Graduate Council

Committee Charge

Items typically reviewed by this committee include:

  • Adding a new graduate major or certificate program to the curriculum 
  • The addition of a new graduate course to the curriculum 
  • Changing co/pre-requisites or credits of a graduate course 
  • Changing graduation requirements in a graduate major 
  • Closing a graduate level program 
  • Appointing external/one-time/guest members/part-time faculty/faculty without terminal degree as Graduate Faculty 

2021-2022 Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Members


*If a vote results in a stalemate, the ex-officio members present will vote in the following order: First, the deans of the colleges will vote. If a tie vote still exists, chair of the Graduate Council will vote. An unbreakable tie defeats a motion. (See Graduate Policy 4.2.2)

College of Aeronautics (COA)

Nathan M. Bisk College of Business (COB)

College of Engineering and Science (COES)

College of Psychology and Liberal Arts (COPLA)

Office of Graduate Programs & Academic Program Assessment

2021-2022 Voting Members

College of Aeronautics

College of Business

College of Engineering and Science 

College of Psychology and Liberal Arts 

Standing Committees

Academic Misconduct Dismissal Appeals


Graduate Faculty Review


2021-2022 Council Meeting Dates and Deadlines


Meeting Schedule

1:00-2:00 PM on

Agenda Items Due
2021 Thursday, September 23

Thursday, September 16

Thursday, October 28 Thursday, October 14
Thursday, November 18                 

Thursday, November 4

Deadline for adding new graduate programs to 2022-2023  University Catalog

2022 Thursday, January 27

Thursday, January 13

Deadline for other curriculum changes to 2022-2023 University Catalog

Thursday, February 24 Thursday, February 10
Thursday, March 24

Thursday, March 10

Thursday, April 28 Thursday, April 14