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Florida Tech's Survey Planning Process

Florida Tech utilizes a survey planning process that is conducted each spring to establish the university's survey calendar for the following and future academic years.  This process focuses on university level surveys that impact significant populations of students, faculty, and/or staff but collects information on surveys administered throughout the university.  The University Survey Planning Group advises regarding the university survey calendar and helps to minimize survey conflicts and preserve strong response rates for key university surveys.  

The process is described below:

All units should send the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness a memo listing any surveys they would like to administer in the next academic year by June 30th  The memo should include:

  1.  Name of the survey
  2. A link to or copy of survey if available
  3. Description of populations to be surveyed
  4. Requested timeframe to survey
  5. Description of the rationale/need for the survey
  6. How the results will be used and shared with appropriate campus constituents

Units are encouraged align requested surveys with their assessment plans or findings. 

The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness will convene on an ad hoc basis the specific units that work most closely with the various survey populations to review requests for the upcoming year and the survey schedule.

  1. Review and recommend consolidation with other instruments where possible.
  2. Review the survey schedule and will recommend a time frame to avoid conflicting with other surveys and to minimize survey fatigue.
  3. Recommend scheduling the new requested instruments as appropriate.

The ad hoc groups will work closely with requestors to help plan for the needed survey.


Florida Tech's Survey Calendar

 The current calendar is available at Florida Tech Survey Calendar.


What is Qualtrics?

 Florida Tech has a campus license for Qualtrics, a survey creation, distribution, and analysis tool. This means that faculty, staff, and students with a Florida Tech email are able to access Qualtrics for survey research needs. The tool can be accessed at and users can login using their Tracks username and password.

How to get started?

Still need help?

  • Qualtrics support is available 24 hours a day for all Florida Tech faculty, staff, and students.  This can also be accessed in the top right hand corner of Qualtrics when logged into your account.
  • Psychology students can direct questions to Dr. Conradt at 
  • The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness can help!  Email for help with:
    • Survey design advice & feedback
    • To notify the office before you send a survey to many Florida tech students, faculty, and/or staff. -Important!
    • In-person group training, including class visits.

Survey Results

Survey results are coming soon!

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