Photo Name Title Contact Department Keywords
Ugur G. Abdulla Abdulla, Ugur G. Professor
+1 (321) 674-8765
Mathematical Sciences partial differential equations, potential theory, nonlinear PDEs, free boundary problems, optimal control and inverse problems, dynamical systems and chaos theory, probabilistic potential theory
Andrew  Aberdein Aberdein, Andrew Professor
+1 (321) 674-8368
School of Arts and Communication applied philosophy, argumentation theory, epistemology, logical pluralism, mathematical practice, non-classical logics, persuasive definition, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of science, theory change in the formal sciences, virtue
Richard J. Addante Addante, Richard J. Assistant Professor
raddante@fit.edu School of Psychology Cognitive neuroscience studies of memory, metacognition, and brain states, psychology of long duration space travel, psychology of isolation & confinement in extreme environments.
Boris  Akhremitchev Akhremitchev, Boris Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8587
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences:
Hussam  Alhamza Alhamza, Hussam Adjunct Faculty
halhamza@fit.edu Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences:
William  Allen Allen, William Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8856
Computer Engineering and Sciences computer and network security, usable security, intrusion detection and prevention, computer forensics
Kyle  Allison Allison, Kyle Adjunct Faculty
kallison@fit.edu Nathan M. Bisk College of Business
Georgios  Anagnostopoulos Anagnostopoulos, Georgios Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7125
Computer Engineering and Sciences machine learning, pattern recognition, data mining, artificial neural networks, kernel methods, evolutionary computation
Patrick J Aragon Aragon, Patrick J Assistant Professor
Assistant Director of Clinical Training
+1 (321) 674-8591
School of Psychology Aragon, Drugs and Alcohol, business of psychology, clinical psychology,Psy.D.
Mark  Archambault Archambault, Mark Associate Professor
Assistant Dean of Academics
+1 (321) 674-7749
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences fluid dynamics, spray and particulate dynamics, propulsion, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), combustion modeling
Aldo Fabregas Ariza Ariza, Aldo Fabregas Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7184
Computer Engineering and Sciences
Richard  Aronson Aronson, Richard Department Head
+1 (321) 674-8034
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences Acropora, Antarctica, Belize, benthic ecology, biotic homogenization, Caribbean, climate change, coral disease, coral reefs, eastern Pacific, El Niño, ENSO, ice-shelf collapse, invasive species, marine conservation, marine protected areas, MPA, paleontology, Panama, polar biology, predation, salt marshes, white-band disease, WBD
William  Arrasmith Arrasmith, William Professor
+1 (321) 674-8818
Computer Engineering and Sciences infrared systems, laser detection systems, non-linear optics, multi-phenomenological sensors, cellular neural networks
Marc  Baarmand Baarmand, Marc Professor
+1 (321) 674-7266
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences Top Quark, Bottom Quark, Higgs Boson, Charged Higgs, CERN, CMS, Fermilab, D-Zero, High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning
Vee  Babajanyan Babajanyan, Vee Adjunct Faculty
Manager of Structural Analysis Engineering at NGC
aerospace13@Gmail.com Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences
Baika, Gabriella  Baika Baika, Baika, Gabriella Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7357
School of Arts and Communication romance languages, medieval philosophy, ethics of speech, Dante, Jean de Meun
Mary  Barker Barker, Mary Associate / Assistant Dean
+1 (321) 674-7536
Library Library Systems, Discovery, Electronic Resources
John  Barranti Barranti, John Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8806
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business
Christopher  Bashur Bashur, Christopher Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8488
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: cardiovascular tissue engineering, tissue vascularization, scaffold fabrication and characterization, cell-microenvironment interactions, modulating graft-induced host response
Daniel  Batcheldor Batcheldor, Daniel Visiting Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8098
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences Extreme contrast ratio Imaging, regolith simulants, Moon, Mars.
LuAnn  Bean Bean, LuAnn Professor
+1 (321) 674-7374
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business accounting standards, fraud examination, auditing, internal audit, financial accounting, corporate governance
Annie  Becker Becker, Annie Emeritus Faculty
+1 (321) 674-8221
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business entrepreneurship, contract management, assistive technologies, women-owned small businesses, web usability, social media, online privacy, ecommerce
Demara B. Bennett Bennett, Demara B. Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8106
School of Psychology Pediatric evaluation and diagnosis, trauma, child maltreatment
Danita  Berg Berg, Danita Assistant Professor
Online Chair
dberg@fit.edu School of Arts and Communication composition, creative writing, online learning, pedagogy, liberal studies
Philip  Bernhard Bernhard, Philip Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7294
Computer Engineering and Sciences database systems, spatial databases, benchmarking, performance tuning, NoSQL, big data, theory of computation, computational complexity
Siddhartha  Bhattacharyya Bhattacharyya, Siddhartha Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7473
Computer Engineering and Sciences High Assurance, Formal Methods, Intelligent Autonomous Systems, Model-Based Engineering, Smart Connected Systems
Elbert  Blakely Blakely, Elbert Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8104
School of Psychology self control, conditioned reinforcement, behavior momentum, behavioral pharmacology, conceptual issues
Joel  Blatt Blatt, Joel Emeritus Faculty
Florida Institute of Technology interferometry, machine/robot vision, applied optics
Albert  Bleakley Bleakley, Albert Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8450
Mechanical and Civil Engineering materials, structures, management, leadership, construction, disaster response, safety
Melissa  Borgen Borgen, Melissa Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7133
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: Biological Sciences, Neuroscience, Neurobiology, Genetics, Molecular Biology
Charles  Bostater Bostater, Charles Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7113
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences hyperspectral remote sensing, physical and environmental oceanography, coastal aquatic systems, geophysical mesoscale fluids modeling
William  Bowman Bowman, William Librarian
Engineering and Science Librarian
+1 (321) 674-8044
Library Reference Service, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Physics, Aerospace Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Open Educational Resources
Dr. Ingrid  Bradley Bradley, Dr. Ingrid Instructor
+1 (321) 674-8197
School of Arts and Communication scientific, technical and business communication, public relations, strategic communications
James  Brenner Brenner, James Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7560
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: hydrogen purifiers, hydrogen sensors, nanotechnology, gene gun, gold nanoparticles, tissue scaffolding, 3-D printing, rapid prototyping, root cause analysis, cryogenic embrittlement, failure analysis
Lexi  Brewer Brewer, Lexi Instructor
asoya@fit.edu School of Arts and Communication TESOL, ESL, English, Bridge, English Writing Review
Alan B. Brown Brown, Alan B. Professor
+1 (321) 674-7433
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: physical-organic chemistry, sensor science, applied NMR spectroscopy, aromaticity, applied theoretical chemistry, heterocycles, photochemistry
Kenia  Nunes Bruhn Bruhn, Kenia Nunes Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7134
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences:
Vladislav  Bukshtynov Bukshtynov, Vladislav Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7157
Mathematical Sciences
 Kevin R. Burke Burke, Kevin R. Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7165
School of Arts and Communication video game music, opera reception studies, music and social protest, music history pedagogy, instructional technology
Gary  Burns Burns, Gary Professor
I/O Chair
+1 (321) 674-7316
School of Psychology recruitment, assessment, selection, performance management, statistics
Darrell Norman Burrell Burrell, Darrell Norman Assistant Professor
dburrell@fit.edu Nathan M. Bisk College of Business
Mark  Bush Bush, Mark Professor
+1 (321) 674-7166
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences Andes, applied ecology, biodiversity, cloud forest, conservation, fossil pollen, paleoecology, plant community ecology, pre-columbian ecosystems, tropical forests
Saida  Caballero-Nieves Caballero-Nieves, Saida Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7594
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences massive stars, binaries, adaptive optics, Hubble Space Telescope
Meredith  Carroll Carroll, Meredith Professor
+1 (321) 674-8374
College of Aeronautics decision making, training and assessment, stress and resilience, physiological assessment, perceptual skills, cognitive and affective state, behavioral and physiological assessment, adaptive training, return on training investment, training fidelity analysis, cognition and learning, human machine teaming, autonomous systems, unmanned aircraft systems, urban air mobility
Debbie  Carstens Carstens, Debbie Professor
Graduate Program Chair
+1 (321) 674-8820
College of Aeronautics human performance, human factors, industrial engineering, project management, cybersecurity, privacy, work design, process modeling, usability, human-computer interaction, task analysis, error analysis, transfer of training, project management, UAS, mobile computing, social media
Marco  Carvalho Carvalho, Marco Executive Vice President and Provost
L3Harris Chair
+1 (321) 674-7150
Florida Institute of Technology
Annie  Caza Caza, Annie Instructor
+1 (321) 674-8246
School of Arts and Communication English, E.S.L., F.S.L., French, foreign languages, writing, reading, diversity, cultural acceptance. social media, running,
Jeffrey D  Cerny Cerny, Jeffrey D Assistant Professor
jcerny@fit.edu Nathan M. Bisk College of Business Eglin Education Center, Innovation Leadership, Technology Management, Business Development, Advanced Systems Concepts, Educational Technologies, Military Interfaces, Strategic Marketing, and Advanced Program Management.
