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Cultural Competency Certificate

Diversity Awareness and Acceptance

Cultural Competency Certificate

Earn Your Cultural Competency Certificate 

Florida Tech's Cultural Competency Certificate is a non-credit program that allows undergraduate students to certify their preparation for a diverse and global workforce through foundational workshops, co-curricular activities and events, cultural experiences, and academic courses.

By participating in the program, students develop cultural awareness, communication skills, and an ability to successfully interact and collaborate with diverse groups of people interpersonally, in social settings, and on work teams. The mastery of cultural intelligence is an increasingly necessary and in-demand skill for an ever-evolving global and inclusive workforce and world.

Students choosing to participate in the Cultural Competency Certificate program acknowledge and understand the importance of broad cultural awareness and acceptance and the value of being informed and accepting citizens of the world.

Upon completion, the Cultural Competency Certificate appears on students' academic transcripts. Additionally, the certification provides a valuable credential and sought-after skill for their CVs and resumes. 

This program has been designed and developed in accordance with Florida Tech's ongoing Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).