Orientation Schedule

Fall 2021 (*Mandatory for all students starting Fall 2021)

Orientation will take place August 14 - 20, 2021. This will include move-in for any NEW Fall 2021 students living on-campus. All new students beginning classes in Fall 2021 will attend Orientation.

Orientation check-in will take place at the Clemente Center on Saturday, August 14 and Sunday, August 15. Housing directions will be given at check-in. Florida Tech will be utilizing a drive-thru technique to provide students with high quality efficiency. All Domestic students MUST bring a picture ID and complete all Panther Pass modules to check-in. All International students MUST bring passport, I-20 forms, Immunization records, and complete all Panther Pass modules to check-in. Students will be expected to check-in according to the following schedule:

August 14, 2021

All new undergraduate on-campus students will be expected to check-in on this day according to Residence Hall. Check-in will occur by the following schedule: 

  • 9:00 a.m.- Noon (EST) for Halls: Roberts Hall even floors, Anderson Hall, Ramon Hall, Clark Hall, and Chawla Hall
  • Noon- 3:00 p.m. (EST) for Halls: Roberts Hall odd floors, McCool Hall, Brown Hall, Husband Hall, Brownlie Hall, and Wood Hall
  • 3:00- 6:00 p.m. (EST) for Halls: Campbell Hall, Evans Hall, Grissom Hall, Mary Star of the Sea, and Panther Bay, Southgate, and Harris Village 

August 15, 2021

All new undergraduate off-campus students will be expected to check-in on this day. 

All new graduate students will be expected to check-in on this day.

  • 9:00 a.m.- Noon (EST) check-in drive-thru will be open for all anticipated students on a first come, first served schedule

**To guarantee your check-in day, all Panther Pass modules must be completed. 


Orientation is a required program for every new student to Florida Tech. Directly following check-in, Orientation week is August 15- 20. Students will be expected to complete every session to gain a higher understanding of what it is like to be a Florida Tech Panther. Upon check-in, students will receive their official Orientation schedule. To begin preparing, students should download the Corq app, a system that will be utilized to register attendance at every event.


Undergraduate Students

New undergraduate Panthers must complete Orientation programming. Here, students will be able to learn pertinent departmental resources, academic preparation, and make connections with their peers before Week 1 of classes begin! Students will be divided into Breakout Session groups based upon residence. Each group is led by a team of Panther Prep Leaders, current students from the Orientation team specifically trained to help you through your first week on Florida Tech’s campus.

                                                                            Fall 2021 UGrad Schedule

Graduate Students

New graduate students should complete the above Orientation schedule for Florida Tech. Here, graduates will have the opportunity to learn about campus department resources, education of study expectations, and make connections with fellow Panthers. Graduate students are also invited to take part in undergraduate sessions to make stronger connections with all Panthers. Graduate students have also been placed into a Breakout Session group with a team of Panther Prep Leaders, current students from the Orientation team specifically trained to aid graduate students.

                                                                                 Fall 2021 Graduate Schedule

Transfer Students

Students that have recently elected to transfer from a previous institution to Florida Tech should follow the transfer student Orientation schedule. Here, students will have specifically tailored sessions that will create a smoother transition into being a Panther. Transfer students should also follow their respective education level’s schedule (undergraduate or graduate).

                                                                                   Fall 2021 Transfer Schedule

International Students

                                                                      View Pre-Departure Information From ISSS

Panthers coming to us from all over the world should complete their respective education level’s schedule (undergraduate or graduate). In addition to this programming, International students will have a specific session to learning pertinent information for their transition to Florida Tech. All questions relating to visas, forms, and immigration should be directed to Florida Tech’s International Student & Scholar Services department. The Orientation team is excited to welcome you to the Panther family! 


*Schedules are subject to change. Finalized Orientation schedules will be given to students upon arrival at Florida Tech. 

** Due to COVID-19, Orientation programming is subject to change. Dates will remain consistent. Check-in will be August 14 and 15 and Orientation will be August 15-20.


Spring 2022 (*Mandatory for all students starting spring 2022)

Dates and more information about Spring 2022 Orientation will be determined Winter 2021. 


Summer 2022 (*Mandatory for all students starting Summer 2022)

Dates and more information about Summer 2022 Orientation will be determined Spring 2022.