Office of Research

Office of Research

Welcome to the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Florida Tech has a long-standing history of conducting cutting-edge research in a wide variety of disciplines. As such, we have continuously strived to become a world-class research institution. Florida Tech engages undergraduate as well as graduate students in many research projects. The involvement of undergraduate students in research ensures that they  gain in-depth knowledge of real-world problems. Our graduate students, working with faculty members, learn how to define complex problems and seek solutions that will benefit industry as well as society as a whole. Our level of funded research has steadily risen over the years, and as such has served to establish Florida Tech’s reputation as a world-class university.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs provides a support staff and the proper infrastructure to facilitate the successful outcome for seeking out and securing funded research.

Pillars of Excellence

Research that benefits all humankind is at the core of the university's mission.  In support of that charge, "Pillars of Excellence" have been identified which demonstrate the strengths of the university.  The five Pillars are:

  • Cybersecurity: Research into hardware-based authentication, cyber countermeasures and related areas for clients including the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security is underway across the university. Cyber challenges are some of the most daunting that face our society, and Florida Tech has the opportunity to make important contributions.
  • Aerospace Engineering and Space Systems:  Our faculty are focused on the air and space above us.  International Space Station experiments, pilotless aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles, jet engines with improved performance - all examples of areas where Florida Tech researchers are advancing knowledge.
  • Autism Treatment and Research:  Central Florida families have experienced the service, research, and expertise available at our Scott Center for Autism Treatment, but a new push that harnesses technology to overcome a host of hurdles, from geographic to financial, will ensure many more people will benefit. Utilizing telemedicine and telehealth, the Scott Center created the website to host more than 100 center-produced videos and provide resources on early diagnosis, therapy options, teaching living skills and many other topics.  Future endeavors will continue to seek technological approaches to expanding the center's reach and impact.
  • Human-Centered Design and Advanced Manufacturing:  Florida Tech is contributing research for the next era of manufacturing. From exploring 3-D printing as a cost effective way to generate new products to the idea of twinning, or using computer simulations to model and test new engineering designs before they are manufactured, these areas are critical to the 21st century economy.  Faculty affiliated with our Center for Advanced Manufacturing, Human-Centered Design Institute and across campus are contributing to Industrial Revolution 2.0.
  • Ocean, Lagoon, Climate Science and Engineering:  Florida Tech scientists and engineers are in the forefront of understanding the reasons the Indian River Lagoon is in decline and, more importantly, figuring out ways to fix it.  Other areas, from biofouling to coral reef health, from lightning to beach erosion, offer opportunities for our researchers to make significant, positive contributions.

The Harris Institute for Information Assurance, Buzz Aldrin Space Institute, Aerospace Systems and Propulsion Laboratory, Scott Center for Autism Treatment, Indian River Lagoon Research Institute, and Center for Corrosion and Biofouling Control, are just a few of the research centers, institutes and major laboratories at Florida Tech. The complete list demonstrates not only the breadth but also the depth of expertise located here at the university.

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