Graduate Council

Committee Charge

Items typically reviewed by this committee include:

  • Adding a new graduate major or certificate program to the curriculum 
  • The addition of a new graduate course to the curriculum 
  • Changing co/pre-requisites or credits of a graduate course 
  • Changing graduation requirements in a graduate major 
  • Closing a graduate level program 
  • Appointing external/one-time/guest members/part-time faculty/faculty without terminal degree as Graduate Faculty 

2021-2022 Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Members

College of Aeronautics (COA)

Nathan M. Bisk College of Business (COB)

College of Engineering and Science (COES)

College of Psychology and Liberal Arts (COPLA)

Office of Graduate Programs & Academic Program Assessment

Graduate Council Chair*: 

*If a vote results in a stalemate, the ex-officio members present will vote in the following order: First, the deans of the colleges will vote. If a tie vote still exists, chair of the Graduate Council will vote. An unbreakable tie defeats a motion. (See Graduate Policy 4.2.2)

2021-2022 Voting Members

College of Aeronautics

College of Business

College of Engineering and Science 

College of Psychology and Liberal Arts 

Standing Committees

Academic Misconduct Dismissal Appeals


Graduate Faculty Review


2021-2022 Council Meeting Dates and Deadlines


Meeting Schedule

1:00-2:00 PM on

Agenda Items Due
2021 Thursday, September 23

Thursday, September 16

Thursday, October 28 Thursday, October 14
Thursday, November 18                 

Thursday, November 4

Deadline for adding new graduate programs to 2022-2023  University Catalog

2022 Thursday, January 27

Thursday, January 13

Deadline for other curriculum changes to 2022-2023 University Catalog

Thursday, February 24 Thursday, February 10
Thursday, March 24

Thursday, March 10

Thursday, April 28 Thursday, April 14