All Faiths Center

All Faiths Center

Looking up through a tree at the steeple and bells at the All Faiths CenterThe All Faiths Center is a space where students may go to practice their faith and explore their spiritual development. While spiritual development is seen to include the development of a set of principles, values, beliefs, and morals that support the search for meaning in life and provide a sense of purpose, this also connects to achieving spiritual wellness through attaining a connection with the community and things greater than the self. This, in turn, can provide greater clarity in addressing the challenges before us. In fact, spiritual development can empower students with tools with which they can overcome challenges in life such as the stressors one may find through university studies where they enter a new environment, meet new people, and engage in rigorous academic challenges.

Spiritual wellness is considered by many to be one of the eight key dimensions for the development of the whole self (see Dr. Margaret Swarbrick’s 8 Dimensions of Wellness). Swarbrick identifies the eight dimensions or realms for development and shares that wellness is “a conscious, deliberate process that requires a person to become aware of and make choices for a more satisfying lifestyle.”

Developing Spiritual Wellness

There are a number of ways to develop spiritual wellness (e.g. yoga and other mindfulness activities, artistic expression, etc.) that can be explored through Student Health & Wellness. The exploration of faith through religious practices is another fundamental way to explore and pursue one’s growth and development. 

Religious Programs

Location & Contact Information

3216 Engineering St., Melbourne, FL 32901

Please contact Student Affairs for more information.

A view of the All Faiths Center featuring its stained glass windows surrounded by lush greenery with its steeple in the background

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