An Evening of Hope

An Evening of Hope raises critical support and provides life-changing treatment for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.


This year's Evening of Hope will be a magazine! The pandemic might have stopped us from hosting Evening of Hope the traditional way, but our commitment to the Scott Center for Autism Treatment continues.

  • Latest on autism research
  • News from the frontlines of advocacy
  • Scott Center success stories
  • The impact of our academic programs
  • Staff spotlights
  • Sponsor profiles
  • Sponsor honor roll

Please click here to learn more about the magazine. Secure your sponsorship.

Speranza (Hope) - Title Sponsor 16 $ 15,000
Liberta (Freedom) 12 $ 10,000
Uguaglianza (Equality) 10 $ 5,000
Fratellanza (Brotherhood) 8 $ 2,500
Amore (Love) 4 $ 1,000
Felicita (Happiness) 2 $ 500

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