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The Florida Tech Admission Team

Because Florida Tech is a small, private university, you can rely on your admission counselor to be there for you every step of the way. Reach out, get connected, ask your questions, and get to know us! Browse the list or type your location into the search bar to find your counselor.

Admission Counselors for Domestic Transfers

Name and PositionContactOnline ChatState and Territories
Stacy Raypole

Stacy Raypole
Associate Director of Admission

Phone: (321) 674-8028
Text: (321) 339-1030
Schedule a call with Stacy Raypole  Out of State (Outside FL) Transfers 

Robin Run

Robin Run
Associate Director of Transfer Admission

Phone: (321) 674-7711
Text: (321) 339-0190
Schedule a call with Robin Run  In-State Transfers 

Admission Counselors for International Students

Name and PositionContactOnline ChatStudent Last Names

Sofia Blasser

Sofia Blasser
Admission Counselor

Phone: (321) 674-7577
Text: (321) 339-0204
Schedule a call with Sofia Blasser Student Last Names A-M

Rebecca Colon

Rebecca Colon
Assistant Director of International Admission

Phone: (321) 674-8005
Text: (321) 339-0535
Schedule a call with Rebecca Colon Student Last Names N-Z

Admission Counselors for Graduate Students

Name and PositionContactOnline ChatStudent Last Names

Jennifer Groh

Jennifer Groh
Graduate Admission Counselor

Phone: (321) 674-8041
Text: (321) 339-0125
Schedule a call with Jennifer Groh Student Last Names A-M

Marivi Walker

Marivi Walker
Director of Graduate & International Admission

Phone: (321) 674-8322
Text: (321) 339-0993
Schedule a call with Marivi Walker Student Last Names N-Z

Admission Counselor for Dual Enrollment Students

Name and PositionContactOnline ChatType of Admission

Jessica Applewhite

Jessica Applewhite
Associate Director of Admission Event Management

Phone: (321) 674-8245
Text: (321) 339-1025
  Dual Enrollment


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