Karen  Chambliss Chambliss, Karen Instructor
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business Finance
Philip  Chan Chan, Philip Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7280
Computer Engineering and Sciences machine learning and data mining, scalable adaptive methods, intrusion detection, web personalization
Felipa  Chavez Chavez, Felipa Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7108
School of Psychology
Venkat Keshav Chivukula Chivukula, Venkat Keshav Assistant Professor
vchivukula@fit.edu Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: cardiovascular disease, fluid mechanics, multi scale modeling, computational fluid dynamics, blood flow, translational research, heart failure, stroke, patient-based modeling
Christopher  Chouinard Chouinard, Christopher Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8173
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: Analytical chemistry, mass spectrometry (MS), ion mobility-mass spectrometry (IM-MS), performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) and anti-doping science, environmental analysis
David  Clapp Clapp, David Emeritus Faculty
Florida Institute of Technology project management, industrial engineering, health and safety in the workplace
Travis  Conradt Conradt, Travis Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8122
School of Psychology
Patrick  Converse Converse, Patrick Professor
+1 (321) 674-7702
School of Psychology work motivation, personnel selection, personality, organizational training, research methods
Paul  Cosentino Cosentino, Paul Professor
+1 (321) 674-7555
Mechanical and Civil Engineering fiber-optic sensors, highways, instrumentation, landfills, pavements, pore water pressure, pressuremeter, weigh-in-motion, vehicle classification, geotechnical
Julie  Costopoulos Costopoulos, Julie Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8358
School of Psychology criminal behavior, sexually violent predators, competency, sanity, psychopathology, deviance, psychoanalytic theory
Melissa  Crofton Crofton, Melissa Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8281
School of Arts and Communication Shakespeare, Reformation, spiritual texts of devotion, British women writers, Chaucer, Tolkien
Andrew B. Cudmore Cudmore, Andrew B. Professor
+1 (321) 674-7170
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business CSR, innovation, brand image, sustainability, package design, sports marketing
Dr. Nick Najy  Daher Daher, Dr. Nick Najy Associate Professor
ndaher@fit.edu Nathan M. Bisk College of Business
Toby S.  Daly-Engel Daly-Engel, Toby S. Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-6155
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences Reproduction, speciation, dispersal, climate change, molecular ecology, sexual conflict, evolutionary genetics, habitat use, and conservation
John  Deaton Deaton, John Professor
+1 (321) 674-7474
College of Aeronautics
Ivonne  A. Delgado Perez Delgado Perez, Ivonne A. Associate Professor
Academic Chair, Online Programs Management
+1 (321) 674-8223
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business
Arvind  Dhople Dhople, Arvind Emeritus Faculty
+1 (321) 674-0000
College of Engineering and Science microbial nutrition, microbial growth, food microbiology, drug development, leprosy, tuberculosis
Elizabeth  Dopira Dopira, Elizabeth Instructor
+1 (321) 674-8088
School of Arts and Communication vocal performance, classical vocal technique, singing in Italian, singing in French, singing in German, opera history
Natalie  Dorfeld Dorfeld, Natalie Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7605
School of Arts and Communication Safe Zone, First Year Composition, Grammar, ESL Pedagogy, Narrative Theory, Contemporary Poetry, Multiple Intelligences, Cover Letters, Resumes, Environmental Literature, and New Faculty Majority
Jeffrey  Dories Dories, Jeffrey Assistant Professor
jdories@fit.edu School of Arts and Communication
Jewgeni  Dshalalow Dshalalow, Jewgeni Professor
+1 (321) 674-8579
Mathematical Sciences stochastic processes, abstract analysis, random measures, biomathematics, queueing, stochastic games, stochastic finance, cancer research
Jian  Du Du, Jian Associate Professor
Program Chair of Applied Mathematics
+1 (321) 674-8912
Mathematical Sciences mathematical biology, fluid dynamics, scientific computing, numerical analysis
Samuel  Durrance Durrance, Samuel Professor
+1 (321) 674-7313
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences
Amitabh  Dutta Dutta, Amitabh Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7393
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business Investments, macroeconomics, diversity, corporate finance, portfolio management, microeconomics, financial markets
Jeff A. Eble Eble, Jeff A. Research Assistant Professor
jeble@fit.edu Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences eDNA, DNA barcoding, metabarcoding, conservation genetics, phylogeography, coral reef ecology, larval dispersal
Vanessa  Edkins Edkins, Vanessa Department Head
+1 (321) 674-7612
School of Psychology plea bargaining, forensic psychology, jury research
Heidi Hatfield Edwards Edwards, Heidi Hatfield Professor
+1 (321) 674-7492
School of Arts and Communication communication, corporate social responsibility, health communication, public relations, qualitative research methods
Kenneth J. Ernandes Ernandes, Kenneth J. Adjunct Faculty
kernandes@fit.edu Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences orbital mechanics, attitude dynamics
 Thomas  Eskridge Eskridge, Thomas Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7455
Computer Engineering and Sciences Human-Centered Design, Information Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Cognitive Science
Philip  Farber Farber, Philip Emeritus Faculty
+1 (321) 674-7119
College of Psychology and Liberal Arts existential/humanistic models in clinical psychology, personality assessment, clinical training issues
Jonathan K. Fernand Fernand, Jonathan K. Assistant Professor
jfernand@fit.edu School of Behavior Analysis
Mary Caitlin Fertitta Fertitta, Mary Caitlin Visiting Assistant Professor
mfertitta@fit.edu College of Psychology and Liberal Arts
Tristan J Fiedler Fiedler, Tristan J Faculty
Seminar Coordinator & Federal Government Programs Manager
+1 (321) 674-7723
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: biological sciences, export control, animal care & use, classified research, federal research programs, Department of Defense, federal government relations, corporate relations, sponsored programs, genetics, genomics, bioinformatics, undergraduate biological education, biological software development, marine biology & biochemistry. updated 16 August 2021
Spencer  Fire Fire, Spencer Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7138
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences harmful algae, HABs, marine mammals, biotoxins, brevetoxin, saxitoxin, domoic acid
David  Fleming Fleming, David Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7241
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences composite structures, crashworthiness, finite element method, structural mechanics
 Timothy  Fletcher Fletcher, Timothy Director
+1 (321) 674-8930
Research anchorage, scientific diving, marine
Victoria  Follette Follette, Victoria Professor
Clinical Psychology Psy.D. Program Chair
+1 (321) 674-8105
School of Psychology
Samantha  Fowler Fowler, Samantha Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8141
Mathematical Sciences socioscientific reasoning, socioscientific issues, biology education, evolution education, informed decision-making, functional scientific literacy, science education, sociocultural views on science
Austin  Fox Fox, Austin Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7463
