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About the Certificate


Cultural Competency is an imperative skill in the increasingly global world we live in today. Students embarking on their journey into academics or industry need a global mindset and worldview to be aware and understand that cultural diversity is a strength and a catalyst for connecting people, working together, and succeeding together.

The Certificate in Cultural Competency supports students’ understanding of the advantages of cultural diversity, the contributions offered by diverse groups of people and encourages positive interaction and communication to move beyond tolerance and share power among people.

Professional Benefits

Enhance your resume with a wide variety of academic, co-curricular, and international or diverse activities and experiences.

Earn an official certificate of completion as well as recognition on your academic transcript to include on your job applications, resumes, CVs and grad school applications.

Shape your story in interviews and on applications by authentically communicating the value of your experiences related to the career-related opportunity you are considering.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) lists Global/Intercultural Fluency as one of the core competencies to prepare college students for successful entry into the workforce and bridge the gap between higher education and the world of work.

Global/Intercultural Fluency: Value, respect, and learn from diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, sexual orientations, and religions. The individual demonstrates openness, inclusiveness, sensitivity, and the ability to interact respectfully with all people and understand individuals’ differences.

Watch this video by Virginia Tech Career Services about the importance of Global Fluency.

Personal Benefits

"As a senior applying for jobs, one of my favorite things to highlight in interviews with employers was my Cultural Competency Certification. When an employer would ask me to "talk about myself," I would always make sure to weave in my experience and skills working with a diverse team. The certification helped me to advertise myself effectively with companies that have international scopes."

- Audrey Keenan, B.S. Chemical Engineering & Nanotechnology

 " ...I think you are doing a really good thing here. I am very happy Florida Tech invests so much in culture and I am proud of having studied in an institution that promotes programs like this. In the future, being culturally competent is going to be more and more essential. I hope future students realize and appreciate that!"

- Anna Kayser Gallego, 2021 Cultural Competency Certificate graduate 

“This program offers people the opportunity to be more involved with campus life while teaching one to be a more effective communicator and, in turn, leader. The program is great, and can teach you not only about people different from you but also about yourself. I think the biggest benefit to this program is how much you interact with people outside of your normal friend groups." 

- Zarya Dahl, 2020 Cultural Competency Certificate graduate

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