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Research Stories

Prime Examples of: Creativity
Particularly at Florida Tech, a hub of innovation and forward-thinking, creativity permeates everything. Here are a few Prime Examples.
Exploring the Emotional Effects of Covering Traumatic News Events
School of Arts and Communication associate professor Ted Petersen shares insight from his research on journalists who cover mass shootings.
Classes, Concert for Brass and Rhythm Day Sept. 25 at Florida Tech
The classes and concert, hosted by Director of Bands and accomplished trumpeter Joseph Montelione, are free and open to the public.
Dylan Song Recorded at Florida Tech Gets International Mention
The version of "Ballad in Plain D" from pianist Paul Anquez and vocalist Isabel Sörling was the "most memorable," a journalist says.
Learning Outside the Classroom
Never bound to a classroom, active learning is part of the Florida Tech experience for all students, no matter their field of study.
Marshall Project Reporter Headlines Free Speech Week Feb. 22-24
Additional Free Speech Week events include the “Free Speech, Free Press, Free Cookies” wall on Feb. 22 and “Live Free or Eat Free” on Feb. 24.
COPLA News Roundup
A roundup of news, announcements and more from the faculty and staff of the College of Psychology and Liberal Arts.
Student Anesti Vega Named Sea Hero of the Year
He will use the $5,000 in prize money to seed two annual dive certification scholarships at the Diversity in Aquatics organization.
The Quiet Impact
Wherever you look, Panthers are there, driving the technology and processes that drive society.
NPR Science Correspondent Joe Palca Headlines Florida Tech Free Speech Week
The event features free public lectures and discussions Feb. 17-18 on the First Amendment and the value of journalism.
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