Procurement Services and Accounts Payable

Procurement Services and Accounts Payable

Frequently Asked Questions


Where should invoices and travel reports be sent?

Accounts Payable

Grant related travel reports are sent to OSP for approval, then on to Accounts Payable.

What are the typical turn around times from the Accounts Payable Group?

1 week from receipt of approved check, wire or travel advance request.

2 weeks for reimbursement from an approved Travel Report.

What do we do when the vendor is not in the system?

As soon as you are aware that you will be dealing with a new vendor, forward a completed/signed VENDOR PACKAGE to Procurement Services. Procurement Services is unable to setup the new vendor without this information prior to creating the requisition. The new vendor package is available in the FORMS section.

What has to go out for bid/quote, and what doesn't?

Formal quotes are required for all purchases $1,000 or more. Please forward any quotes you have received to Procurement Services. It is the responsibility of Procurement Services to ensure the best pricing has been received. Competitive bids are not required if pricing is under current contract or a sole-source purchase. Even though a department may already have a quote, Procurement Services may choose to obtain additional formal bids for comparison purposes.

How do I buy something from the bookstore?

You should use your P card for purchases up to $1499. A purchase order is required for $1500 or more.

If I order something and it is not what was really wanted, can it be returned?

If it was an error on the vendor's part, the answer is "yes". If the department orders something incorrectly or decides a change is required, the answer can be yes but there could be a restocking fee and return shipping charges. Custom/Special orders generally are not returnable. Please contact Procurement Services for a "Return Merchandise Authorization".

My department is considering leasing equipment. How do we begin?

Contact Procurement Services for guidance.

When do you need a purchase order and when do you not need a purchase order?

You should use your P card for purchases up to $1499. A purchase order is required for $1500 or more.  Exceptions are listed in the Payment Request Procedure. (Please go to home page, Procedures)

Why do we have to go through approvals at the purchase order level when we have already gone through them on the requisition level?

Procurement Services needs to assure competitive bids were secured and that vendor selection was appropriate.  If for any reason the requisition request shows NSF (insufficient funds) then the Budget Director needs to work with the Department to correct that situation.

What is the status of my purchase order or requisition?

Look into FOIDOCH or FOAAINP/FOAUAPP.  Go into FOIDOCH and enter your requisition or purchase order number. A "C" means complete. "A" means approved. If no letter is in there, your requisition is not complete. If the requisition or purchase order are completed go into FOAUAPP. This form will indicate the queue it is in for approval. Backspace out your name and next block. FOAUAPP has all forms needing approvals.

How do I change the accounting after a requisition has been completed?

It has to be changed at the purchase order level. Please submit an email from the Department Head to Procurement Services.

How long does a purchase order take to process?

Once a requisition is fully approved a Purchase order can be created during the week the requisition was approved.  The exception to this would be if the purchase involves setting up a new vendor in the system.

How can I create a purchase order for something already received?

The "Confirming Purchase Order" procedure states that confirming orders can only be used in emergency situations. You cannot create a PO for a delivery date that has passed.  Please call Purchasing to discuss your particular situation.

How do I know if a purchase order has been assigned?

Look in FOIDOCH in Banner. Enter your requisition number. An "A means the requisition number is approved. If a "C" - look in approval queue. (FOAAINP).

How do I increase the amount of a purchase order?

Please email a request from the department Head to Procurement Services stating the changes required.

Do I put shipping in as a separate line item?

Yes. If the shipping and handling cost is known show it as a line item for freight. Prepay and shipping cost that exceeds 10% of the total order must also show a line item for freight. This will avoid the necessity of a change order.

How do I split the accounting?

If it involves splitting the index outside of your department, you do not have access. Please send an email from the Department Head to authorize Procurement Services to enter your request.

How do I suspend or cancel a PO or requisition?

Please send an email to Procurement Services with the reason for the request from the Department Head. Only Procurement Services can cancel a purchase order and only if there is no activity. If a purchase order has activity, the memo would be directed to Lee Karnbach, Purchasing Manager

When do I put in a Receiver?

As soon as your PO items have been delivered or the service requested has been completed please enter the receiver in the system.  If you have any questions, call accounts payable or procurement services for help.