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Warren Phillip Pittorie

Assistant Professor | College of Aeronautics

Flight Education Chair

Contact Information

Personal Overview

Dr. Warren Pittorie is an instructor at the College of Aeronautics at the Florida Institute of Technology.  Dr. Pittorie received all three of his college degrees from Florida Tech, all within the field of aviation sciences and human factors.  Dr. Pittorie primarily teaches undergraduate courses that serve as FAA-approved Part 141 ground school for the certification of airplane pilots.  These ground school courses, taken in unison with Part 141 flight training, allow students to earn FAA pilot certifications at the private and commercial level, as well as earning instrument ratings and the required training needed to become a certified flight instructor (CFI).

Dr. Pittorie works part-time at two flight schools: FIT Aviation LLC, which is wholly-owned by Florida Tech, and Warbird Adventures, located in Ninety Six, SC.  Both of these schools offer primary flight instruction towards FAA certifications and ratings, along with specialized flight training including tailwheel endorsements, upset recovery/prevention, and basic aerobatics.  Dr. Pittorie has the rare opportunity to provide both classroom instruction on the Florida Tech campus, as well as hands-on ground and flight instruction at the university's flight school.  Providing instruction at both locations allows for a more seamless training experience for flight students at Florida Tech.

Dr. Pittorie has also been involved in several research projects and publications, led by Dr. Meredith Carroll and her ATLAS Lab, located at Florida Tech.  These publications have focused on human factors in aviation, pilot decision-making, and cockpit display design.  Dr. Pittorie's areas of interest within aviation research include aviation safety, aircraft accident analysis, and further understanding the cause and mitigation strategies for accidents classified as loss of control (LOC).

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. Aviation Sciences - Florida Institute of Technology, 2022
  • M.S. Aviation Human Factors - Florida Institute of Technology, 2018
  • B.S. Aeronautical Science with Flight - Florida Institute of Technology, 2015

Professional Experience

FAA Certifications

  • Commercial Pilot Airplane - Single & Multi Engine Land, Single & Multi Engine Sea
  • Certified Flight Instructor Airplane - Single & Multi Engine, Instrument
  • Certified Ground Instructor - Advanced, Instrument

Teaching Experience

  • 3+ years of college lecturing & student advising experience as university faculty member - Florida Institute of Technology
  • 6+ years of flight & ground instruction towards FAA pilot certifications
    • Primary training for the private & commercial airplane certifications, instrument ratings, additional airplane classes (multi engine) & initial certified flight instructors
    • Specialized flight training: tailwheel, basic aerobatics, & upset recovery/prevention training for small general aviation aircraft

Current Courses

FAA-Approved Part 141 Ground School Courses

  • Aeronautics 1 (AVT 1001) - Private Pilot ground school
  • Aeronautics 2 & 4 (AVT 1002 & 2002) - Commercial Pilot ground school
  • Aeronautics 3 (AVT 2001) - Instrument Rating ground school
  • Instructional Techniques (AVT 3001) - Initial CFI ground school

Part 61 Flight Instruction

  • Basic & Intermediate Aerobatics (AVF 3008 & 3009)
  • Conventional Gear Transition (AVF 3012)

Selected Publications

Carroll, M., Rebensky, S., Wilt, D. F., Pittorie, W., Hunt, L., Chaparro, M., & Sanchez, P. (2021).  Integrating uncertified information from the electronic flight bag into the aircraft panel: impacts on pilot response.  International Journal of Human Computer Interaction, 37: 7, 630-641.

Carroll, M., Chaparro, M., Rebensky, S., Carmody, K., Mehta, R., & Pittorie, W., (2021). Adapting to the times: Examining adaptive instructional strategies in preferred and non-preferred class types. Human Computer Interaction International 2021.

Carstens, D. S., Pittorie, W. P., Carroll, M. B., & Sanchez, P. L. (2020). Review of aviation safety databases to identify information discrepancies experienced on the flight deck: Implications for NextGen. Aviation Psychology and Applied Human Factors, 10(2), 94–102.

Pittorie, W., Carroll, M., & Carstens, D. (2019).  Effects of Verbal vs Graphical Weather Information on a Pilot’s Decision Making during Preflight.  Proceedings of the 20th International Symposium of Aviation Psychology.  May 7-10, Dayton, OH, 349-354.

Recognition & Awards

Excellence in Teaching Award , 2022 - Awarded by the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society of the Florida Institute of Technology

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