Operations Research, Ph.D.

Operations Research, Ph.D.

The Ph.D. in Operations Research

Masters in Systems Management, Operations ResearchCareers in operations research can be found in every part of an organization. Operations research experts help managers make important decisions on issues such as allocating resources, developing production schedules, managing supply chains, and setting prices. With the help of computer software, databases of information, statistical programs and modeling packages, operations research analysts work daily to study and solve the challenges associated with integrated corporate operations.

Florida Tech offers a doctoral program for individuals to develop advanced subject matter expertise and earn a Ph.D. in operations research. Graduates of this interdisciplinary program can find careers in many sectors of the economy including finance, insurance, computer systems design, manufacturing, state and local government, education, healthcare and the military.

Expert Training Develops Subject Matter Experts

Employers demanding leaders who are able to craft solutions for complex business issues rely on trained graduates who possess a high level of subject matter expertise. As one of just a few universities offering a Ph.D. in operations research, graduates from Florida Tech develop unique skills that employers seek for their management teams.

Professors Bring Years of Experience to the Classroom

Bringing their lifetime of experience to the classroom, professors in the Ph.D. in operations research department provide students with insight that can be applied in the real world. Small class sizes allow for individualized attention and collaborative research opportunities not only with fellow graduate students, but also with undergrads, faculty and local experts. The program provides a high-quality curriculum, extensive research opportunities, internships and teaching assistantships.


Florida Tech professors are involved in various research projects in the field, collaborating with professionals in medicine, computer science, engineering and life sciences. Candidates for a Ph.D. in operations research participate in many research experiences including final course projects and interdisciplinary team projects that involve:

  • Optimization and optimal control

  • Stochastic models

  • Inverse problems in modeling

  • Image processing

  • Data mining

  • Game theory

  • Financial mathematics and statistics

Students seeking a Ph.D. in operations research are also encouraged to participate in consulting projects and when applicable, funded research assistant positions.


Florida Tech's research university status ensures that students in the Ph.D. in operations research program have the tools and facilities they need to conduct research in their preferred area of interest. The university's advanced research centers and laboratories are home to essential equipment and software such as Xpress Optimization Suite, Mathematica, MATLAB, Sage Mathematics Software and NIH-Image.

Excellent Career Preparation

Florida Tech challenges students earning a Ph.D. in operations research to become thought leaders who pave the way to success for the organizations they lead. Graduates from Florida Tech are working for government organizations and corporations such as Harris Corp., Piper, Federal Aviation Administration and Northrop Grumman.

According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for operations research analysts is projected to grow 27 percent through 2022, much faster than other occupations. As technology advances and companies seek efficiency and cost savings, demand for operations research analysts should continue to grow. The median annual salary for operations research analysts was $72,100, with entry-level salaries averaging $40,500.