Industrial Organizational Psychology, Ph.D.

Industrial Organizational Psychology, Ph.D.

The Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology

PhD in Industrial Organizational ManagementIndustrial Organizational (I/O) psychologists help organizations better hire and manage employees using evidence-based tactics and scientific research data. They study issues relevant to today’s workplace regarding hiring, assessment, training, career development and work-life balance. This gives managers a more thorough understanding of how to create productive and enjoyable work environments and retain employees.

Students interested in this emerging career field often choose Florida Tech for a Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology due to the unique team-based research approach, multiple consulting and research centers and applied learning experience through a 300-hour practicum option.

The Best I/O Program Culture

In a study published by the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Florida Tech’s Ph.D. in industrial organizational psychology program is ranked as having the “best program culture”. In addition, the doctoral program is currently ranked in the top ten I/O programs in the country in student satisfaction. 

Small Class Sizes – Dedicated Faculty

The Ph.D. in industrial organizational psychology program at Florida Tech is a balanced scientist-practitioner curriculum, with team-based coursework and research projects. Small class sizes and close mentoring from faculty members allows one-on-one attention for students. I/O faculty are active researchers who work collaboratively with colleagues around the world and students in the doctoral program.   

Professional, Flexible Program 

The I/O curriculum is based on the standards developed by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The goal of Florida Tech’s Ph.D. in industrial organizational psychology program is to develop expert I/O psychologists who solve human challenges and consult with managers on the issues facing their organization. The program offers a concentration in international I/O psychology that prepares students to work and conduct research in multinational organizations focusing on cross-cultural theory, research design, international business and cultural competencies.

Research Opportunities

Florida Tech's foundation as a research university results in complex and well-rounded industrial organizational psychology programs that students can customize to their particular area of interest. Students earning a Ph.D. in industrial organizational psychology develop expertise through discussion of case studies, team research and consulting with businesses. Research topics can include feedback, emotions, motivation, culture, legal and more. Students are encouraged to publish and present their research at conferences and are frequent authors and co-authors of manuscripts. Doctoral students can also receive assistantships from Florida Tech to work with local organizations such as Harris Corp., Intersil, Disney and the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (location at Patrick Air Force Base).

Additional Resources

The Institute for Cross Cultural Management and The Center for Organizational Effectiveness provide students in the Ph.D. in industrial organizational psychology program with valuable real-world resources and hands-on activities. This could include development of training materials, research and other solutions that corporations use to better manage their employees and workplace.

Diverse Career Opportunities

Career opportunities with a Ph.D. in industrial organizational psychology are found in business, private consulting, research and academic environments. Jobs might also include employment in talent recruitment, coaching, assessment, training, certification, merit systems and efficiency. The United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics reports this to be one of the fastest growing occupations in the country (2015).