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Doctor of Business Administration

The Ultimate Business Degree

The Florida Tech DBA

There's only one thing better than being called "doctor," and that's knowing you earned it.

Florida Tech's Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a professional degree designed to meet the needs of leaders and executives who neither want to stop learning or enjoying the benefits of advanced education. It is for the fearless, relentless professionals who strive for more than success--those who go for greatness.

DBA Details in Brief

  • 42 credit hour professional doctorate
  • Three-year program
  • Meets one weekend per month on campus
  • Close to the airport so you can fly in!
  • Total tuition is about half of comparable programs in Florida

DBA Tuition Comparison


Florida Tech










Admissions and Applying

Florida Tech invites applications from professionals who have earned an MBA or related master's degree with a 3.2 GPA (cumulative) from a regionally accredited college or university. Admission is competitive as cohorts are limited to 12 students per new class.
To apply, complete the application and submit:
  • Your up-to-date resume or vitae
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • A statement of objectives

What To Expect

Through the application of theory, use of advanced research skills and an understanding of the complex challenges that exist in the public and private business sector, students earning a doctor of business administration develop important skills in strategic planning, organizational behavior, human resources management, financial management, innovation and entrepreneurship, quantitative research and more.

Cohort Model: Peer-to-Peer Learning

Doctor of business administration students are often working professionals who have already attained experience and valuable insight in an administrative business career. Florida Tech's small class size allows specialized, one-on-one attention from professors as well as an opportunity for students to exchange knowledge with fellow colleagues, building a network of business professionals for the future.

The doctor of business administration cohort that meets each semester for collaborative learning. In the final year, students complete an intense research component. Hands-on experience plays an important role in an education at Florida Tech and cohort programs provide unparalleled learning experiences from professors working in the field.


The DBA program culminates in the formation of a dissertation. Once core business classes are completed, students have the chance to enhance their body of knowledge on any business relevant subject that most interests them and aligns with their career goals.


Students easily see the value of a doctor of business administration degree when they discover the employers who are likely to hire them. AuthenTec, Modus Operandi, Symantec, Siemens Energy, NASA, Lockheed Martin Space Systems and Scottrade have hired graduates of Florida Tech. Common career paths for DBAs are senior managerial consultants, chief executive officers, operations managers, business training professionals and university faculty.

Alumni & Dissertations 

Class of 2017

Robert Grant
Dissertation: Exploring Effects of Organizational Culture upon Implementation of Information Security Awareness and Training Programs within the Defense Industry Located in the Tennessee Valley Region

Harry Hobbs
Vice President Employee Engagement , Huntsville Utilities
Dissertation: A Qualitative Study of Millennials in the Workplace: Gaining their Long-term Employment in News Media Firms in North Alabama

Wendy Kirk
Dissertation: Workplace Bullying: Proven Methodologies to Mitigate the Issue within the Government Contracting Workplace Environment

Tim McDowell
US. Army Compliance Officer
M.S Management Florida Institute of Technology
Dissertation: A Comprehensive Study of Intrapreneurship as a Cultural form of Innovation and Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Karen Newsom
Dissertation: Business Practices Which Have the Greatest Influence on Retention as it relates to Wired Boomers in the Aerospace Industry in Huntsville, Alabama

Mike Park
Logistics, U.S. Army, HQ AMC
M.S. Logistics Management
Dissertation: The Impact of a Millennial Business Leader’s Emotional Intelligence on Turnover in the Multigenerational Sales Occupational Field   

Christine Schaefer
Dissertation: Factors Contributing to Millennial Turnover Rates in Department of Defense (DOD) Organizations

Class of 2018

Bob Keimer
Assistant Professor & Program Chair for Online Programs, Florida Institute of Technology
Masters of International Affairs
Dissertation: Execution: A Catalytic Capability in Firm Performance

Vicky W. Knerly
Assistant Director, Online Learning, Florida Institute of Technology
Master of Business Administration, M.S. Acquisition & Contract Management
Dissertation: Exploring Person-Organization Fit and Gender Bias in the Hiring Process of Engineering Firms: Is Selection Impacted? 

Valentina Naumenko
Researcher at International Professor Project and Entrepreneur.
MBA, University of Tartu, Estonia
Dissertation: The Impact of EB-5 Ownership on Employee Job Satisfaction and Guest Satisfaction in the Hospitality Industry: A Case Study

Edgar Quiñones, Jr.
Contracts Negotiator, Sr., Lockheed Martin Corporation
Master of Business Administration from the University of Central Florida
Dissertation: U.S. Government Acquisition Reform and its influence on Defense Contracting, Innovation, Diversification, and Collaboration   

Steve Rivet
Dissertation: Divestment of Strategic Resources in a Hypercompetitive, Capital Intensive, Knowledge Based Industry 

Donna Smith
Dissertation: Barriers to Mentoring Women of Color for Corporate Leadership: Implications for Organizations

Jose Torrech
Dissertation: The Role of Human Capital and Innovative Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries

Wes Sumner
Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Florida Institute of Technology
M.Ed. Educational Leadership
Dissertation: Spirituality as a Human Resource Attribute to Facilitate Employee Engagement and Retention

Kenny Welch
Secretary to the General Staff, US Army Cyber Command
Master of Business Administration
Dissertation: Understanding Department of Defense Employee Perceptions of Performance Appraisals: Making a Connection Between Performance Appraisals and Motivation

Class of 2019

Greg Connell
Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life, Florida Tech
M. Ed. In Student Personnel Administration from the University of Florida
Dissertation: Avoiding the Restart Button: Examining the Critical Factors of the Onboarding Process that Encourage Team Cohesion

William Jimenez
President RipLog Investments and Cocoa Beach Child Psychology
MBA Lynn University
Dissertation: Transforming Human Resource Management into a Dynamic Capability and the Effects on Employee Attraction and Retention

Marshall Jones 
Director for the Center for Applied Criminal Case Analysis, Professor, Florida Tech 

William Greg Spencer
Dissertation: Does Organizational Culture Serve as an Antecedent to the Dynamic Capability of an Automated Customer Relationship System as an Example of a Big Data Analytics Program in a Firm? A Case Study

Manessa Threatt

Coby A True
Head of Operations – F405, Rolls-Royce Corporation
M.S. Operations Management
Dissertation: Distributed Team E-leadership: A Phenomenological Inquiry into Subordinate Perceptions of Career Development

Jean Marie van der Elst
M.A. Economics & Finance
CEO TAS Forensics LLC
Dissertation: The Economic Impact of Anti-Corruption Legislation on Foreign Investor Perceptions of Corruption