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Boris Akhremitchev

Associate Professor | Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Contact Information
(321) 674-8587
F.W. Olin Physical Sciences, 328

Educational Background

Diploma - Biophysics - Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 1990

PhD - Chemistry - University of Pittsburgh, 2000

Current Courses

General Chemistry 1 - CHM 1101

Biophysical Chemistry- CHM 4700


Dr. Akhremitchev’s research interests are in experimental biophysical chemistry and physical chemistry. Research program aims at uncovering nanoscale details of intermolecular interactions and structural dynamics that control many important biological processes including protein aggregation, receptor-ligand binding and formation of supramolecular biological structures. Experimental approaches utilize high spatial and force resolution of scanning probe techniques to investigate molecular structures at the nanoscale and at a single-molecule level. The main research directions are:

Quantitative characterization of energy landscape that holds molecules together in the dimeric, oligomeric or aggregated states. This research aims to develop deep physical insights into the mechanisms of interactions between flexible biomolecules that currently are difficult to measure or computer.

Investigations of effects of external force of molecules in the bound state. External forces significantly affect propensities of molecules to bind and to dissociate. It is becoming widely recognized that these effects are different from thermal effects. This research direction contributes to the rapidly developing field of molecular mechanochemistry.

Development of new force-based approaches that provide quantitative information about macromolecules that is not available from other techniques. Significant attention is given to the development of experimental and data analysis methodology permitting accurate quantification of kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of interactions between individual molecules at the nanoscale.

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