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Alan B. Brown

Professor | Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Contact Information
(321) 674-7433
F.W. Olin Physical Sciences, 322

Educational Background

B.A. Middlebury College 1979
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison 1986

Professional Experience

Dr. Brown was a National Institutes of Health postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University from 1986 to 1988, and came to Florida Tech in 1988.

Current Courses

CHM2001 and CHM2002: Organic Chemistry I and II

CHM4500/5500: Advanced Organic Chemistry

CHM5501: Interpretation of Chemical Spectra

Selected Publications

Elshaier, Y.A.M.M., A.A. Aly, M. Abd El-Aziz, H.M. Fathy, A.B. Brown, and M. Ramadan, 2022. Synthesis and identification of new scaffold N,N-disubstituted thiourea and thiazolidinone bearing quinolone moiety as urease inhibitors. Molecules 27:7126.

Elshaier, Y.A.M.M., A.A. Aly, M. Abd El-Aziz, H.M. Fathy, A.B. Brown, and M. Ramadan, 2022. A review on the synthesis of heteroannulated quinolones and their biological activities. Molecular Diversity 26:2341-2370.

Aly, A.A., M. Abd El-Aziz; Y.A.M.M. Elshaier, A.B. Brown, H.M. Fathy, S. Bräse, M. Nieger, and M. Ramadan, 2022. Regioselective formation of new 3,5-alkylated-1,2,4-triazole-quinolones. Journal of Sulfur Chemistry 43:215-231.

Alshammari, M.B., A.A. Aly, A.B. Brown, M.A. Bakht, A.M. Shawky, A.M. Abdelhakem, and E.M. El-Sheref, 2021. An efficient click synthesis of chalcones derivatized with two 1-(2-quinolon-4-yl)-1,2,3-triazoles. Zeitschrift fuer Naturforschung, B 76:395-403.

El-Sheref, E.M., M.A.I. Elbastawesy, A.B. Brown, A.M. Shawky, H. Gomaa, S. Bräse, and B.G.M. Youssif, 2021. Design and synthesis of (2-oxo-1,2-dihydroquinolin-4-yl)-1,2,3-triazole derivatives via click reaction: potential apoptotic antiproliferative agents.  Molecules 26:6798.

Ramadan, M., Y.A.M.M. Elshaier, A.A. Aly, M. Abdel-Aziz, H.M. Fathy, A.B. Brown, J.R. Pridgen, K.N. Dalby, and T.S. Kaoud, 2021. Design and synthesis of 2'-aminospiro(pyrano[3,2-c]quinoline)-3'-carbonitrile derivatives as non-ATP competitive Src inhibitors that suppress breast cancer cell migration and proliferation. Bioorganic CHemistry 116:105344.

Elbastawesy, M.A.I., A.A. Aly, Y.A.M.M. Elshaier, A.B. Brown, G.E.A. Abuo-Rahma, and M. Ramadan, 2021. New 4-thiazolidinone/quinoline-2-ones scaffold: design, synthesis, docking studies and biological evaluation as potential urease inhibitors. Journal of Molecular Structure 1244:130845.

Aly, A.A., M. Ramadan, G.E.A. Abuo-Rahma, Y.A.M.M. Elshaier, M.A.I. Elbastawesy, A.B. Brown, and S. Bräse, 2021. Quinolones as prospective drugs: their syntheses and biological applications. Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry 135:147-196.

Ziegler, E.W., A.B. Brown, N. Nesnas, C.D. Chouinard, A.K. Mehta, and A.G. Palmer, 2021. Beta-cyclodextrin encapsulation of synthetic AHLs: drug delivery implications and quorum-quenching exploits. ChemBioChem 22:1292-1301.

Elbastawesy, M.A.I., Y.A.M.M. El-Shaier, M. Ramadan, A.B. Brown, A.A. Aly, and G.E.A. Abuo-Rahma, 2021. Identification and molecular modeling of new quinolin-2-one thiosemicarbazide scaffold with antimicrobial urease inhibitory activity. Molecular Diversity 25:13-27. 

