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Departmental Contacts - Florida Tech Online

Contacts for Florida Tech Online programs (8-week terms)

  • Shane Santana, Manager of Online Programs, College of Psychology and Liberal Arts: or (321) 674-8222
    Primary contact for escalated and unresolved issues related to course and students complaints. This includes faculty issues, CAPP issues, appeals (grade, academic, etc.), waivers, change of major requests, etc.

  • Jenny Riter, Program Advisor: or (321) 674-8844
    Applied Psychology (PSY and PSF), Criminal Justice (CRM), Homeland Security (HSC), Science and Math courses (EDS and MTH), and Liberal Arts Programs (COM, HUM, SOC, WRI).

Military and Veteran Student Services (MVSS)

Military and Veteran Student Services website
Contact the MVSS team at 

University IT and Tech Support

University Information Technology website
(321) 674-7284 or

Florida Tech Online Students (8-week terms)

  • For assistance with TRACKS or PAWS contact University IT and Tech Support
  • For classroom support, contact Bisk technical support: (800) 742-1309  or
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