Corporate Relations

Florida Tech's Office of Sponsored Research simplifies mutually-beneficial relationships with companies to achieve business targets through research, recruiting, or employee development. Collaboration projects can be structured along multiple dimensions involving subjects that span the entire university, or can focus on a single subject.

Our Goal is to continue building strong relationships with our industry partners and your company’s priorities are at the heart of that relationship.

What Corporate Relations Can Do For Your Company:

  • Help you navigate Florida Tech.
  • Identify and match your company’s strategic interests to the university’s research, programs, initiatives, and talent.
  • Facilitate conversations and connections between university personnel and your company.
  • Organize conference calls and campus visits with appropriate university contacts.
  • Help design projects for specific results.
  • Formalize relationships and agreements.
  • Connect Internships programs
  • Engage with the university thru our research program
  • Conferences, events, and workshops
  • Education Programs for Executives and Employees
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