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Amitabh Dutta

Associate Professor | Nathan M. Bisk College of Business

Contact Information
(321) 674-7393
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business, 206

Personal Overview


I have been teaching Finance in the Nathan M Bisk College of Business since Fall 2009.

I look forward to talking with you ~ and answering any questions that you may have about the wonderful opportunities available to you at Florida Tech.

Educational Background

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville Finance Ph.D. 1997

Wake Forest University Finance (Electives) MBA 1990

University of Bombay Statistics (Math Minor) B.Sc. 1981

Professional Experience

Prior to my arrival in the United States, I was an entrepreneur in India. I was a partner in two new startup small scale manufacturing firms. One was manufacturing flameproof switchgear for the coal mining industry based in Calcutta. The other was manufacturing a dye intermediate (2:4 Di Nitro Aniline) for coloring woolen thread and was based 40 miles from Bombay.

Additional Duties

Created classes for the online MBA program 2018, 2009-2012

In April 2018, I have revised and created a new version of BUS 5446 (Investments Management). Earlier I have created for the FIT Online Program three MBA Finance classes – BUS 5444 (Financial Markets), BUS 5446 (Investments Management) and BUS 5448 (Portfolio Analysis).

Coordinator, Essentials of Business Development 1 & 2 2014

At Florida Tech, Essentials of Business Development 1 & 2 are required core classes for all MBA students who do not have a business undergraduate degree, both on-campus and on-line. These are team taught 3 credit hour classes with 2/3 weeks each of accounting, finance, economics, statistics, marketing and strategy.

Director, The Center for Ethics & Leadership 2012-2013

As the Director, was responsible for organizing the Ethics Breakfast Lecture series (one per academic semester), organizing the High School Ethics Competition, an annual event that has been held the last 17 years and was charged with creating a research component to enhance the Center’s mission. In this context, participated in a panel at the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE) Annual Meeting, 2013 in San Antonio, Texas, where I presented a co-authored paper titled, “A High School Ethics Competition: An Overview.”

Current Courses

BUS 3401
BUS 4401

Selected Publications


Role of Freedom in Economic Development of India, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany, April 2020. Co-edited with Dr. Kishore G. Kulkari. The book has been translated into German and French as well.


Dutta, A.S., Patel, S. and Perez, E. (2018), A Look at Foreign Direct Investment in China: 2004-2012. International Journal of Education Economics and Development, Vol. 9, No. 2, 182-192.

Dutta, A.S. and Kulkarni, K. (2018) Cash Shortages and Black Money: A Look at India’s 2016 Demonetization Effect, One Year Later. International Review of Business and Economics, Vol. 2, No. 1, 1-6.

Su, R., Yang, Z. and Dutta, A. (2017). Accounting Information Comparability and Debt Capital Cost Empirical Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies. Asian Economic and Financial Review, Vol. 8, No. 1, 90-102.

Dutta, A.S., Su, R. and Yi, R. (2015). Assessing an Undergraduate Investments Class Project. International Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol. 7, No. 2, 273-279.

Su, R., Yi, R., Hooper, K. and Dutta, A. (2013). Information Spillover, Profit Opportunities and Return Deviations Analysis: The Case of Cross-listed BHP Billiton. International Journal of Business and Economics, Vol. 12, No. 2, 155-170.

Su, R., Zhao, Y., Yi, R. and Dutta, A. (2012). Persistence in Mutual Fund Returns: Evidence From China. International Journal of Business and Social Science, Vol. 3, No. 13, 88-94.

Long, R., Wilder, D., Betz, A. and Dutta, A. (2012). Effects of and preference for pay for performance: An analogue analysis. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Vol. 45, No. 4, 821-826.

Su, R., Hooper, K., Dutta, A. and Yi, R. (2011). Why small business owners should not worry about “Money Left on the Table” in IPOs! International Business Research, Vol. 4, 42-52.

Su, R., Dutta, A. and Xu, M. (2011). Financial Anomalies: Evidence from Chinese A-share Markets. International Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol. 2, No. 3, 74-86.

Xu, M., Su, R. and Dutta, A. (2011). The regulation reform of New Zealand financial advisers. International Business Research, Vol. 4, No. 3, 127-134.

