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Florida Tech is the only independent scientific and technological university, as well as one of the best, graduate schools in the Southeast. We offer master's degrees in more than 70 disciplines and doctoral degrees in over 20 disciplines including sciences, engineering, aviation, psychology and business.

Ready to achieve your full potential at one of the best graduate schools?

Founded in 1958 in response to the educational needs of professionals at what is now NASA's Kennedy Space Center, We offer the dynamic learning environment of a research-intensive institution with the personal touch of a small university.

Our students enjoy such advantages as: small student-to-faculty ratio, participation in sponsored research programs, online instruction, multimedia-equipped classrooms and accomplished faculty members who hold terminal degrees. Graduate assistantships, both research and teaching, are available for domestic and international students.

As one of the best graduate schools for science and technology in the world, Florida Tech is ready to help you achieve your goals. State-of-the-arts facilities, top-notch faculty, a diverse student body and innovative research combined with a dynamic location, moderate size and exceptional reputation make Florida Tech it the perfect choice for your graduate studies.

Advance your passion to the next level with a graduate degree from Florida Tech.

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