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences nutrients, eutrophication, nitrogen, phosphorus, flux, trace metals, mercury, biomagnification, muck
Gregory A. D. Fox Fox, Gregory A. D. Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7629
College of Aeronautics Aeronautics, Aviation Safety Management
Robert  Fronk Fronk, Robert Emeritus Faculty
fronk@fit.edu College of Engineering and Science assessment, computer education, instructional technology, teacher education
Charles  Fulton Fulton, Charles Emeritus Faculty
Mathematical Sciences differential Equations, Sturm-Liouville problem, numerical linear algebra, high performance and parallel computing
Mary Ann  Gaal Gaal, Mary Ann Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8473
Mechanical and Civil Engineering engineering management, construction management, leadership, creativity
William  Gabrenya Gabrenya, William Emeritus Faculty
+1 (321) 674-8879
School of Psychology overseas adjustment, cross-cultural psychology, social class, cross-cultural organizational psychology
Keith  Gallagher Gallagher, Keith Emeritus Faculty
kgallagher@fit.edu Florida Institute of Technology software maintenance and evolution, program slicing, software testing, software engineering, ethical issues in computing
Michael  Gallo Gallo, Michael Emeritus Faculty
gallo@fit.edu College of Aeronautics mathematics education, aviation statistics, aviation research
Rolanda  Gallop Gallop, Rolanda Instructor
+1 (321) 674-8148
School of Arts and Communication
Konstantin  Gamayunov Gamayunov, Konstantin Research Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7293
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences space physics, space weather, solar wind, heliospheric physics, Earth's magnetospheric physics, plasma kinetics, linear and nonlinear plasma waves, solar-terrestrial interaction, magnetic reconnection, plasma instabilities, magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling, modeling and simulation of space plasma
Weinan  Gao Gao, Weinan Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7406
Mechanical and Civil Engineering Control and Robotics, Reinforcement Learning, Adaptive Dynamic Programming, Output Regulation, Optimal Control, Cooperative Control, Connected Vehicles & Autonomous Vehicles
Nancy  Garmer Garmer, Nancy Interim Dean
Program Coordinator, QEP II: Cultural Competency Certificate
+1 (321) 674-7542
Library user experience, UX, cultural competency, public services, instruction, research, graduate student services, sustainability, GradTrack, diversity, equity and inclusion, DEI
James  Gering Gering, James Instructor
+1 (321) 674-7106
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences technology in education, space technology, physics education, laboratory management, laboratory instruction
William  Girton Girton , William Instructor
+1 (321) 674-7640
Mathematical Sciences differential equations , difference equations , financial mathematics
Kaitlynn Mary Gokey Gokey, Kaitlynn Mary Assistant Professor
KGokey2010@my.fit.edu School of Behavior Analysis
Jonathan  Goldfarb Goldfarb, Jonathan Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8157
Mathematical Sciences
Richard  Griffith Griffith, Richard Professor
+1 (321) 674-8872
School of Psychology cross cultural competence, global leadership, cross cultural management, international I/O psychology, applicant faking, personality measurement
Julia  Grimwade Grimwade, Julia Emeritus Faculty
grimwade@fit.edu Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: Biological Sciences, molecular biology, DNA replication, bacterial growth regulation, identification of novel antibiotic targets
Linxia  Gu Gu, Linxia Professor
+1 (321) 674-8447
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: structure-function relationship of artery, brain, and eye; bioresorbable stent optimization; computational biomechanics; biomaterial testing and design
Diego  L.  Guarín Guarín, Diego L. Assistant Professor
dguarinlopez@fit.edu Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: Machine learning, Deep learning, Neurological Diseases, Facial Analysis, Motor Control
Eric  Guisbert Guisbert, Eric Associate Professor
Program Chair, Biomedical Sciences
+1 (321) 674-7135
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences:
Karen Kim Guisbert Guisbert, Karen Kim Research Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7135
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: RNA biology, gene regulation, genetics, genomics, splicing, cancer, heat shock regulation, drug discovery, Dept of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences
Scott A. Gustafson Gustafson, Scott A. Professor
Director, Community Psychological Services
+1 (321) 674-3736
School of Psychology
Hector  Gutierrez Gutierrez, Hector Professor
+1 (321) 674-7321
Mechanical and Civil Engineering motion control, nonlinear control, mechatronics, proximity operations, vision-based navigation, control of flexible structures, Monte Carlo methods for GPU computing, electrodynamic magnetic suspension
Arthur  Gutman Gutman, Arthur Emeritus Faculty
School of Psychology applied statistics, EEO law, personnel psychology, program evaluation, research design
Edward  Haberek Jr. Haberek Jr., Edward Associate Professor
ehaberek@fit.edu Nathan M. Bisk College of Business marketing, advertising, digital marketing, consumer behavior, strategy, sales, business ethics, organizational behavior, change management, employee development, training and development, workforce development, leadership development, internships, management, curriculum management, interdisciplinary, business disciplines, business education, public administration, and higher education
Kastro  Hamed Hamed, Kastro Professor
+1 (321) 674-7206
Mathematical Sciences
Thomas  Harrell Harrell , Thomas Emeritus Faculty
no-reply@fit.edu College of Psychology and Liberal Arts illness management, fatigue management, cognitive-behavioral therapy, integrated behavioral healthcare, clinical psychology
David  Harris Harris, David Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7528
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences
John G. Harris Harris, John G. Dean
+1 (321) 674-8020
College of Engineering and Science
Mark T. Harvey Harvey, Mark T. Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7701
School of Behavior Analysis behavior analysis, autism, BCBA, developmental disabilities, sleep, bio-behavioral
Xiang  He He, Xiang Assistant Professor
xhe@fit.edu Mechanical and Civil Engineering
Kristin  Heifner Heifner, Kristin Librarian
+1 (321) 674-8839
Marcus  Hohlmann Hohlmann, Marcus Professor
+1 (321) 674-7275
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences Experimental particle physics, High Energy Physics (HEP), Nuclear physics, CMS & PHENIX experiments, Electron Ion Collider, RD51 collaboration, Searches for dark matter particles, Gaseous particle detectors, Micropattern gas detectors (MPGDs), Muon detectors, Muon tomography, Grid computing and simulations, QuarkNet outreach
Andrew John Houvouras Houvouras, Andrew John Director
+1 (321) 674-7314
School of Behavior Analysis
Pei-feng  Hsu Hsu, Pei-feng Professor
+1 (321) 674-7246
Mechanical and Civil Engineering combustion, energy systems, heat transfer, pulsed laser applications, thermal radiation transport processes, thermal barrier coatings
Kelli  Hunsucker Hunsucker, Kelli Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8437
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences biofouling, biofilms, hydrodynamics of marine biofilms, diatom settlement on anthropogenic surfaces, benthic ecology, coastal water quality, eco-engineering, marine education
Keiron  Hylton Hylton, Keiron Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7332