El-Sheref, E.M., A.A. Aly, M.B. Alshammari, A.B. Brown, S.M.N. Abdelhafez, W.Y. Abdelzaher, and E.M.N. Abdelhafez, 2020. Design, synthesis, molecular docking, anti-apoptotic, and caspase-3 inhibition of new 1,2,3-triazoles/bi-quinol-2-ones hybrids. Molecules 25:5057.

Ramadan, M., M. Abd El-Aziz, Y.A.M.M. Elshaier, B.G.M. Youssif, A.B. Brown, H.M. Fathy, and A.A. Aly, 2020. Design and synthesis of new pyranoquinolinones heteroannulated to triazolopyrimidines of potential apoptotic antiproliferative activity. Bioorganic Chemistry 105:104392.

Aly, A.A., S.M. Sayed, E.M.N. Abdelhafez, S.M.N. Abdelhafez, W.Y. Abdelzaher, M.A. Raslan, A.E. Ahmed, K. Thabet, A.A.M. El-Reedy, A.B. Brown, and S. Bräse, 2020. Novel quinolin-2-one/pyrazole derivatives: design, synthesis, molecular docking, anti-apoptotic evaluation, and caspase-3 inhibition assay. Bioorganic Chemistry 94:103348.

Hassan, A.A., A.A. Aly, N.K. Mohamed, K.M. El-Shaieb, M.M. Makhlouf, S. Bräse, M. Nieger, and A.B. Brown, 2020. Reactivity of N-substituted alkenylidene hydrazinecarbothioamides towards tetracyanoethylene, an efficient stereoselective synthesis of 1,3-thiazole compounds. Research on Chemical Intermediates 46:1571-1585.

Aly, A.A., A.A. Hassan, N.K. Mohamed, L.E. Abd El-Haleem, S. Bräse, M. Polamo, M. Nieger, and A.B. Brown, 2019. Synthesis of new fused heterocyclic 2-quinolones and 3-alkanonyl-4-hydroxy-2-quinolones. Molecules 24:3782. 

Aly, A.A., E.M. El-Sheref, A.B. Brown, S. Bräse, M. Nieger, and E.M.N. Abdelhafez, 2019. New one-pot synthesis of 2-ylidenehydrazono-thiazoles. Journal of Sulfur Chemistry 40:641-647.

Aly, A.A., N.K. Mohamed, A.A. Hassan, K.M. El Shaieb, M.M. Makhlouf, S. Bräse, M. Nieger, and A.B. Brown, 2019. Functionalized 1,3-thiazolidin-4-ones from 2-oxo-acenaphthoquinylidene- and [2.2]paracyclophanylidene-thiosemicarbazones. Molecules 24:3069.

Elbastawesy, M.A.I., A.A.Aly, M. Ramadan, Y.A.M.M. ElShaier, B.G.M. Youssif, A.B. Brown, and G.E.A. Abuo-Rahma, 2019. Novel pyrazoloquinoline-2-ones: design, synthesis, docking studies, and biological evaluation as antiproliferative EGFR-TK inhibitors. Bioorganic Chemistry 90:103045.

El-Sheref, E.M., A.A. Aly, M.A. Ameen, and A.B. Brown, 2019. New 4-(1,2,3-triazolo)quinolin-2(1H)-ones via Cu-catalyzed [3+2] cycloaddition. Monatshefte fuer Chemie 150:747-756.

Aly, A.A., M.A.A. Ibrahim, E.M. El-Sheref, A.M.A. Hassan, and A.B. Brown, 2019. Prospective new amidinothiazoles as leukotriene B4 inhibitors. Journal of Molecular Structure 1175:414-427.

Ziegler, E.W., A.B. Brown, N. Nesnas, and A.G. Palmer, 2019. Abiotic hydrolysis kinetics of N-acyl-l-homoserine lactones: natural silencing of bacterial quorum sensing signals. European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2850-2856.

Aly, A.A., A.A. Hassan, N.K. Mohamed, M. Ramadan, A.B. Brown, A.S. Abd El-Aal, S. Bräse, and M. Nieger, 2019. Regioselective formation of 1,2,4-triazoles by reaction of amidrazones in the presence of diethyl azodicarboxylate. Molecular Diversity 23:195-203.

