Biomedical Engineering Certificate  

Upgrade your resume with our online certificate program. For students and professionals from any field.

This series of graduate-level professional development courses, composed of instructional modules, is designed to provide a comprehensive continuing education and online learning experience for graduate students (MS, MD, PhD or post-doctorates) and professionals working in the engineering and healthcare fields who seek to master the scientific and technical requirements to diagnose, reconstruct or regenerate the human body damaged or deteriorated due to age, disease or trauma.

Overseeing development of the program is world-renowned scientist Dr. Larry Hench, whose illustrious academic career includes the development of Bioglass®—the world’s first synthetic material capable of long-term bonding with living tissue—which has become an essential component of countless orthopedic devices and medical procedures, including bone grafting and regeneration procedures, medical implants, dental repair, and other orthopedic applications. Dr. Hench has received numerous international awards from prestigious scientific organizations, has published over 800 research papers and 30 books, and he currently holds 32 U.S. patents.

Learn from leaders in the field of biomedical engineering, such as Dr. Lucy Di Silvio of King’s College London, current president of the United Kingdom Society of Biomaterials with more than 18 years’ experience in the tissue engineering field, and Stephen Grobmyer, M.D., head of surgical oncology at the Cleveland Clinic and former professor of surgery at the University of Florida, who received the Lester Dragstedt Physician Scientist Award in 2010.

Choose from a wide variety of topics, including stem cell technology, nanotechnology in medicine, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, innovations in wound-care technology, and nanotoxicology, to name just a few.