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, intellectual property, philosophy of education, leadership, strategic planning, corporate strategy and governance, growth models, mergers, acquisitions
 Trudie  Infantini Infantini, Trudie Instructor
+1 (321) 674-8817
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business
Sharon  Irvin Irvin , Sharon Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7380
School of Arts and Communication communication (technical), editing, composition, document design, training
Reza  Jahanbakhshi Jahanbakhshi, Reza Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8174
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences Fluid mechanics, High-speed flows, Turbulent flows, Transition to turbulence, Combustion
Paul  Jennings Jennings, Paul Emeritus Faculty
+1 (321) 674-7561
Florida Institute of Technology membrane separation, process modeling, water treatment, bioreactor design
Kevin B. Johnson Johnson, Kevin B. Professor
Program Chair for Environmental Science, Oceanography, Environmental Resource Management, Meteorology, Sustainability, and related majors
+1 (321) 674-7186
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences benthic ecology, estuarine restoration, seagrass ecology, harmful algal blooms, oyster settlement, meroplankton, settlement and metamorphosis, larval ecology, mortality, distribution and transport
Jim  Jones Jones, Jim Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7230
Mathematical Sciences computational mathematics, parallel computing, numerical solution of PDEs, multigrid methods, numerical analysis
Lars  Jones Jones, Lars Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8089
School of Arts and Communication art history, Renaissance, Middle Ages
Ulreen  Jones Jones , Ulreen Dean
+1 (321) 674-8971
College of Aeronautics airport, management, terminal, flight operations, flight safety, airspace, general aviation, aircraft activity, air traffic control, planning
Mariana  Juras Juras, Mariana Assistant Professor
mjuras@fit.edu School of Psychology
Sheryl J Kae Kae, Sheryl J Adjunct Faculty
skae@fit.edu Nathan M. Bisk College of Business
Edward  Kalajian Kalajian, Edward Emeritus Faculty
Florida Institute of Technology ash stabilization, pile foundations, geotechnical, concrete, recycled materials
Mehdi  Karimi Karimi, Mehdi Visiting Assistant Professor
karimim@fit.edu Mathematical Sciences
Tamas  Kasza Kasza , Tamas Adjunct Faculty
no-reply@fit.edu Florida Institute of Technology wireless networks, wireless protocols, indoor wireless localization
Mehmet  Kaya Kaya, Mehmet Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7147
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: cardiovascular research, biomedical signal processing, hemodynamics, computer modeling, biomedical instrumentation, medical devices, ultrasound imaging and therapeutics, ultrasound contrast agents, physiological sensors, biosensors
Bob  Keimer Keimer , Bob Assistant Professor
Program Chair
+1 (321) 674-7432
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business innovation, entrepreneurship, business start-ups, management
Veton  Kepuska Kepuska, Veton Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7183
Computer Engineering and Sciences neural networks, language modeling, digital signal processing, biometrics, adaptive filtering, telematics, speech recognition, speaker identification, pattern recognition, text to speech
Tariel  Kiguradze Kiguradze , Tariel Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8090
Mathematical Sciences nonlinear differential equations, hyperbolic systems, nonlinear wave equations, boundary value problems
Ralph  Kimberlin Kimberlin , Ralph Professor
+1 (321) 674-7042
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences
Michael  King King, Michael Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8636
Computer Engineering and Sciences
Daniel  Kirk Kirk, Daniel Professor
+1 (321) 674-7622
College of Engineering and Science air-breathing, rocket propulsion, fluid mechanics, compressible flow, internal flows, thermodynamics, combustion, heat transfer
Brian  Kish Kish, Brian Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7042
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences flight test, flight research, eVTOL, controls, avionics, aircraft performance, aircraft stability, flying qualities, handling qualities, fly-by-wire, propulsion
 Vipuil  Kishore Kishore, Vipuil Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8847
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: biomaterial development, cell-material interactions, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine
Vicky  Knerly Knerly , Vicky Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-1581
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business
Andy  Knight Knight, Andy Professor
+1 (321) 674-8175
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: inorganic chemistry, catalysis, organometallic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, biological and chemical defense, green technologies
Ivica  Kostanic Kostanic, Ivica Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7189
Computer Engineering and Sciences neural networks, interference cancellation, digital signal processing, cellular systems, RF propogation, wireless communication, wireless sensor networks
Jay  Kovats Kovats, Jay Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7756
Mathematical Sciences fully nonlinear elliptic equations, Isaacs equations
Samuel  Kozaitis Kozaitis, Samuel Professor
+1 (321) 674-7312
Computer Engineering and Sciences image processing, signal denoising, automated feature extraction
Suzanne  Kozaitis Kozaitis, Suzanne Librarian
+1 (321) 674-7413
Library library services, collection development, scholarly communications
 Radhika  Krishnamurthy Krishnamurthy, Radhika Professor
+1 (321) 674-7545
School of Psychology personality assessment, psychological assessment competencies
Amy Lynn Laakman Laakman, Amy Lynn Instructor
+1 (321) 674-7221
School of Arts and Communication
Brian  Lail Lail, Brian Professor
+1 (321) 674-8121
Computer Engineering and Sciences computational electromagnetics, antennas, frequency selective surfaces, antenna-coupled sensors, nanoscale arrays, phonon polaritons
Maria  Lavooy Lavooy, Maria Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8178
College of Psychology and Liberal Arts
Steven  Lazarus Lazarus, Steven Professor
+1 (321) 674-2160
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences SST analysis, mesoscale predictability, coastal meteorology, thunderstorm gamma rays, gigantic jets, transient luminous events (TLEs), Florida Wind Energy Wind-Wave/Atmospheric Modeling
Debbie  Lelekis Lelekis, Debbie Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8282
School of Arts and Communication 19th century American literature, literary realism, spectatorship and crowds, urbanization and industrialization, the Progressive Era, narratives of community, Florida literature
Alan  Leonard Leonard, Alan Emeritus Faculty
aleonard@fit.edu Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: cell growth regulation, DNA replication, microbial genetics, DNA-protein interactions
Xianqi  Li Li, Xianqi Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-6076
Mathematical Sciences
 Yi  Liao Liao, Yi Professor
+1 (321) 674-8043
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: photochemistry, photoresponsive materials, polymer materials, conducting polymers, biomedical materials
Kenyon  Lindeman Lindeman, Kenyon Professor
+1 (321) 674-7370
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences Coastal management, Coastal fishes and habitats, Spatial planning, Marine protected areas, Systems science,  Governance. Institutional sustainability.
