Civil Engineering, Ph.D.

Civil Engineering, Ph.D.

The Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

Ph.D. in Civil EngineeringAfter receiving a Ph.D. in civil engineering from Florida Tech, graduates are able to use their subject matter expertise to embark on any number of civil engineering careers.

Students in Florida Tech's doctoral program experience an intimate learning environment where professors mentor and collaborate with students as professionals. Class sizes are small and students network with professors and classmates from around the world for a robust multicultural experience. The environment at Florida Tech promotes innovative, independent thinking to develop graduates with a Ph.D. in civil engineering who are positioned for leadership roles in engineering consulting companies, universities, and government organizations.

Florida Tech Develops Leaders

Students seeking a Ph.D. in civil engineering are dedicated researchers exploring topics currently important to the industry. Because of the multi-disciplinary nature of the research conducted at Florida Tech, students are knowledgeable professionals ready to immediately contribute in the workplace. The program prepares graduates for a career with advanced skills in mathematics, mechanics, materials, project management, leadership and ethics.

Professional, Experienced Faculty

All faculty members have experience in real-world design and research. Their collective experience covers a variety of pertinent engineering research topics from wind and seismic engineering, risk modeling, hydraulic engineering, and transportation to geotechnical engineering, waste water management and environmental engineering. Faculty are also doing exciting research in construction management, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering and water resources/environmental engineering.

Professors work closely with students working towards a Ph.D. in civil engineering to mentor their mastery of the curriculum and often collaborate on research projects. Through their strong personal and professional international experience in many different parts of the world including Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, Florida Tech's professors are able to share the values of cultural diversity within the workplace.

Degree Specialization

Six areas of specialization are offered to students earning a Ph.D. in civil engineering. Prior to beginning the program, candidates map out their own course of study with a faculty mentor whose professional field is aligned to the student's career goals and interests. Specializations include:

  • Construction Management

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Geotechnical Engineering

  • Structural Engineering

  • Transportation Engineering

  • Water Resources Engineering

Advanced Research Opportunities & Facilities

Hands-on experience is one of the most valuable parts of the experience at Florida Tech. Doctoral civil engineering students conduct extensive research, gaining real-world experience in and outside of the classroom.

High-tech laboratories and its position as a leading research university give Florida Tech a reputation as one of the best engineering schools in the country. Students have access to Wind and Hurricane Impacts Research Laboratory (WHIRL), Computer Aided Design (CAD) Laboratory, Surveying Materials, Hydraulics Laboratory, GeoMaterials Lab and more. These facilities support research in many disciplines and afford students seeking a Ph.D. in civil engineering every benefit to master cutting-edge curriculum and research methodology.

Students also collaborate with numerous organizations that provide research and employment opportunities including:

  • National Science Foundation

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency

  • Florida Department of Transportation

  • St. Johns River Water Management District

  • Florida Department of Community Affairs

  • Florida Sea Grant

  • Florida Department of Emergency Management

5,000 High-Tech Companies Waiting for You

Located in the heart of the Space Coast within the Florida High Tech Corridor, Florida Tech is amidst the fifth largest high-tech workforce in the country with over 5,000 high-tech companies. Many graduates with a Ph.D. in civil engineering choose to work for a state or local government where they design and oversee the construction of roads, buildings and bridges. Other work can also be found outside of government in the private sector at consulting or construction firms. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 7 percent employment growth for civil engineers between 2014 and 2024.