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Wes Sumner
Vice President for Marketing and Communication
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Adam Lowenstein
Director of Media Communications
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Expert Opinions

Advanced Manufacturing Michael Grieves Executive Director, Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Design, product lifecycle management, computer and data communications
Autism Michael Kelley Exec Dir, Scott Center for Autism Treatment, symptoms of autism, translational research, assessment and intervention of severe problem behavior, and pediatric feeding disorders, former editor, Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
Aviation/Aeronautics William Rankin airport management, airline security, astrophotography
Aviation/Aeronautics Isaac Silver flight intsruction, fluid dynamics, aircraft systems modeling
Biology Robert van Woesik coral population and community ecology, coral reef management, Director, Institute for Research on Global Climate Change
Biology Richard Aronson marine biology, climate and coral reefs, climate change impact on Antarctic ecology
Biology Spencer Fire marine mammals, impact of harmful algal blooms, biotoxins
Biology Toby Daly-Engel sharks, shark attacks, shark reproduction, women in science TBD
Biology Jonathan Shenker fish and fisheries, biological/ecoological factors affecting fish populations, fish and habitat management, sportfish
Biomedical Engineering Ted Conway 3D tissue engineering, former program director, National Science Foundation
Biomedical Engineering Carlos Martino quantum biology
Biomedical Engineering Kunal Mitra short pulse laser-tissue interaction for biomedical imaging, development of optical tomography system for cancer detection, 3D bioprinting of tissues
Cancer Eric Guisbert Connection between cellular stress and cancer, C. elegans roundworm
Cancer Julia Grimwade Cell growth and division processes, molecular biology, novel antibiotic targets  
Cancer Alan Leonard Cell growth regulation, DNA replication, microbial genetics
Chemistry Kurt Winkelmann virtual learning environments/virtual reality, kinetics, photochemistry, materials science, nanotechnology
Chemistry Joel Olson general chemistry, microscopy, chemical eduacation, chemical sensors
Construction/Civil Engineering Troy Nguyen enery-efficient construction, the view from industry, systems engineering and automation, land development
Construction/Civil Engineering Ashok Pandit stormwater management, groundwater, hydrologic modeling, hydraulics
Construction/Civil Engineering Paul Cosentino fiber-optic sensors and applications in civil engineering, highway applications for recycled materials
Construction/Civil Engineering Jean-Paul Pinelli risk analysis, structural dynamics, earthquake and wind engineering
Cybersecurity/Computers Marco Carvalho cybersecurity, computer networks, multi-agent systems, tactical communication and information systems
Cybersecurity/Computers Thomas Eskridge artificial intelligence, cognitive modeling
Cybersecurity/Computers Michael King biometrics and identity intelligence, intelligence community, machine learning
Entrepreneurship/Innovation Scott Benjamin Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and New Business Development, commercial space transportation, strategic management
Entrepreneurship/Innovation Abram Walton Director, Center for Lifecycle and Innovation Management, new product development, technology commercialization
History/Culture Robert Taylor 19th and 20th century America, American South, Florida history, U.S. military history, Space Age, 20th century Europe
History/Culture Gordon Patterson mosquito control, mosquito-borne diseases, environmental history, German and Austrian intellectual history, science and technology history
History/Culture Lisa Perdigao deah and resurrection in literature, film, television and comics, Marvel cinematic universe, comic book adaptations, Florida culture in literature, film and television
Human-Centered Design Ondrej Doule Google Glass/integrated display systems, space architecture, cockpit design, past commander, Mars Desert Research Station missions
Indian River Lagoon/Natural Resources Robert Weaver oean engineering, water quality, coastal flooding, circulation modeling
Indian River Lagoon/Natural Resources Kelli Hunsucker oyster mats, oceanography, biofouling, water quality
Indian River Lagoon/Natural Resources Kevin Johnson zooplankton ecology, Florida coast invertebrates
Indian River Lagoon/Natural Resources Stephen Wood autonomous underwater vehicles and technology, wave and current energy
Indian River Lagoon/Natural Resources Geoffrey Swain Director, Center for Corrosion and Biofouling Control
Mechanical Aerospace Enginering Dan Kirk rocket propulsion, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics
Mechanical Aerospace Enginering Markus Wilde human-machine interface, orbital debris removal, on-orbit servicing, rendezvous and docking
Mechanical Aerospace Enginering Razvan Rusovici smart structural applications and structural dynamics, smart-material actuators, flight test, bioengineering
Psychology Richard Griffith Executive Director, Institute for Cross Cultural Management, cross cultural competence, global leadership, personality measurement
Psychology Kristi Van Sickle integrated health care, community health, professional competence
Psychology Darby Proctor behavioral economics and decision-making in nonhuman primates
Space Sciences Jessica Wildman psychology of long-duration space exploration, teams, relationship/interaction optimization, trust development
Space Sciences Andrew Palmer Martian gardening, astrobiology
Space  Sciences Brooke Wheeler Martian gardening, plant ecology, aviation human factors
Space Sciences Andy Aldrin Director, Buzz Aldrin Space Institute
Weather Amitabh Nag lightning physics, sensing technology, lightning interaction
Weather George Maul marine meteorology, coastal beach erosion
Weather Steven Lazarus science of hurricanes, coastal meteorology, wind and wave modeling, thunderstorms, climate
Weather Hamid Rassoul lightning formation, lightning physics, ground strikes
Weather Albert Bleakley wind damage, storm mitigation, safeguardiong home, business and infrastructure, post-storm cleanup
Weather Rodrigo Mesa-Arango evacuation decisions, transportation issues
Weather Victoria Follette psychological effects associated with extreme weather, managing stress