Manasvi   Lingam Lingam, Manasvi Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7043
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences Astrobiology, Planetary habitability, Biosignatures, Classical field theory, Plasma physics, Black holes
Fengkun  Liu Liu, Fengkun Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7496
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business Social Networks, Mobile Application Adoption, Recommender Systems, E-Commerce
Anthony  LoGalbo LoGalbo, Anthony Associate Professor
Board Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist
alogalbo@fit.edu School of Psychology neuropsychology, neurocognitive, assessment, dementia, Alzheimer's, concussion, traumatic brain injury
Shem  Malmquist Malmquist, Shem Instructor
+1 (321) 674-8387
College of Aeronautics Airline pilot, experienced aircraft accident investigator, experienced safety researcher, industry and academic safety and technical work and evaluation,  expertise in Dr. Leveson's STAMP, CAST, STPA, System Theory, Fellow Royal Aeronautical Society, International Society of Air Safety Investigators, SAE, AIAA, IEEE, HFES
Thomas  Marcinkowski Marcinkowski, Thomas Professor
Sarkis Acopian Professor
+1 (321) 674-8946
Mathematical Sciences environmental education, teacher education
Anna M Marron Marron, Anna M Instructor
+1 (321) 674-7639
College of Aeronautics
Marshall  Jones Jones, Marshall Assistant Professor
Director of CoPLA Online Programs & Director for the Center for Applied Criminal Case Analysis
+1 (321) 674-7416
School of Psychology police selection, field training and evaluation programs, police retention, promotional processes, police implicit bias, applied research methodologies, Indian County crimes, leadership, leadership development, organizational behavior, problem analysis, police policy and practice
Paul  Martin Martin, Paul Instructor
pmartin@fit.edu Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences
Emily  Martinez- Vogt Martinez- Vogt, Emily Assistant Professor
Program Chair
+1 (321) 674-4941
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business higher education, leadership, institutional outreach policies, Latina, training and development, college transition, employment transition, transition experiences
Keturah  Mazo Mazo, Keturah Instructor
+1 (321) 674-8249
School of Arts and Communication creative non-fiction, instructional technology, computer education, technical communication, LPH faculty advisor for undergraduates, public speaking
Mary Helen  McCay McCay, Mary Helen Professor
mmccay@fit.edu Mechanical and Civil Engineering solidification, laser bonding, laser alloying, plasma surface alloying, wear resistance, dissimilar metals, laser materials processing, casting, dendrites
Diane  McKain McKain, Diane Emeritus Faculty
Florida Institute of Technology
 Rian  Mehta Mehta, Rian Assistant Professor
Division Director
+1 (321) 674-7637
College of Aeronautics consumer perceptions, regression analysis, mediation analysis, scale development
Katrina  Merlini Merlini, Katrina Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8356
School of Psychology
Rodrigo  Mesa-Arango Mesa-Arango, Rodrigo Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8407
Mechanical and Civil Engineering transportation engineering, freight and logistics, interdisciplinary transportation modeling, network modeling, statistical and econometric modeling, trucking pricing and auctions, operations research, traffic assignment, agent based simulation, vehicle routing, game theory
Gerald  Micklow Micklow, Gerald Professor
+1 (321) 674-8778
Mechanical and Civil Engineering
Yanek  Mieczkowski Mieczkowski, Yanek Visiting Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8797
School of Arts and Communication
Glenn  Miller Miller, Glenn Instructor
+1 (321) 674-7987
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences biology, marine biology, ecology, statistics, tri beta, honors society
Lynne  Mims Mims, Lynne Instructor
Academic Chair, Online Undergraduate Business Programs
+1 (321) 674-8406
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business
Ilya  Mingareev Mingareev, Ilya Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-6302
Mechanical and Civil Engineering laser materials processing, ultrafast lasers, laser additive manufacturing
Mirmilad  Mirsayar Mirsayar, Mirmilad Assistant Professor
mmirsayar@fit.edu Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences Solid Mechanics & Structures; Fatigue & Fracture; Composites; Extreme Mechanics; Advanced Materials; Additive Manufacturing
Debasis  Mitra Mitra, Debasis Professor
+1 (321) 674-7737
Computer Engineering and Sciences medical imaging, nuclear medicine, computational molecular biology, molecular imaging, artificial intelligence, constraint reasoning, tomography, image processing,  scientific computing, inverse problems, optimization, topological data analysis, data science
Kunal  Mitra Mitra, Kunal Professor
+1 (321) 674-7131
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: 3D Bioprinting, Effects of microgravity and space radiation on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system, Brain monitoring for space applications and concussion studies, 3D cancer model, Medical device development for rehabilitation and health monitoring, Short pulse lasers for biomedical imaging and therapeutic applications, Radiation transport through biological tissues and other participating media, Bio-heat transport, Nanobiosensors for cellular interrogation, Microscale heat transfer, Laser-Material Processing, Renewable energy systems
Moti  Mizrahi Mizrahi, Moti Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8426
College of Psychology and Liberal Arts Argumentation; Bioethics; Engineering Ethics; Epistemology; Ethics; Logic; Philosophy; Philosophy of Religion; Philosophy of Science
Joseph  Montelione Montelione, Joseph Assistant Professor
jmontelione@fit.edu School of Arts and Communication
Anna  Montoya Montoya, Anna Instructor
+1 (321) 674-8253
School of Arts and Communication Spanish, oral proficiency
Syed H. Murshid Murshid, Syed H. Professor
+1 (321) 674-7434
Computer Engineering and Sciences optical communications, fiber optics, photonics, optical multiplexing, SDM, OAM, quantum communications, PAM4, power electronics, optical sensors, instrumentation
Timothy  Muth Muth, Timothy Instructor
+1 (321) 674-7604
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business international business
Nancy   Blair Blair, Nancy Instructor
nblair@fit.edu College of Psychology and Liberal Arts
Amitabh  Nag Nag, Amitabh Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7717
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences atmospheric electricity, lightning physics, lightning electromagnetic effects, lightning detection, protection and warnings, applications of lightning data, lightning interaction with transmission and distribution lines
Hamidreza  Najafi Najafi, Hamidreza Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8408
Mechanical and Civil Engineering
Bryon  Neff Neff , Bryon Assistant Professor
Site Director
+1 (321) 674-8372
School of Behavior Analysis applied behavior analysis, organizational behavior management, performance improvement in sports, foster care
Anand Balu Nellippallil Nellippallil, Anand Balu Assistant Professor
anellippallil@fit.edu Mechanical and Civil Engineering systems design, design decision making, robust co-design, design under uncertainty, materials and product design
Gordon  Nelson Nelson, Gordon Professor
+1 (321) 674-8480
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: polymers, polymer degradation and flammability, flame retardant materials, nanocomposites, combustions product toxicity, polymer aging and weathering, coating adhesion to plastic substrates
Nasri  Nesnas Nesnas, Nasri Professor
+1 (321) 674-8902
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: biomimetic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, natural products chemistry, DART mass spec
Rodd Allen Newcombe Newcombe, Rodd Allen Director
+1 (321) 674-7110
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business
Richard  Newman Newman, Richard Emeritus Faculty
Florida Institute of Technology information technology, computer law and ethics, software engineering, applied computing systems
Nezamoddini-Kachouie   Nezamoddin Nezamoddin, Nezamoddini-Kachouie Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7485
Mathematical Sciences
Troy  Nguyen Nguyen , Troy Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8256
Mechanical and Civil Engineering
Catherine  Nicholson Nicholson, Catherine Assistant Professor
Faculty Supervisor
+1 (321) 674-8106
School of Behavior Analysis
Efthymios  Nikolopoulos Nikolopoulos, Efthymios Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8478
Mechanical and Civil Engineering Water resources, floods, droughts, risk, hydrologic/hydraulic modeling, remote sensing, early warning systems, extremes, error analysis, uncertainty propagation, food-water-energy nexus
Nasheen  Nur Nur, Nasheen Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7559
Computer Engineering and Sciences
TJ  OConnor OConnor, TJ Assistant Professor
Cybersecurity Program Chair
+1 (321) 674-7137
Computer Engineering and Sciences internet-of-things security and privacy, wireless communications, software-defined-networking, computer and network security, cybersecurity, education
Suzanne  Odom Odom, Suzanne Librarian
User Experience Librarian
+1 (321) 674-7540
Library reference, information literacy, mendeley, user experience, instruction, research
Joel  Olson Olson, Joel Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7350
Florida Institute of Technology
Angel  Otero Otero, Angel Associate Professor
Academic Chair
+1 (321) 674-8782
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business auditing, financial statements, internal controls, information systems, information technology, financial accounting, financial audits, risk assessment, accounting information systems
Carlos E. Otero Otero, Carlos E. Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7242
Computer Engineering and Sciences wireless sensor networks, embedded systems, resilient systems, data-driven systems, software engineering
Luis Daniel Otero Otero, Luis Daniel Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7173
Computer Engineering and Sciences Data Analytics, Data Science, Decision Support Systems, Systems Engineering, Manufacturing analytics
Korhan  Oyman Oyman, Korhan Professor
+1 (321) 674-8971
College of Aeronautics
Darshan G. Pahinkar Pahinkar, Darshan G. Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7290
Mechanical and Civil Engineering Energy Conversion and Storage Systems, Computational and Experimental Thermal Sciences, Electronics Thermal Management
Andrew  Palmer Palmer, Andrew Associate Professor
Program Chair for Marine Sciences
+1 (321) 674-7226
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences Astrobiology, plant pathology, plant biochemistry, quorum sensing, semagenesis, xenognosis, algae-bacterial interactions, eukaryotic detection of quorum sensing signals
Csaba  Palotai Palotai, Csaba Associate Professor
Program Chair
+1 (321) 674-8081
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences
Ashok  Pandit Pandit, Ashok Professor, Department Head
+1 (321) 674-7151
Mechanical and Civil Engineering groundwater, hydrologic modeling, numerical models, stormwater management
 Alycia  Pardoe Pardoe, Alycia Adjunct Faculty
Ajohns05@fit.edu School of Arts and Communication
Joo Young  Park Park, Joo Young Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8236
Mathematical Sciences mathematical modeling instruction, statistical literacy, project-based learning in STEM, value-creating pedagogy in STEM
JoAnn  Parla-Palumbo Parla-Palumbo, JoAnn Emeritus Faculty
Adjunct Faculty
+1 (321) 674-7491
Florida Institute of Technology curriculum theory, curriculum development, education literacy, languages, diversity, TESOL
Jignya  Patel Patel, Jignya Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7391
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business Management Information Systems, Information Technology (IT), IT use, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, IT adoption, IT stress, IT addiction, Technology Interruptions, IT Project Management, ERP Systems, Trucking, Logistics.
