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Cross-Cultural Competency Certificate

Go Global. Enhance Global Awareness.

Go Global Cross-Cultural Competency Certificate

Earn Your Certificate in Cross-Cultural Competence

Florida Tech's Certificate in Cross-Cultural Competence is a non-credit program that allows undergraduate students to certify their preparation for the global workforce through academic courses, co-curricular activities, and select international experiences. Through the program, students learn effective cross-cultural communication and how to develop strategies for solving global issues -- an in demand workplace skillset. Ultimately, a student who chooses to participate in the Cross-Cultural Competence certificate program is one who believes in the importance of becoming an informed, creative, and productive global citizen, and who wishes to add a valuable credential to his or her resume and transcript.

This program has been designed and developed in accordance with Florida Tech's ongoing Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).

Program Overview

To complete the Certificate in Cross-Cultural Competence, students must earn a total of 32 non-credit "points" throughout their time at Florida Tech. These points are typically earned in accordance with the following recommended timeline:

Freshman Year: Initial Core Requirements - 8 Points

  • University Experience Course - Introduction to Cross-Cultural Competency and Global Awareness (4 pts)
  • Cross-Cultural Training Workshop (4 pts)

Elective Requirements - 16 Points

  • Academic Coursework (4 pts)
  • Study Abroad (4 pts)
  • International Internships, Research Experience, or Practicum (4 pts)
  • Attendance at Cross-Cultural Events (4 pts)
  • Involvement in Cross-Cultural Activities and Organizations (4 pts)

Final Core Requirements - 8 Points

  • Capstone Presentation (4 pts)
  • Final Certificate Evaluation (4 pts)