate Professor of Ocean Engineering

Christina Bristol

Admissions Operations - Processing Manager

Dear Dr. Nicklow, 

Congratulations and welcome to the FL Tech family!  We are all excited to have you join us and look forward to working with you in furthering the mission of our wonderful university.  

Wishing you the utmost success on this new journey. 

Kind Regards,

Christina Bristol

Admissions Operations | Processing Manager

Jim Handley

Retired IBM Exec, Previously Board of Trustees BCC

A hearty welcome to FIT and Brevard county!  You have arrived in Paradise. Delighted to have you leading FIT into a brighter, better future.


James Carleton

Former Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Program Manager

Welcome and glad to have you on board. Looking forward to new and exciting things for Florida Tech. Live locally and still love supporting FIT. All the best, Jim.

harold Tong

CEO of MDFlow Systems

Dr. Nicklow , Welcome and congraluations.    Hope you will bring FIT to the next level.   

Christena Callahan
'07 M.S.

Director of Creative Services

Welcome, Drs. Nicklow! Excited to have you join our campus community and help us continue our pursuit of greatness!

Brian Ehrlich

Vice President Enrollment Management

Drs. Nicklow,

We are excited to have both of you join the Florida Tech community. I look forward to being part of your team and shaping the future of Florida Tech. 

Go Panthers!

Olga Emgushov

Physician also on the Parent Leadership Council

Welcom Dr. Nicklow, we are thrilled to have you join our community.  Having trained in New Orleans, I know you may miss King Cake, but I know that you will soon be part of the Florida Tech traditions.  We are a very inclusive school and I look forward to your tenure. Thank you, Olga Emgushov. 

Dana Keller
MBA, Class of 2016

Business Owner & Consultant

Dr. Nicklow, welcome to Florida Tech! As a three generation Panther family, we are thrilled to hear of your selection. The university needs a president to build meangful connections with students, alumni, community and business leaders, and to ensure that this special place grows and prospers.  We look forward to a new era of engagement and transparency, and wish you and Dr. Nicklow all the best as you go through the (worthwhile but never fun) process of relocating. We can't wait to see you!

Brian Leslie

VP of Infrastructure Operations

Hello Dr. Nicklow!

Welcome to Florida Tech! I am very excited you are going to be leading Florida Tech. You have so much relevant experience that can really help our University excel. I look forward to working for and with you in the coming years!

Thank you

Gerald Zadikoff PE F-ASCE

CEO Engineering firm

I whole heartedly welcome you to my cherished Alma mater, Florida Tech.  I'm sure based on your record, you will ensure a true diverse teaching and student body. 

Florida Tech is a wonderful university and deserves top leadership, which I am sure you will bring.

All the best,


Jill Petrie

Strategist/Consultant (Healthcare)

congratulations Dr. Nicklow! My son is a freshman studying Aeronautical with Pro Flight at FIT. We are from Massachusetts. I have been in the college search game for two years back to back as I have another son entering college this coming year (he chose U Delaware). I think FIT is a gem of a college - my son is thriving there. There are a few challenges but he is handling them masterfully as a young adult. I would like to encourage you to grow the marketing in the northeast! I think this school is not well known here and so many students are looking for rigorous STEM and looking to go South. I do think you need to potentially look at dorm living and perhaps a few cosmetic updates would help with student tours. But my son is thrilled to be a Panther and the best is yet to come. Best of luck to you!  

Jay Lally

AVP Enrollment Management, Director Financial Aid

Welcome! I look forward to helping you grow Florida Tech to our fullest potential! 

Jay Lally

Father Randall Meissen

University Chaplain & Director of Catholic Campus Ministry

Congratulations and welcome, Dr. Nicklow!  Praying for your every success as you prepare to lead this great institution forward!

Bob Taylor

Dean, College of Psychology and Liberal Arts and Professor of History

Mr. President:

Congratulations and welcome aboard! Please feel free to call on me if there is anything I can do to help you launch your administration.

All the best,


Bob Taylor

Val Terry

Welcome Dr. Nicklow! I am sure you will bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Florida Tech. I wish you all the best as you lead the Panthers to the next level of greatness.

Molly Blackford
2020, 2021

Airline Pilot

Welcome to the Florida Tech family! We are happy to have you! 

Gordon Patterson


Dear President Nicklow,

Welcome aboard!  Count on my support.  There is much good work to be done.


Gordon Patterson

Professor of History

Andrea Swaney

Assistant Director

Welcome to Florida Tech Drs. Nicklow! We're very happy that you're here. Go Panthers!

George D. Kennett

Retired from Federal Fire & Emergency Services

Welcome aboard Sir to an awesome university and beautiful campus.  You have big shoe's to fill!  You will become our biggest marketing agent.  Remember to take time to "smell the hibiscus" occasionally; and do your part to further advance our great university onward & upward!  


George Kennett MSM '01

Dr. Richard Griffith

Professor & Executive Director of ICCM

Welcome on board! I am thrilled that you have accepted the chief executive role at Florida Tech. We have a lot of hard work to do, but I have been at Florida Tech for 25 years. With the right leadership there is nothing we can't tackle. We are at your service!


Jamie Blaszkowiak

Administrative Assistant

Welcome to Florida Tech. It will be great to see how you help improve an already great University. I look forward to getting to know you.

Andy McIlwraith

CMO, Florida Tech

A most heartfelt welcome to you both, Drs. John and Stacy Nicklow! I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with and learn from both of you as we strive to achieve the recognition that Florida Tech so richly deserves. I hope your transition to the sunny Space Coast goes well and I look forward to welcoming you to campus in July!

Wes Sumner

Florida Tech

Welcome Drs. Nicklow! So great to have you join the Florida Tech family. Ad Astra Per Scientiam!