Pavithra  Pathirathna Pathirathna, Pavithra Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7561
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Micro/Nano electrodes, Carbon fiber microelectrodes, Sensors for in-vivo and in-vitro applications
 Gordon  Patterson Patterson, Gordon Professor
+1 (321) 674-7382
School of Arts and Communication mosquito control, vector control, environmental history, mosquito-borne diseases, public humanities
Joy  Patterson Patterson , Joy Instructor
+1 (321) 674-7251
School of Arts and Communication
Lisa K. Perdigao Perdigao, Lisa K. Professor
+1 (321) 674-8370
School of Arts and Communication 20th- and 21st-century American literature, film and television, comics, young adult (YA) literature, death, resurrection, adaptations, Whedon, Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)
Kanishka  Perera Perera, Kanishka Professor
+1 (321) 674-8869
Mathematical Sciences
Enrique  Perez Perez, Enrique Associate Professor
Associate Dean of Academics
+1 (321) 674-7392
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business health management, public administration, strategic management, corporate social responsibility
Jean Carlos Perez Perez, Jean Carlos Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8084
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences
Eric  Perlman Perlman, Eric Professor
+1 (321) 674-7741
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences active galactic nuclei, astrophysical jets, physics of AGN, evolution of AGN, galactic centers, clusters of galaxies, data mining in astronomy, multi-wavelength observations, survey astronomy, observational cosmology
Adrian M. Peter Peter, Adrian M. Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8417
Computer Engineering and Sciences information geometry, density estimation, wavelets, image analysis, shape matching, text mining, machine learning, computer vision
Ted  Petersen Petersen, Ted Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7201
School of Arts and Communication journalism, popular culture, pop music, communication, collective memory, popular memory
Roberto  Peverati Peverati, Roberto Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7735
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: Computational Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry, Density Functional Theory
Kenneth R. Pike Pike, Kenneth R. Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8412
School of Arts and Communication moral philosophy, political philosophy, applied philosophy, philosophy of law, applied ethics, jurisprudence, philosophy of technology, contractualism, sufficientarianism, constitutional law
Jean-Paul  Pinelli Pinelli, Jean-Paul Professor
+1 (321) 674-8085
Mechanical and Civil Engineering energy dissipation, wind and hurricanes, passive and semi-active control, seismic, structures, risk analysis, mitigation, vulnerability
Don  Platt Platt, Don Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8519
Extended Studies Space Systems Engineering, small satellites, cubesats, human spaceflight, propulsion, communications systems
Charles  Polson Polson, Charles Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7480
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: DNA analysis, molecular biology
Jordan  Poole Poole, Jordan Instructor
+1 (321) 674-6838
College of Aeronautics
David L. Powell Powell, David L. Adjunct Faculty
dpowell@fit.edu Nathan M. Bisk College of Business
Maria  Pozo de Fernandez Pozo de Fernandez, Maria Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8838
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: chemical sensing, carbon nanotubes, carbon nanofibers, simulated moving bed, chromatography, methanol reforming, hydrogen storage, hydrogen production from methanol, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
Darby  Proctor Proctor, Darby Associate Professor
Chair, Psychology Undergraduate Program
+1 (321) 674-7613
School of Psychology animal behavior, animal cognition, psychology, primate, animal welfare
Emily  Ralston Ralston, Emily Research Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7334
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences Biological Invasions, Invertebrate Settlement and Recruitment, Biomimicry, Field Testing, Ecology and Biology of Fouling Communities
Sharon  Mills Ramp Ramp, Sharon Mills Adjunct Faculty
sramp@fit.edu Online Learning
William Brown Rankin Rankin, William Brown Adjunct Faculty
wrankin@fit.edu College of Aeronautics Airport Management, Airport Operations, Transportation Logistics, Transportation Management, Airport and Airline Security, Sub-orbital Flight, Space Exploration
Hamid  Rassoul Rassoul, Hamid Professor
+1 (321) 674-7260
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences lightning (terrestrial and jovian), lightning’s energetic radiations (x-ray & gamma rays), terrestrial gamma flashes (TGF), space weather, cosmic ray and solar energetic particle (SEP), plasmasphere and ring current, geomagnetic field pulsations, atmospheric chemistry and aeronomy, great auroras or low latitude auroras, planetary ionospheres
Pallav  Ray Ray, Pallav Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7191
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences Tropical climate dynamics and its variability, Madden-Julian Oscillation, Maritime Continent, Regional climate modeling, tropics-extratropics interactions, channel model, Urban climate,
Jonathan H. Reed Reed, Jonathan H. Visiting Assistant Professor
jreed2017@fit.edu Nathan M. Bisk College of Business strategic management, entrepreneurship, negotiation, program management
Ronnal  Reichard Reichard , Ronnal Professor
+1 (321) 674-7522
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences composite materials, composite structures, composite design, fiber reinforced plastic
Jim  Reynolds Reynolds, Jim Instructor
+1 (321) 674-8275
School of Psychology
Toufiq  Reza Reza, Toufiq Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8578
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: Biofuels, Waste-to-Energy, Food-water-energy, Hydrothermal Carbonization, Thermochemical Conversion, Deep Eutectic Solvents, Pyrolysis, Torrefaction, Pelletization
Eraldo  Ribeiro Ribeiro, Eraldo Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8149
Computer Engineering and Sciences computer vision, pattern recognition, image processing, image analysis
Theodore  Richardson Richardson, Theodore Dean
+1 (321) 674-8123
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business strategy, marketing strategy, leadership, finance
Jeremy  A Riousset Riousset, Jeremy A Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7828
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences planetary sciences, solar wind, magnetosphere, lightning, sprites, jets, TLEs, plasma, electrical discharges, thunderstorms, dielectric breakdown, Mars, Earth, Venus, Titan
Steven  Rivet Rivet, Steven Assistant Professor
srivet@fit.edu Nathan M. Bisk College of Business
Razvan  Rusovici Rusovici, Razvan Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7635
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences structural dynamics, bioengineering, damping modeling, instrumentation, bioengineering, turbomachinery, flight test
George  Rybicki Rybicki, George Faculty
+1 (321) 674-8549
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences nuclear, non-proliferation, gamma ray, x-ray, photovoltaic, silicon carbide, gamma spectroscopy, mass spectrocopy, IAEA, radiation, actinide, uranium, plutonium, americium, curium, californium, x-ray fluorescence, XRF, EDS, InP, GaAs, solar cell, trace analysis, SIMS, TIMS, electron microscopy, gamma spectroscopy, cryogenics, DLTS, electronic materials, device characterization, vacuum technology, radar absorbing materials (RAM), ceramics, carbon/carbon composites, solar cells and solar energy materials, nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear batteries, alphavoltaic and betavoltaic batteries
Rachael   Elizabeth Tilka Tilka, Rachael Elizabeth Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8601
School of Behavior Analysis Coaching, Feedback, Assessment, Systems Analysis
Shane  Santana, Santana,, Shane Instructor
+1 (321) 674-8222
Online Learning
Joan  Savage Savage, Joan Adjunct Faculty
savagej2014@fit.edu Online Learning
Benjamin  Sawyer Sawyer, Benjamin Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7355
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences Acoustics, optics and physics education.
