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Signature Events

To help students, faculty, and staff be more civically engaged, the Civic Engagement Initiative offers a variety of annual programs and events. These signature events are designed to significantly impact both the community benefiting from the work and individual contributing to the work.

Schedule of Civic Signature Events

Below is a schedule of events:

  • Welcome Week Campus Clean-Up: August 26th, 2023 and January 13th, 2024
  • University Experience (UE) Civic Days; October 4-6th, 2023
  • Big Day of Service: October 14th, 2023
    • Open to the public!
  • Relay for Life: February 17th, 2024
    • Open to the public!
  • Alternative Spring Break: March 25-29th, 2024
  • Student Leader Awards: April 22, 2024

Monthly Civic On- and Off-Campus Events

In addition to Signature Events, the Civic Engagement Initiative hosts monthly events for students on and off campus. Civic Engagement will partner with a local community partner during these events to host these service opportunities. Please visit Civic Engagement's Engage Page to view event details and sign up.

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