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Jianhui Li

Assistant Professor | Biomedical Engineering and Science

Contact Information
(321) 674-7152
Olin Life Sciences Building Room 256 (office) Olin Life Sciences Building Room 230 (lab)


Proteasome trafficking, Autophagy, Yeast genetics, Cell signaling, Cell stress response, Protein biochemistry, Cellular condensate

Educational Background

PhD, Virginia Tech, 2013-2017
MPhil, The Chinese University of Hong Kong​, 2010-2012
BS, Nanjing Agricultural University, 2006-2010

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor, Florida Institute of Technology, 2023-Present

Graduate Faculty, Florida Institute of Technology, 2023-Present

Postdoctoral Associate, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University, 2017-2023

Current Courses

Immunology (BIO4201/BIO5573)

Microbial Biotechnology (BIO5539/BIO4150)

Biological Research (BIO5995)

Biology Forum (BIO4990)

Undergraduate Research (BIO499x)

Selected Publications

  • Sultana S, Abdullah M, Li J, Hochstrasser M, Kachroo AH (2023) Species-specific protein-protein interactions govern the humanization of the 20S proteasome in yeast. Genetics iyad117.
  • Li J (2022) First person – Jianhui Li. J Cell Sci 135: jcs259864.
  • Li J, Hochstrasser M (2022) Selective microautophagy of proteasomes is initiated by ESCRT-0 and is promoted by proteasome ubiquitylation. J Cell Sci 135: jcs259393 (Featured in First Person interviews).
  • Ryu H-Y, Zhao D, Li J, Su D, Hochstrasser M (2020) Histone sumoylation promotes Set3 histone-deacetylase complex- mediated transcriptional regulation. Nucleic Acids Res 48: 12151-12168.
  • Li J, Hochstrasser M (2020) Microautophagy regulates proteasome homeostasis. Curr Genet 66: 683-687.
  • Li J, Breker M, Graham M, Schuldiner M, Hochstrasser M (2019) AMPK regulates ESCRT-dependent microautophagy of proteasomes concomitant with proteasome storage granule assembly during glucose starvation. PLoS Genet 15: e1008387 (Featured in Perspective articles).
  • Yang X, Li J, and Yu W (2019) Synthesis of a wheat/maize hybrid CENH3 gene, the genetic transformation of wheat, its chromosomal localization and effects on chromosome behaviors in wheat/maize somatic hybrids. Agric Sci 10: 985-1014.
  • Liu H*, Soyars C*, Li J*, Fei Q, He G, Peterson BA, Meyers BC, Nimchuk ZL and Wang X (2018) CRISPR/Cas9- mediated resistance to cauliflower mosaic virus. Plant Direct 2: e00047 (*co-first author).
  • Li J, Fuchs S, Zhang J, Wellford S, Schuldiner M, and Wang X (2016) An unrecognized function for COPII components in recruiting the viral replication protein BMV 1a to the perinuclear ER. J Cell Sci 129: 3597-3608.​
  • Zhang J, Zhang Z, Chukkapalli V, Nchoutmboube JA, Li J, Randall G, Belov GA, and Wang X (2016) Positive-strand RNA viruses stimulate host phosphatidylcholine synthesis at viral replication sites. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 113: E1064-E1073.
  • ​Yang X, Li J, Chen L, Louzada E, He J, and Yu W (2015) Stable mitotic inheritance of rice minichromosomes in cell suspension cultures. Plant Cell Rep 34: 929-941.
  • ​Zhang J, Li J, Garcia-Ruiz H, Bates PD, Mirkov TE, and Wang X (2014) A stearoyl-acyl carrier protein desaturase, NbSACPD-C, is critical for ovule development in Nicotiana benthamianaPlant J 80: 489-502.

Recognition & Awards

  • Scholarship Excellence Award, PPWS, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Virginia Tech, 2017
  • Reginald and Phyllis Nelson Scholarship, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Virginia Tech, 2016
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