Robert R. Schaller Sr. Schaller Sr., Robert R. Associate Professor
schaller@fit.edu Nathan M. Bisk College of Business business and public administration, strategic management, marketing, economics, innovation & entrepreneurship, public policy, program evaluation, systematic review, economic and community development
 Winston  Scott Scott, Winston Emeritus Faculty
wscott@fit.edu Florida Institute of Technology space, flight, aeronautics, engineering, astronaut, aviator, music, karate
Chiradeep  Sen Sen, Chiradeep Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8781
Mechanical and Civil Engineering design theory and methodology, formal representations and reasoning in design, function-based design, and design & manufacturing automation
Paavo  Sepri Sepri , Paavo Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7117
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences computational fluid dynamics, turbulence, aerodynamics, droplet combustion, re-entry vehicles, micro-thrusters
Muzaffar  Shaikh Shaikh, Muzaffar Emeritus Faculty
mshaikh@fit.edu College of Engineering and Science Quality Engineering Operations Research Management Science Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Multivariate Statistical Analysis Systems Engineering Software Engineering
Michael  Shaw Shaw, Michael Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8866
Mathematical Sciences computer algebra systems, generalized variation of parameters, initial time difference, Kronecker products, matrix Lyapunov functions, nonlinear, sensitivity analysis, stability of motion
Steven  Shaw Shaw, Steven Professor
Harris Professor
+1 (321) 674-8698
Mechanical and Civil Engineering dynamical systems, vibrations, nonlinear dynamics, micro-electro-mechanical systems, vibration absorbers
 Jonathan  Shenker Shenker, Jonathan Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8145
College of Engineering and Science fish ecology, fisheries, larval recruitment, sportfish, tarpon, bonefish, snook, St. Johns River, Indian River Lagoon, Everglades, Cuba
William  Shoaff Shoaff , William Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8066
Computer Engineering and Sciences computer graphics, genetics, parallel algorithms
Denise  Siegfeldt Siegfeldt, Denise Associate Professor
dsiegfeldt@fit.edu Nathan M. Bisk College of Business public administration, public policy, program evaluation, organizational development, organizational behavior, change management, employee development, training and development, needs assessment, workforce development, leadership development, internships, curriculum management, interdisciplinary, business disciplines, business education, applied research, and higher education
Marius  Silaghi Silaghi, Marius Professor
+1 (321) 674-7493
Computer Engineering and Sciences e-participation, artificial intelligence, speech recognition, robotics, e-commerce protocols, motion capture
Robert  Sippel Sippel , Robert Librarian
+1 (321) 674-7585
Khaled  Slhoub Slhoub, Khaled Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7703
Computer Engineering and Sciences software engineering, software testing, software requirements, multi-agent systems, software bots, software quality, software metrics
Kimberly  Sloman Sloman, Kimberly Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-2347
School of Behavior Analysis behavior analysis, early intervention, autism
Michael  Slotkin Slotkin, Michael Professor
+1 (321) 674-7267
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business sustainability and ecotourism, economic impact studies, regional economics, strategic trade and commercial policies
Jessica L. Smeltz Smeltz, Jessica L. Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8572
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences:
Anthony  Smith Smith, Anthony Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8425
Computer Engineering and Sciences machine learning, time series, pattern recognition, signal processing, feature extraction
Evan Arnold Smith Smith, Evan Arnold Instructor
esmith2013@my.fit.edu College of Engineering and Science
Stanley  Snelson Snelson, Stanley Assistant Professor
ssnelson@fit.edu Mathematical Sciences partial differential equations, mathematical physics, nonlocal equations, kinetic theory, nonlinear wave equations
Mary  Sohn Sohn, Mary Emeritus Faculty
msohn@fit.edu Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences:
Youngju  Sohn Sohn, Youngju Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7381
School of Arts and Communication
Christian  Sonnenberg Sonnenberg, Christian Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7169
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business usability, human-computer interaction, accessibility and interfaces for disabilities, mobile/handheld devices, graphic/image processing, information systems, online learning systems
Renée   Nicole (‘Nikki’)  Souris Smith Souris Smith, Renée Nicole (‘Nikki’) Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8237
School of Arts and Communication legal theory, political theory, moral theory, law and society, crime and punishment, theories of criminal and moral responsibility, international criminal law, child soldiers
Leesa  Souto Souto, Leesa Emeritus Faculty
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences
Michael  Splitt Splitt, Michael Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7468
College of Aeronautics
Andy K. Stanfield Stanfield, Andy K. Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8599
School of Arts and Communication
Ryan  Stansifer, Stansifer,, Ryan Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7156
Computer Engineering and Sciences programming languages, formal methods and software development, compilers and static analysis, internationalization
Tom  Stauffacher Stauffacher, Tom Faculty
+1 (321) 674-7168
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business industry education programs
Lisa  Steelman Steelman, Lisa Professor, Dean
+1 (321) 674-7145
College of Psychology and Liberal Arts employee engagement, feedback, performance appraisal
Ed  Steigerwald Steigerwald, Ed Adjunct Faculty
esteigerwald@fit.edu College of Aeronautics
Chelsea  Stripling Stripling, Chelsea Department Head
Liaison Librarian
+1 (321) 674-8021
Library Information Literacy, Pedagogy and Learning Theory, Library Assessment, Impact, and Value
Judith  Strother Strother, Judith Professor
no-reply@fit.edu School of Arts and Communication global strategic communication, intercultural communication, technical communication, linguistics, online training
Ersoy  Subasi Subasi, Ersoy Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8158
College of Aeronautics optimization, optimization under uncertainty, probability bounding, data analysis
Munevver Mine Subasi Subasi, Munevver Mine Associate Professor
Associate Provost
+1 (321) 674-7486
Mathematical Sciences optimization, machine learning, probabilistic constrained programming, two-stage/multi-stage stochastic programs, classification, logical analysis of data
Chelakara S. Subramanian Subramanian, Chelakara S. Professor
Professor and (past Program Chair) of Aerospace Engineering
+1 (321) 674-7614
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences
Chelakara  Subramanian Subramanian , Chelakara Professor
+1 (321) 674-7614
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences energy efficient systems, turbulence measurement and analysis, wind tunnel testing, wireless sensor network, gas turbine film-cooling, boundary layer roughness, pressure and temperature, sensitive paint measurement, material flaw detection using short-pulse laser, wind hazard engineering
Nakin  Suksawang Suksawang, Nakin Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7504
Mechanical and Civil Engineering concrete, structural engineering, structural performance evaluation, structural reliability and safety, adhesive anchors, bridge engineering, steel box girder
Geoffrey  Swain Swain, Geoffrey Professor
+1 (321) 674-7129
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences marine resource studies, hydrodynamics, materials, biofouling, corrosion, cathodic protection, antifouling, dry docking
Norito  Takenaka Takenaka, Norito Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7310
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: asymmetric catalysis, organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry
Catherine F. Talbot Talbot, Catherine F. Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8321
School of Psychology primate, cognition, sociality, face recognition, autism
Robert  Taylor Taylor, Robert Dean
Professor and Head
+1 (321) 674-7384
College of Psychology and Liberal Arts American Civil War, American South, Florida history, history of the Space Age, American military history, age of Jefferson and Jackson, 20th century Europe, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, World War II
