Academic Program Assessment Committee


Mission Statement:   The Academic Program Assessment Committee (APAC) is composed of representatives from academic colleges, online learning, and academic support services who oversee and assist academic units within the institution of Florida Institute of Technology with assessment pertaining to student learning and development. It serves to define and implement policies and procedures to maintain a robust academic assessment process, to review the quality of assessment plans submitted by units within academic colleges, and to report annually to the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) the status of the academic assessment process within the institution.

Vision Statement:  The APAC’s vision is to foster and sustain a productive academic-oriented culture of assessment at Florida Institute of Technology by emphasizing the positive outcomes of the assessment process on the betterment of academic programs and student development.

Goal Statements:

  1. To define, review, and implement policies and procedures that help maintain an academic assessment process at Florida Tech.
  2. To assist academic units with assessment of student learning and development by reviewing the quality of, and providing feedback on, their assessment plans.
  3. To advocate the hiring of qualified personnel in the areas of assessment and institutional effectiveness.
  4. To recommend appropriate actions to the Offices of the VPAA and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) that are critical for sustaining the assessment process and promoting the culture of assessment at Florida Tech.


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