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Over six in-demand graduate-level programs are offered at the Spaceport site. Graduates include directors of information technology, NASA astronauts, high-ranking military officials, NASA program directors and executives from some of the nation's largest employers including FedEx and United Space Alliance.

Newly added programs include master's degrees in logistics management, commercial enterprise in space, acquisition and contract management, project management, and an MBA program.


Instant Decision Day

Instant Decision Day

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Spaceport has applied for Aerospace Workforce Transition (AWT) approval

Spaceport has applied for Aerospace Workforce Transition (AWT) approval from Brevard Workforce for the degree programs offered at this site. View Degree Programs

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Patrick Alan Johnson

“My career goals are to become a member of the Senior Executive Service within RTTC. I aspire to become a Sr. Test Engineer or join management in the next year and I look forward to larger challenges and more responsibility. My education will be utilized throughout my career.”