Gnana  Bhaskar Tenali Bhaskar Tenali, Gnana Professor
+1 (321) 674-7213
Mathematical Sciences nonlinear differential equations, functional differential equations, set differential equations
Angela  Tenga Tenga, Angela Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8929
School of Arts and Communication monsters, zombies, vampires, medieval romance, parody
Amanda L. Thayer Thayer, Amanda L. Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7700
School of Psychology organizational, industrial, teams, groups, collaboration, team composition, team staffing, team processes, dynamic, cohesion, trust, trust violation, trust repair, multiteam systems
Peshala  Thibbotuwawa Gamage Thibbotuwawa Gamage, Peshala Visiting Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8494
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences:
Madhur  Tiwari Tiwari, Madhur Assistant Professor
mtiwari@fit.edu Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences
Manolis  Tomadakis Tomadakis, Manolis Professor
+1 (321) 674-7243
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: fibrous materials, biomedical engineering, hydrogen fuel cells, composite materials, transport properties, pressure swing adsorption, computer simulation, mathematical modeling, materials processing, biogas separation
Melissa   Tribou Tribou, Melissa Research Professional
mtribou@fit.edu Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences biofouling corrosion flushing research
R. Tolga  Turgut Turgut, R. Tolga Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7636
College of Aeronautics
Ralph  Turingan Turingan, Ralph Professor
+1 (321) 674-8037
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences ecological physiology, functional morphology, fisheries biology
Richard L. Turner Turner, Richard L. Emeritus Faculty
+1 (321) 674-8196
College of Engineering and Science echinoderm biology, invertebrate physiology, invertebrate reproduction, marine biology
Vida L. Tyc Tyc, Vida L. Professor
Health First Endowed Chair
+1 (321) 674-8104
School of Psychology Integrated behavioral health, pediatric behavioral health, health promotion, tobacco control and e-cigarettes
Robert  Usselman Usselman, Robert Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7751
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences:
Alexander  Vamosi Vamosi, Alexander Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8419
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business technology and growth, economic impact, sustainable development, monetary policy
Robert  van Woesik van Woesik, Robert Professor
+1 (321) 674-7475
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences reef corals, climate change, population dynamics, processes, coral bleaching, coral reproduction
Penny  Vassar Vassar, Penny Assistant Professor
pvassar@fit.edu Nathan M. Bisk College of Business Leadership, Higher Ed Administration, Distance Learning, Distributed Learning, Online Learning, Mobile Education, Non-Traditional Students
Deniz  Velioglu Sogut Velioglu Sogut, Deniz Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8147
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences
Joshua Y. Vu Vu, Joshua Y. Adjunct Faculty
jvu@fit.edu Nathan M. Bisk College of Business
Margaret  Wallace Wallace , Margaret Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-8346
College of Aeronautics
Abram  Walton Walton, Abram Professor
+1 (321) 674-7494
Nathan M. Bisk College of Business management, technology, innovation, product lifecycle, lean process improvement, ideation, commercialization
Kegang  Wang Wang, Kegang Professor
+1 (321) 674-8799
Mechanical and Civil Engineering materials science and engineering, nanomaterials and solar cells, colloids and polymer composites, statistical mechanics, anomalous diffusion, property prediction, microstructural evolution, mechanical behavior of materials, multiscale modeling
Robert J. Weaver Weaver, Robert J. Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7273
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences coastal engineering, storm surge, hurricane, ADCIRC, 3D, numerical modeling, hydrodynamic, SWAN, Indian River Lagoon
 Frank M. Webbe Webbe, Frank M. Emeritus Faculty
webbe@fit.edu School of Psychology sport neuropsychology, sport-related concussion, neuropsychology of the older adult, technology and dementia, applied behavior analysis and Alzheimer's disease
Rudolf  Wehmschulte Wehmschulte, Rudolf Professor
+1 (321) 674-7659
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: organometallic, main group, inorganic, catalysis, nitride, Lewis acids, photocatalysis
Aaron  Welters Welters, Aaron Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7202
Mathematical Sciences
Brooke  Wheeler Wheeler, Brooke Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7628
College of Aeronautics aviation environmental science, sustainability, plant ecology, writing in STEM courses, statistical modeling
Lisa  Whitaker Whitaker, Lisa Adjunct Faculty
Adjunct Online Statistics Professor
lwhitaker@fit.edu Nathan M. Bisk College of Business
Ryan T. White White, Ryan T. Assistant Professor
+1 (321) 674-7144
Mathematical Sciences mathematics, applied mathematics, deep learning, computer vision, probability, stochastic processes, random walks, statistics, probability flux, object detection, semantic segmentation, neural networks, natural language processing, machine learning
Jonathan  Whitlow Whitlow, Jonathan Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7354
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: chemical engineering, process design, renewable energy, process control, process modeling, process simulation
Markus  Wilde Wilde, Markus Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8788
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences on-orbit servicing, orbital debris removal, orbital robotics, rendezvous and docking
David  Wilder Wilder, David Professor
+1 (321) 674-7516
School of Behavior Analysis applied behavior analysis, organizational behavior management
Jessica  Wildman (Wildones) Wildman (Wildones), Jessica Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7130
School of Psychology organizational, industrial, culture, cultural competence, multicultural, intercultural, group, team processes, team leadership, shared leadership, attitudes, trust, distrust, trust violation, trust repair
James  Wong Wong, James Adjunct Faculty
jwong@fit.edu Nathan M. Bisk College of Business hong kong, chinney, china, aviation, trustee, healthcare law, law 1, alumni
Stephen  Wood Wood, Stephen Professor
Program Chair for Ocean Engineering
+1 (321) 674-7244
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), remotely operated vehicles, ocean energy, navigation, control
David S. Worrells Worrells, David S. Adjunct Faculty
dworrells@fit.edu College of Aeronautics
Shaohua  Xu Xu, Shaohua Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8430
Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences: Biological Sciences, amyloidosis and Alzheimer's disease, amyloid plaques and brain cells of Alzheimer's brain, protein misfolding and self assembly, compound action potential of neurons, nanoscience, single molecule imaging, colloidal chemistry
 Gary  Zarillo Zarillo, Gary Professor
+1 (321) 674-7378
Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences coastal marine geology, coastal processes, sediment transport, barrier island dynamics
Josko  Zec Zec, Josko Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-8136
Computer Engineering and Sciences
Ju  Zhang Zhang, Ju Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7058
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences CFD; Cavitation erosion; bubble dynamics; detonation 
Ming  Zhang Zhang, Ming Professor
+1 (321) 674-8891
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences cosmic rays, solar wind termination shock, solar energetic particles, particle acceleration theory, particle transport theory, stochastic differential equation, heliosphere, magnetosphere, radiation detectors, Voyager, Ulysses, IBEX
Wanfa  Zhang Zhang, Wanfa Associate Professor
+1 (321) 674-7383
School of Arts and Communication quantitative study of international conflict, international relations theory, history of international relations, modern state system and western civilization, security issues in the Asia-Pacific region, comparative politics with a regional focus on Asia, Chinese politics and foreign policy, political research methods, American politics, public policy and public administration

Faculty Emeritae

Penny Bernard, M.S.; Marcia Denius, M.F.A.; Jane E. Patrick, Ph.D.; Carol M.H. Shehadeh, M.A.; Fontaine Wallace, M.Ed.; Judith B. Strother, Ph.D.; G.S. Wylie, M.A., Bill Leach, Ph.D., JoAnn Parla-Palumbo, Ph.D.