Piggy Bank and Textbooks

Florida Tech is at the top of our list, but what does it cost?

In 2024-25, the cost to attend Florida Tech will look something like this:

Tuition and Fees: $45,58042,720

If you plan to live on campus, you will also need to consider living expenses:

Housing: $6,720

Meals: $6,800

How does Florida Tech make it affordable for families like mine?

Glad you asked! The truth is, most families pay significantly less than the above to attend Florida Tech, thanks to scholarships, grants and loan programs. Here, let us explain…

This is commonly called the sticker price. Think of it as the starting point.


From the sticker price, subtract scholarships and grants--these are considered gift aid that you do not have to pay back. Gift aid can cover a significant amount of your tuition.

- $27,218
This is the average aid amount per student as reported on the college scorecard.

Finally, we subtract up to $5,500 in low-interest federal student loans.

- $5,500

Actual/Billable Cost

This is more like what your family will be asked to pay…

Per Year

= $34,70233,302

Per Semester

= $17,35116,601

Per Month
with the Panther Payment Plan

= $4,3384,150

Aeronautics Students Flight Cost

First Year Students


$4,000 balance to start.

The Panther Card must be used to pay flight costs on a pay-as-you-go basis. An initial deposit of $4,000.00 (or the minimum flight course cost if less than $4,000.00) is required at the beginning of each course. Flight costs are calculated and deducted from the Panther Card account at the conclusion of each lesson. A $1,000.00 minimum balance is required in most courses to ensure flight training continuity. Additional Information on Flight Costs.

So what can I expect my actual cost to be?

Truth is, it varies. Your actual cost will depend on merit, need, and home state. Keep in mind that no matter where you attend, you will have to cover additional expenses like books, incidentals, and flight training fees (for flight majors).

For a more accurate cost estimate, check out our Net Price Calculator.

That sounds pretty good. What's next?

  1. First, apply for admission.

    This gets the ball rolling. All applicants are automatically considered for merit scholarships.

  2. File the FAFSA

    Families at all income levels should complete the FAFSA. Doing so is the only way to become eligible for need-based grants and low-interest loan programs. You want an estimate of your lowest possible cost to attend Florida Tech? File the FAFSA.

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