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Cultural Competency CertificateDiversity Awareness and Acceptance

Certificate Criteria

To complete the Certificate in Cultural Competency, students must earn a total of 8 non-credit points. All of the criteria, except the First-Year Experience, require the completion of reflection questions in Engage Paths. 

First-Year Experience (1 point) 

Students in FYE 1000 will complete an in-class introduction to cultural competency.  Students will be auto-enrolled in the certificate program via Engage Paths. 

Foundations / Diversity & Inclusion Workshop (1 point) 

Students will have the opportunity to attend varying workshops that introduce the concepts of cultural competency and/or diversity & inclusion. Attending a qualifying workshop is required and optimally completed before or in conjunction with the elective options.

Elective Options (4 points required from at least 2 options)

Students have the option to select from the following categories of experiences to gain points toward the completion of their certificate. 

Study Abroad (2 points)

Work Opportunity or Project Experience (2 points)

Students will receive certificate points for working with a team, company, organization, or association internationally or that promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives. 

  • Internship 
  • Practicum
  • Research Experience 
  • Design or Research Project Team Work 

Academic Coursework (1 point per class)  

Students will receive both academic credit and certificate points for the completion of a qualifying course. See Qualifying Courses.  Language classes in students' native language do not qualify for certificate credit. 

Participate in a Cultural or Diversity Student Group or Organization (1 point) 

Participation in a group, club, or organization that celebrates culture, diversity, and inclusion for, at minimum, one semester. 

Attend or Participate in Cultural or Diversity Events or Self-Reflection Experiences (1 point for 5 instances of participation) 

Attend and participate in five qualifying cultural, equity, diversity, or inclusion events on or off-campus. 

Design Your Own Elective (1-4 points)  

Do you have an experience or opportunity that falls outside the above guidelines? Present it to a committee member for consideration.  

Capstone Reflection (2 points)

Completion of a capstone project reflecting on the student's cultural experiences as part of the certificate program. The format of the capstone is flexible, i.e. a video, Zoom presentation, web portfolio, reflection paper, etc.


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