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Tuition Exchange

 Florida Tech is a participant in The Tuition Exchange, a national scholarship exchange program that allows dependents of employees to apply for an exchange scholarship at a participating host school. Scholarships can cover a considerable amount, if not all of tuition costs and are renewable for up to 4 years. Dependent children of full-time faculty and staff with at least 1 full time calendar year of service are eligible to apply.

Applying is Simple

  1. Check out private institutions that participate in Tuition Exchange and complete respective admission applications by September 30.
  2. Complete the Tuition Exchange application by November 1.

Once your application is submitted, Florida Tech will confirm your Tuition Exchange eligibility and the application will then be sent to the schools you selected.  Each school will review applications and make their decision based upon their guidelines.  Note that students must be accepted for admission to a school to be considered for tuition exchange.

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