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Institutional Research & Strategic Analytics Proof

Institutional Research & Strategic Analytics

Institutional Research & Strategic Analytics (IRSA) serves as the primary source for official university data. IRSA facilitates data-informed decision-making, strategic planning, and supports continuous improvement processes to enhance the learning environment and achieve the university’s mission.

In pursuit of this mission, Institutional Research & Strategic Analytics adheres to the Statement of Ethical Principles put forth by the Association for Institutional Research (AIR).

Purpose and Mission:

  • Collects, warehouses, analyzes, and disseminates data relevant to the needs of Florida Tech.
  • Designs and conducts research studies as needed for informed decision making.
  • Reports official data to internal and external agencies.
  • Assists Florida Tech offices with institutional data gathering and with research-related projects.
  • Provides statistical and research consultation to help ensure data is used and interpreted correctly.
  • Keeps current on best practices with research, technology, and trends in higher education.
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