Office of Graduate Programs

Office of Graduate Programs

Graduate Council

Chair: Dr. Michael Gallo, Professor, Aeronautics

Ex Officio Members

  • Dr. Raymond Bonhomme, Ed.D., Associate Provost for Graduate Programs
  • Dr. Richard Aronson, Department Head, Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences
  • Dr. Daniel Batcheldor, Department Head, Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences
  • Dr. Philip Bernhard, Department Head,  Computer Engineering and Sciences
  • Dr. Marco Carvalho, Dean, College of Engineering and Science
  • Dr. Ted Conway, Department Head, Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences
  • Dr. Korhan Oyman, Dean, College of Aeronautics
  • Dr. Ashok Pandit, Department Head, Mechanical and Civil Engineering 
  • Dr. Theodore Richardson, Dean, College of Business
  • Dr. Lisa Steelman, Dean, College of Psychology and Liberal Arts
  • Dr. Munevver Mine Subasi, Department Head, Mathematical Sciences
  • Dr. Robert Taylor, Head, School of Arts and Communication
  • Dr. Nicholas Weatherly , Head, School of Behavior Analysis

Voting Members

College of Engineering and Science

  • Dr. William Allen, Computer Engineering and Sciences
  • Dr. Christopher Bashur, Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences
  • Dr. Charles Bostater, Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences
  • Dr. Tariel Kiguradze, Mathematical Sciences
  • Dr.  Jean Perez, Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences
  • Dr. Yahya Sharaf-Eldeen, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Science

College of Psychology and Liberal Arts

  • Dr. Heidi Edwards, Arts and Communication
  • Dr. Victoria Follette, Psychology
  • Dr. Jose Martinez-Diaz, Behavior Analysis

College of Aeronautics

  • Dr. Deborah Carstens

College of Business

  • Dr. Enrique Perez

Department of Extended Studies

  • Dr. Nick Daher


Standing Committees

Academic Misconduct Dismissal Appeals

  • Dr. Christopher Bashur
  • TBA.
  • Dr. Deborah Carstens
  • Dr. Jose Martinez-Diaz
  • Dr. Enrique Perez


  • Dr. William Allen
  • Dr. Deborah Carstens
  • Dr. Nick Daher
  • Dr. Heidi Edwards
  • Dr. Enrique Perez

Graduate Faculty Review

  • Dr. Heidi Edwards
  • Dr. Enrique Perez 
  • Dr. Jean Perez


Graduate Graduate Council Calendar - 2018/2020

Graduate Council Calendar 2018-2020

2018/2019 Council Meeting Dates and Deadlines

Council Meeting Dates and Deadlines
 Meeting Date 1:00 PM on:Material must be received in Office of Graduate Programs by:
2018 Thursday, September 20

Thursday, September 6

Thursday, October 18 Thursday, October 4
Thursday, November 15

Thursday, November 1

2019 Thursday, January 17 Thursday, January 3.  Note: Deadline for changes to 2019-2020 University Catalog
Thursday, February 21 Thursday, February 7
Thursday, March 28

Thursday, March 14

Thursday, April 18 Thursday, April  4

Meeting Minutes











Curriculum Tools

Guidelines for Submitting Documents to OGP for Graduate Council Meetings Use these guidelines to assist in preparing materials for submission to Graduate Council.

Changing the Requirements of a Course

Changing Graduation Requirements in a Major/Minor

Adding a New Course to the Curriculum

Add A New Concentration or Specialization
Use this form to add a concentration or specialization to an existing program

Adding a New Major/Minor to the Curriculum

New Program Financial Information Template
Use this template and the New Program Process and Guidelines when proposing a new program.

New Program Process and Guidelines
Use these guidelines and the New Program Financial Information template when proposing a new program. Additional pages may be used for any/all of the sections and all additional paperwork, including that for new courses, should be attached when submitting.