Information Technology-Database Administration, M.S.

Information Technology-Database Administration, M.S.

The Master of Science in Information Technology - Database Administration

Our Master of Science in Information Technology with a specialization in Database Administration provides the fundamental understanding of business applications required in a global economy, as well as industry-specific knowledge in database administration and management, including information security management and project management for IT.

What You'll Learn

In this MSIT in Database Administration program you will gain an understanding of the design, configuration, management and maintenance of database systems. You will also learn how to develop backup and recovery modes, and policies and procedures for database documentation. You’ll be able to identify emerging technologies and gauge their potential impact on database administration.

Information Technology Database Administration Careers

In a highly competitive marketplace, organizations must constantly find ways to improve their processes. This MSIT in Database Administration program combines the advanced technical knowledge and proven business and management principles employers seek for positions such as database administrator, database engineer, director of information technology, information architect, chief privacy officer and systems architect.