Applied Mathematics, Ph.D.

Applied Mathematics, Ph.D.

The Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics

PhD in Applied Mathematics

Graduates with a master’s in applied mathematics can expand their subject matter expertise by choosing a PhD in applied mathematics at Florida Tech. As one of only 30 applied mathematics programs in the United States, Florida Tech’s doctoral program offers several specializations in the field, including nonlinear analysis, stochastic analysis, optimization, numerical analysis, scientific computing, and statistics.

A Degree with Real Flexibility

In addition to the areas of specialization, Florida Tech provides additional flexibility in its PhD in applied mathematics program, allowing doctoral students to design a curriculum that fits their specific research interests and career goals. As a national research university, Florida Tech is committed to providing students with a variety of applied mathematics research experiences, opening up careers in a wide range of industries.

Small Classes—World Renowned Faculty

Students in the PhD in applied mathematics program at Florida Tech work closely with professors and fellow students. A small faculty-to-student ratio creates a close-knit academic community that is often impossible at larger universities. Professors in the math department have doctoral degrees in applied and computational mathematics and statistics. Professors—not graduate students—teach all courses, supervise student research projects, and conduct their own meaningful research studies that are often open for student collaboration.

Advanced Research Opportunities

As in any doctoral program, research is the core of the academic program. The PhD in applied mathematics program explores many applied mathematics topics. Research is conducted in areas of science, engineering, medicine, and business through interdisciplinary teams, as well as in the areas of concentration needed for the doctoral degree program. Students take part in research projects such as dynamical systems and chaos theory, stem cell research, computational number theory, optimal control and inverse problems, and antagonistic stochastic games, to name a few.

Full-pay tuition scholarships are available for full-time doctoral graduate research assistants.

High-Tech Laboratory Facilities

The facilities and resources available for doctoral students at Florida Tech include access to the engineering and science labs, four mathematics labs that feature advanced software such as Wolfram Mathematica, MATLAB, the R Project, Sage, and IBM SPSS. Additionally, the new computational mathematics and statistics research lab includes a 55-inch touchscreen Mondopad.

Great Location

Many doctoral students in the PhD in applied mathematics program are working professionals living in close proximity to the campus in Melbourne, Florida. The university is also a top pick among students around the world for its location within the Florida High Tech Corridor—home to more than 5,000 high-tech companies and the fifth largest high-tech workforce in the nation.


Graduates with a PhD in applied mathematics work in a variety of fields ranging from engineering and science to medicine and economics. Some examples of the organizations, corporations, and research institutes that hire mathematicians include government labs, electronics and computer manufacturers, medical device companies, and financial services firms.