Panther Payment Plan


Pay your tuition & fees in convenient monthly installments using Florida Tech's Panther Payment Plan. The Panther Payment Plan is designed to help students and their families effectively budget their out-of-pocket expenses each semester. Plans are available for both undergraduate and graduate level students. Each Panther Payment Plan is for the current semester only and re-enrollment is necessary for each subsequent semester.


Important Notice: The Panther Payment Plan is entirely web-based. This means that you both enroll and make your monthly payments online using PAWS. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Account Management at (800) 676-9250, or (321) 674-7428.

Fast - Enrolling in the Panther Payment Plan is quick and easy using PAWS; the directions are listed below under How to Enroll.

Secure - Using industry-leading security features, payment can be made online using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) or by electronic debit of a checking/savings account.

Convenient - Fall and Spring plans each offer four monthly payments. A Summer plan is available consisting of three monthly payments.

  • Your plan will automatically recalculate your monthly installments nightly when additional charges or payments post to your student account (charges/payments posted to your student account after 5 PM will not be recalculated until after 5 PM on the next business day). The Panther Payment Plan system will notify you by e-mail anytime your student account balance recalculates and your installments increase or decrease.
  • Review your plan online through PAWS - anywhere you have Internet access, anytime.
  • Add authorized users to your student account: parents, family, friends, or anyone financially contributing to your education. With your authorization, they can pay toward your monthly installments. This does not include Third Party Billing & Tuition Assistance sponsored payments.  

Inexpensive - The Panther Payment Plan is an inexpensive, interest-free payment alternative. Avoid finance charges by enrolling prior to a semester's tuition & fee due date and by making the payments on time each month. Enrollment costs only $30.00 per semester, with an optional down payment.

Program Contact Information

Amanda Ellison
Student Financial Services, Florida Tech
150 W. University Blvd.
Melbourne, FL 32901
Phone:  (321) 674-7428

Questions, concerns, and comments can be sent to, or Amanda Ellison,, (321) 674-7428.

Additional Contacts:

Chuck Conerity, (321) 674-7302

Julia Querry, (321) 674-8320


Payment Plans & Schedule of Payments

Fall Panther Payment Plan

Fall enrollment opens on July 6th and closes on September 7th.
There is a $30.00 setup fee charged and due at the time of enrollment, with an optional down payment.

Payment Due Date

  • August 1
  • September 1
  • October 1
  • November 1

Spring Panther Payment Plan

Spring enrollment opens on December 3rd and closes on January 25th
There is a $30.00 setup fee charged and due at the time of enrollment, with an optional down payment.

Payment Due Date

  • January 1
  • February 1
  • March 1
  • April 1

Summer Panther Payment Plan

Summer enrollment opens on May 2nd and closes on May 30th
There is a $30.00 setup fee charged and due at the time of enrollment, with an optional down payment.

Payment Due Date

  • May 4
  • June 1
  • July 1



How to Enroll 

Step 1. Sign in to the Student Account Center

  • Go to the Current Students Launchpad
  • Click on the PAWS icon and log in with your Tracks username and password
  • Click on the Student tab
  • Click on the Payment/Student Account Information option.
  • Select the desired term (for example, Spring 2022) and click on SUBMIT.
  • Click on the MAKE A PAYMENT button
  • The browser should now open in a new window to your Student Account Center and Bill Payment Suite, run by TouchNet. If it does, proceed to Step 2 below.
    • If a new window does not open by itself, then the next screen in PAWS will say "If redirection fails, click on the bill payment button." Then, click on BILL PAYMENT, and this will take you to the Student Account Center & Bill Payment Suite, run by TouchNet.

Step 2.  Once in the Student Account Center

  • Once in your Student Account Center, you will see a bar of options across the top of the screen
  • Click on Payment Plans. 
  • Pick the term for your payment plan and click SELECT.
  • Next, click on the blue SELECT button to the right to acknowledge the $30 Setup Fee and 1.50% Late Payment Fee.
  • Review the installments and due dates. Choose if you would like to set up automatic payments from one of the two following options:
    -Yes, I want to set up my payments and choose the method that will automatically be used to make a payment on each due date; or,
    -No, I don't want to set up automatic payments. I will come back and make each payment on or before the due date.
  • Follow the payment prompts until you get to the agreement.
  • Agree to the terms & conditions and select CONTINUE.
  • The last page is the Thank You page, and confirms that you're in the Panther Payment Plan. You're done!



Authorized Users

Authorized Users login to the Student Account Center.

Through the Student Account Center, a student can authorize parents, family, friends, etc. to make online payments on their behalf. Only the student can add and remove an Authorized User from their Student Account Center. This does not include Third Party Billing & Tuition Assistance sponsored payments.

Note: Additional authorization is required through the Office of the Registrar for the release of personally identifiable information such as semester grades, academic record, class schedule, current academic standing, and financial information. Submit an FERPA-Authorization for Release of Information form to the Office of the Registrar for this authorization.

To add an Authorized User:

  1. Go to the Current Students Launchpad
  2. Log in through the Paws link
  3. Select the Student tab
  4. Select the Payment/Account Information link
  5. Click on the Make a Payment button
  6. If the next screen says "If redirection fails, click on the bill payment button", go ahead and click on Bill Payment. This will take you to your Student Account Center.
  7. Select the Authorized Users tab at the top of the Student Account Center homepage
  8. Click on the Add an Authorized User button
  9. Enter the email address of the intended Authorized User (the person being added as an Authorized User will receive 2 emails: the 1st with a password and the 2nd with the authorized user web address)
  10. Select what information the Authorized User will be able to view
  11. Click on the I Agree check box and select Continue

Or view the instructions Adding an Authorized User to Your Student Account Center.

Authorized Users login to the Student Account Center.