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Panther Peer Mentor Program

Program Overview

Starting college is a significant milestone in a student's life. However, it can also be challenging, especially for those away from their usual support systems. To help students navigate this transition, Florida Tech has introduced the Panther Peer Mentor Program (PMPP) to support students in their college journey!

In Fall 2023, Florida Tech's Student Affairs piloted PMPP with 20 mentor-mentee pairings and 61 total participants. PMPP pairs upper-level students who serve as mentors with new students or mentees. These pairs meet throughout each month based on their schedules and shared interests. Some partners catch up over meals at Panther Dining Hall, while others explore downtown Melbourne. This program offers a safe and supportive environment for mentees to ask questions, get advice, and seek guidance from their mentors.

For more information, please visit PMPP's Engage Page.

How to Get Involved

Current Florida Tech Students

Get involved by serving as a Peer Mentor during 2024-25 academic year! Applications are now open until June 30th. Apply today via our "2024 Peer Mentor Application" on Engage!

Incoming Florida Tech Students

Become a peer mentee and get connected! Applications for Peer Mentees will open July 15th on Engage. Want to get an email reminder once applications open? Sign up for our reminder via our "Want to get involved as a Peer Mentee?" form on Engage.

Graduates of the Panther Peer Mentor Program 2023-24

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