Dutta, A., Xu, M. and Su, R. (2010). Private Equity Industry in China: The Success of Bohai Industrial Investment Management Company. Review of Business Research Vol. 10, No. 5, 135-140.

Dutta, A., Su, R. and Xu, M. (2010) Persistence in New Zealand growth mutual funds returns: An examination of New Zealand mutual funds from 1997 -2003. Indian Journal of Economics and Business, Vol. 9, No. 2, 303-314.

Theis, J. and Dutta, A. (2009) Explanatory Factors of Bank Dividend Policy: Revisited. Managerial Finance, Vol. 35, No. 6, 501-508.

Collins, M. Cary, Dutta, A and Wansley, J.W. (2009). Managerial Ownership and Dividend Policy in the U.S. Banking Industry. Journal of Business and Economics Research, Volume 7, No. 10, 33-38.

Dutta, A., Ingram W.R. and Hogan P. (2008). Motivating Students to Continue Learning: A Case Study of Improving First Exam Disasters! The International Journal of Learning, Volume 15, 187-193.

Dutta, A. and Su, R. (2008). Persistence in Mutual Fund Returns: An Examination of U.S. Growth Mutual Funds from 1988-1996. Review of Business Research, Volume 8, 86-92.

Dutta, A., Theis, J. and Su, R. (2007). Foreign Direct Investment into the United States, 1998-2004. The International Journal of Finance, Volume 19, 4370-4379.

Dutta, A., Collins, M. Cary and Wansley, J.W. (2002). Dividend Policy & Deregulation: An Examination of the Gas Industry. The International Journal of Finance, Volume 14, 2406-2418.

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Dutta, A., Collins, M. Cary and Wansley, J.W. (1996). Further Evidence on the Relation Between Corporate Ownership Structure and Debt Policy. Managerial Finance, Volume 22, No. 2, 56-72.

Book Chapter

Dutta, A., Bozdogan, H., Collins, M. Cary and Wansley, J.W. (2003). A New Informational Complexity Approach as a Criterion for Model Selection in Finance. Research in International Business and Finance, Volume 17, edited by Jonathan A. Batten and Thomas A. Fetherston, 457-462, Elsevier.

Recognition & Awards

Best Teaching Award (co-recipient) Columbus State University 2002-2003

Teacher of the Year Fairleigh Dickinson University 2000-2001

CBA Outstanding Teaching Nomination The University of Tennessee 1996-1997

Charles H Babcock Scholar (2 years) Wake Forest University 1988-1990


Presentations at Professional Meetings

“Is It Time To Allow Full Convertibility of the Indian Rupee?” Co-authored with Kishore Kulkarni, International Conference on Business and Economic Issues, December 22-23, 2019 (Surat, India)

Invited as a Guest Speaker at SIMSARC 19 – 10th Annual International Conference organized by Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, December 16-18, 2019. I will speak on December 18, on the sub-theme “Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Drivers of Economic Growth,” 2019 (Pune, India) 

 Invited as a Keynote Speaker at the Interdisciplinary International Conference being organized by the Dhananjayrao Gadgil College of Commerce, December 17, 2019. I will speak on how the Indian Rupee needs to be fully convertible to allow the Indian economy to thrive in the next decade. (Satara, India)

 “Hedge Fund Strategy That Outperformed: 2008-2014,” Southern Economic Association Annual Meeting, November 2019 (Fort Lauderdale, FL). (forthcoming)

“Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Company: From Start-Up To Maturity – An Assessment”, Co-authored with Kun Peng Lai, Academy of Management Specialized Conference: From Start Up To Scale Up, December 2018. Tel Aviv, Israel.  (Partially funded by Institute for Humane Studies, George Mason University.)


“Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Company: From Start-Up To Maturity – An Assessment”, Co-authored with Kun Peng Lai and Roger Su. Under Review.

 “Causes and Consequences of India’s Demonetization on the Monetary Sector: Implementation Difficulties and Changes in Credit Availability,” Co-authored with Kishore Kulkarni.

 “Hedge Fund Strategy That Outperformed: 2008-2014,” Solo authored.

Research & Project Interests

Research: Investments, Macroeconomic Issues, Diversity

Teaching: Corporate Finance, Investments, Portfolio Management, Financial Markets & Institutions

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