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Maria Pozo de Fernandez

Assistant Professor | Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Contact Information
(321) 674-8838
F.W. Olin Engineering Complex, 254

Educational Background

Ph.D. Cornell University 1986

Professional Experience

Dr. Pozo de Fernandez designed and built experimental equipment to measure gas sorption and volume dilation at elevated pressures and temperatures.

At the University of Delaware, she did postdoctoral research dealing with gas sorption and dilation in polymer/fluorochlorocarbon systems. She has also performed experiments to measure swelling in polymer blends in the presence of supercritical fluid.

Selected Publications

Pozo de Fernandez, M.E., C. Kang and P.L. Mangonon. 1993. Ceramic fibers through sol-gel, Chem. Eng. Progress 89(9):49-53.

Chai Kao, C.P., M.E. Pozo de Fernandez and M.E. Paulaitis. 1993. Equation of state analysis of phase behavior for water-surfactant-supercritical fluid mixtures. In E. Kiran and J.F. Brennecke (Eds.) Supercritical Fluid Engineering Science 7:74-91.

Pozo de Fernandez, M.E.,
J.C.G. Calado, J.A. Zollweg and
W.B. Streett. 1992. Vapor-liquid equilibria in the binary system dimethyl ether + n-butane from 282.9 to 414.5K at pressures to 4.85 MPa, Fluid Phase Equilibria 74:289-302.

Shah, N., M.E. Pozo de Fernandez,
J.A. Zollweg and W.B. Streett. 1990. Vapor-liquid equilibrium in the system carbon dioxide +2, 2 dimethylpropane from 262K to 424K at pressures to 8.4 MPa, J. Chemical Eng. Data 35(3):278-283.


Stability and efficiency of a-Si:H solar cells. Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)

Determination and correlation of the variables that affect the stability and photo-degradation
in amorphous silicon solar cells

Sol-Gel processing -- Experimental studies of the formation of silica fibers by sol/gel polymerization

Supercritical fluid technology applied to the production of aerogels

Optimization of equations of state combining rules in binary systems of polar compounds

Thermophysical properties of alternative refrigerants

Permeability in refrigerant/polymer systems

Research & Project Interests

Diffusion of gases in polymers/blends, dilation and gas sorption in gas/polymers systems at elevated pressures and temperatures, thermodynamic behavior of glassy polymers in the presence of compressed gases, experimental studies of phase equilibria of mixtures at high pressures and temperatures, supercritical fluids, modeling and correlation using equations of state, sol-gel processing.

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