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Organizational Behavior Management, M.S.

Organizational Behavior Management, M.S.

Get a Master's in Organizational Behavior Management

Masters in Organizational Behavior Management

With an organizational behavior management master's degree, graduates use their expertise to help companies improve efficiency and increase employee productivity. Faced with operating in an increasingly competitive global economy, businesses of all sizes, including nonprofit groups and governmental organizations, seek consultants with organizational behavior management (OBM) training to evaluate corporate systems and staff using a behavioral scientific approach.

Florida Tech's organizational behavior management master's program is among only a few in the world that focuses on OBM principles. Graduates of the program have the skills and experience to either consult in a corporate environment or create their own firm. This specialized expertise addresses organizational efficiency and success, allowing graduates to:

Florida Tech also offers a master's degree that combines organizational behavior management with applied behavior management for a wider range of expertise.

Accredited Program

Students attending the organizational behavior management master's degree program at Florida Tech learn in an accredited program:

Why Pursue a Master's in Organizational Behavior Management at Florida Tech?

Students searching for graduate organizational behavior management programs will want to consider Florida Tech. The university holds the distinction of being one of the only master's degree programs in the study of organizational behavioral management (OBM). In addition, other colleges may not have attained the same prestigious accreditations as Florida Tech.

Dedicated Faculty

Not many OBM programs can offer the same esteemed faculty as Florida Tech. Professors in the OBM program are dedicated researchers and practitioners with a commitment to developing the applied behavior analysis (ABA) and OBM fields. The faculty is made up of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts® who provide one-on-one attention to students in a small group setting, working alongside them in research, client, and business interaction. The low student-to-faculty ratio encourages close collaboration and mentorship as well as individual creativity and leadership.

Florida Tech has more faculty teaching in the fields of organizational behavior management and ABA than other universities, with all core faculty board certified behavior analysts. Florida Tech's low student-to-faculty ratio encourages close collaboration and mentorship as well as individual creativity and leadership.

Students working towards an organizational behavior management master's degree develop their expertise through class discussions of case studies, involvement in research and internship opportunities, even participating in developing solutions for performance problems in organizations.

Professional Culture—Flexible Program

Florida Tech's organizational behavior management programs are made up of a diverse mix of working professionals and students from around the globe seeking higher-level management skills. Students who choose a master's in OBM build the foundation necessary to become a well-respected professional in the healthcare and business community. Students have the option of daytime, evening, and weekend class schedules and are in close proximity to a thriving medical community that provides internship and applied learning opportunities.

Research Opportunities

Working directly with clients from local companies and government organizations is one way that students apply classroom learning. These real-world experiences are what make the organizational behavior management programs at Florida Tech so valuable, because students get a head start on building a portfolio of consulting experience.

Additionally, many School of Psychology professors perform applied research outside of their teaching responsibilities, working in settings such as clinical treatment or organizational consulting. OBM students participate in this research, which gives students a chance they might not get at other organizational behavior management programs—the opportunity to publish articles in many respected journals (see below).

There are research centers and organizations located on and off campus including:

Expert Career Preparation

Career opportunities as an OBM graduate can vary as widely as your interests. Businesses ranging from local organizations to multinational Fortune 500 companies, as well as government organizations and nonprofit groups, employ Florida Tech OBM graduates as consultants, high-level managers, and executives. You can create your own firm or work internally for one of thousands of companies to improve employee and organizational efficiency.

What Organizational Behavior Management Research or Other Opportunities Can I Expect?

The mission of Florida Tech's master's in OBM is to give graduates the skills they need to help companies increase their productivity and improve the efficiency of their employees and systems.

The program is also designed with a wealth of hands-on learning activities, internships and assistantships that prepare students for BCBA certification. Florida Tech graduates have historically scored among the highest on the International Board Certification Exam in behavior analysis. This level of organizational behavior management training also prepares students to enter a doctoral program.

Master's in OBM students participate in behavior-based research projects under the mentorship of a faculty member. Florida Tech professors are published authors and experts on many facets of ABA and OBM. Because the field is still growing, many students conduct world-first research topics that can set them apart as thought-leaders on OBM issues. Some of the subjects you can study in organizational behavior management training include:

Scott Center for Autism Treatment

Located directly on Florida Tech's campus, the Scott Center for Autism Treatment specializes in working with children with autism and other related disorders. Internships are available for students who undertake OBM training, which includes analysis of internal processes for efficiency and evaluating staff for effectiveness.

The Society for Performance Management

This research center provides students an opportunity to discuss, research, and present projects on many areas of OBM. Students work with faculty, fellow graduate students and members of other universities around the country while in OBM training to learn ways to apply OBM principles to modern business scenarios. Students present at conferences and work with outside agencies to develop solutions for business challenges, including behavioral safety, direct-line supervision of employees, improving staff performance, reducing absenteeism, and staff training and development.

Portfolio of Published Articles

Outside of research and internships, graduate students undergoing organizational behavior management training often publish research in respected ABA journals, including the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavior Analysis in Practice, and Behavioral Interventions. Organizations and research centers, located both on and off campus, help students explore topics in OBM. Florida Tech's dedication to research and state-of-the-art facilities ensures that students graduating with a master's in OBM have a deeper understanding of the field and a portfolio of published work, real-world insights, and experience.

How Will a Master's Degree Benefit My Organizational Behavior Management Career?

What could my career look like with a degree in Organizational Behavior Management, M.S.?

A master's degree in OBM prepares individuals to become a BCBA, as well as an expert in helping companies identify the factors affecting productivity and efficiency.

Alumni with a master's in OBM from Florida Tech reside around the world, working in an organizational behavior management career as internal or external consultant for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government entities on a host of workplace topics from employee management, productivity, procedures, change management, and efficiency.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), provides detailed information about hundreds of occupations, including, entry-level education, overall working environment, and employment prospects. According to the bureau, overall employment in psychology, such as an organizational behavior management career, are projected to grow 12% through 2022.

Job options might include:

Doctoral Program

Graduates with a master's in OBM can proceed to an organizational behavior management career or enter Florida Tech's doctoral program in behavior analysis, ideal for students looking to pursue further study in this complex scientific study of human behavior.

Unlike other organizational behavior management programs, many Florida Tech students receive significant assistantships from the Scott Center for Autism Treatment—a world-renowned facility working with children with autism and other related disorders—that covers the majority of their academic costs. On average, graduates with a PhD have higher salaries and employment rates than those with a master's or bachelor's degree, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Doctoral graduates also continue into academia as professors to teach the next generation of students. For full-time doctoral graduate research assistants, full-pay tuition scholarships are available.