Aly, A.A., E.M. El-Sheref, M.E.M. Bakheet, M.A.E. Mourad, A.B. Brown, S. Bräse, M. Nieger, and M.A.A. Ibrahim, 2018. Synthesis of novel 1,2-bis-quinolinyl-1,4-naphthoquinones: ERK2 inhibition, cytotoxicity, and molecular docking studies. Bioorganic Chemistry 81:700-712.

Aly, A.A., E.M. El-Sheref, A.-F.E. Mourad, A.B. Brown, S. Bräse, M.E.M. Bakheet, and M. Nieger, 2018. Synthesis of spiro(indoline-3,4'-pyrano[3,2-c]quinoline)-3'-carbonitriles. Monatshefte fuer Chemie 149:635-644.

El-Sheref, E.M., A.A. Aly, A.-F.E. Mourad, A.B. Brown, S. Bräse, and M.E.M. Bakheet, 2018. Synthesis of pyrano[3,2-c]quinoline-4-carboxylates and 2-(4-oxo-1,4-dihydroquinolin-3-yl)fumarates. Chemical Papers 72:181-190.

Ziegler, E.W., J.C. Baum, A.B. Brown, and G.S. Blaustein, 2017. A computational study of substituent effects on the stability and geometry of carbazole-pyridine complexes. International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 117:e25326.

El-Sheref, E.M., and A.B. Brown, 2017. Utility of acetylenedicarboxylate in organic synthesis. Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 54:825-843.

Aly, A.A., A.B. Brown, and A.A. Hassan. 2014. Heterocycles from the reaction of thione groups with acetylenic bonds. Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry 113:245-304.

Aly, A.A., A.B. Brown, T.M.I. Bedair, and E.A.-R. Ishak. 2012. Dithiocarbamate salts: their biological activity, preparation, and utility in organic synthesis. Journal of Sulfur Chemistry 33:605-617.

Aly, A.A., and A.B. Brown. 2009. Asymmetric and fused heterocycles based on [2.2]paracyclophane. Tetrahedron 65:8055-8089.

McKay, S.E., R.W. Lashlee III, L.W. Maina, K.A. Wheeler, and A.B. Brown. 2009. Synthesis of bipyridine N-oxides and bipyridine N,N'-dioxides. Heterocyclic Communications 15:181-188.

Aly, A.A., A.B. Brown, T.I. El-Emary, A.M.M. Ewas, and M. Ramadan. 2009. Hydrazinecarbothioamide group in the synthesis of heterocycles. Arkivoc (i)150-197.

Aly, A.A., A.B. Brown, K.M. El-Shaieb, A.A. Hassan, and T.M.I. Bedair. 2009. NMR study of the naphtho-1,3-dithioles formed from carbamodithioates and 2,3-dichloro-1,4-naphthoquinone. Journal of Chemical Research 689-691.

McKay, S.E., R.S. Cole, and A.B. Brown. 2007/2008. Developing an undergraduate capstone course in the chemical sciences: a needed augmentation to the undergraduate research experience. Missouri Journal of Undergraduate Chemical Research 9:41-47.

Brown, A.B., T.L. Gibson, J.C. Baum, T. Ren and T.M. Smith. 2005. Fluorescence-enhancement sensing of ammonia and hydrazines via disruption of the internal hydrogen bond in a carbazolopyridinophane. Sensors and Actuators B 110:8-12.


In collaboration with Dr. Liao and Gail Blaustein (Benedictine College), Dr. Brown is constructing molecules containing a carbazole ring (carbazoles fluoresce) and a quencher (acridine or pyridine), in mutual orientations that favor intramolecular hydrogen bonding. The presence of hydrazines or primary amines "turns on" the fluorescence of these molecules, allowing highly sensitive sensing of hydrazines and primary amines. (NASA)
In collaboration with Paul Kiprof (University of Minnesota, Duluth), Dr. Brown is carrying out extensive theoretical studies of annulated benzenes and Dewar benzenes. (Petroleum Research Fund)
Two programs concern NMR analysis of nitrogen heterocycles, in collaboration with Ashraf Aly (El-Minia University, Egypt) and Scott McKay (University of Texas, Permian Basin).
Unconventional applications of NMR spectroscopy include whole-organism studies of live fish, in collaboration with Jon Shenker (Department of Biological Sciences).

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